That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


8. Chapter 8

Autumns POV


"So how long have you been a cheerleader Ms. Autumn?" Niall questioned as we walked to Nandos together. I will admit, at first, this conversation was very awkward, but after a few minutes, it's gotten slightly better. SLIGHTLY. "Oh, well I've been in- uh cheer since I was six." I looked down at my squeaky clean cheer sneakers that Im usually forced to wear. Niall then commented, "Oh, well then you must be very committed then, if you've been in it this long." "Actually no." Niall turned and he raised his eye brows at me. I sighed "Well, my dad's been making me do cheer since I was younger, but the funny thing is he's never actually supported me in it." This last part I muttered, "ever..." I kept my eyes low on the ground. I felt kind of depressed because I have only told Marissa about my dad and I did not want to discuss it further with Niall-- not that I don't think he's cool, but I- well, it's complicated. "Oh, well do you enjoy cheerleading?" He asked, as we took a right turn on the sidewalk. I guess we both know where Nandos is then. It's actually my favorite resteraunt. "Errmmm well, honestly no.. I don't fit to be a cheer leader..." As I kept my eye level on the ground, I could still feel Nialls eye sight burning onto me. He then said "Well maybe you should quit, and explain to your dad that you don't like it.. But I think you're great at it, you've got mad skill in cheer!" "Yeah, uhm, you've watched me cheer?" I asked, quite embarrassed. I never thought people would even think of watching me because well, I mean. . . Why would they? Niall answered, "Oh yeah, Ive seen you during games, I mean the other girls are pretty good at cheering, but I just thou-" "yeah I get it Niall, you thought you'd just be nice. Don't worry, now can we please change the subject? I just am not interested in cheering okay?" He quickly nodded. I don't know why I said that to him. I guess Im just so caught up in everything thats been going on with things. Maybe I should quit cheer... But then i wouldn't hear the end of it from the pop tarts. Niall con tuned "Okay, I-err- uh understand.. What do you want to talk about then?" Well I didn't think he'd ask that one! I calmy answered "Well I do have one question..." I looked up into his amazing ocean eyes-- WAIT, stop Autumn don't fall for him, he won't catch you!! "Well would you like to ask love?" Niall's soothing voice asked, slightly confused at the almost awkward silence. "Erm well, I will just ask you later, I mean, we're at Nandos now so it can wait." I flashed my fake smile, hoping Niall would see through it, but he just shrugged, and held the door open to Nandos. I guess my question of asking what it was like being popular will just have to wait! As we got in, Niall guided me right to his friends. Of course, I recognized Harry first. Then Zayn, but I don't know the other two brunette males. They all gave me warm smiles, as if they had already known me. I was slightly confused, but I returned the gesture. Niall had me sit next to him and Harry, and then Harry announced, "Alright guys, here's Autumn! Say hello!" I waved and forced a tiny giggle from my lips. Zayn first said "Why hello there, cute one." His eyes sparkled and I blushed. Now I can see why Marissa likes him, he's so goddamn hot it's intimidating!! Well all these guys were definitely hot... Now I can see why theyre popular. Then one brunette said "Hello love, Im Liam Payne, and this is Louis(he pointed to the other Brunette), and this is Zayn. It's very nice to meet you finally, we've heard a lot about you." Wait, hold the fire truck up?! They've heard a lot about ME?! I turned to Niall and Harry and they flashed cheeky smiles at me, I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to 'Liam Payne' as he so calls it. "It's very nice to meet you guys, erm, Im not sure I've ever really met you guys.." "Well you haven't.." Zayn continued "But you have now." I smiled the waitress finally came to our table. God bless you waitress, if you hadn't come, this would've gotten extremely awkward. The waitress named Sarah came and said "Hello kids, my name is Sarah, and I will be taking your order today! Now first things first, young lady! What would you like?" "May I please get a pepsi?" "of course you may missy!" I went red because she pointed me out, but I  felt better as I saw that everyone had their menus out, not fully aware of what had happened. The rest of Niall's gang ordered and we went back to talking. Honestly, they weren't the biggest manwhores in the world like I thought! Well actually, they're virgins, but in order to be 'popular' they have to fake it. Ugh, this is when I get mad because people change themselves, just to impress bitches. I then asked "Well if you're all virgins, then why do your girlfriends say you're not?" I fluttered my eyes innocently, and Lou went first. "Well actually they lie too. But shhh! Don't tell anyone,if the school finds out, we're dead!" Then Liam stated "Yeah Lou's right, I mean, anyway, we're all 'breaking up' with the girls, as soon as we get more popular." I was getting quite pissed off now, but I used all my strength to stay calm as I said, "Well I dislike popularity. I just don't get why people can't be liked for being themselves 100%? I mean, sorry if this hurts you guys, but also, trying to be someone you're not will most likely hurt others too! Not just you! Like all those girls! Do you know how they'll feel once you 'break up' with them? Like seriously, it's kind of rude..." DAMNIT! I may as well just leave now. I'll fake a text or something. The boys all looked down in shame, except for Zayn. He said "Maybe bringing you here was worse then we thought." I shook my head and I retrieved my items before I left. I had to use a lot of strength to hold back tears. Before actually leaving I turned back and said one last thing... "You'll regret everything once they get you back."

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