That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


34. Chapter 34

Autumn's POV


"Hey babe, what did you need?" I asked as I found my way across the stream without getting water on me. He smiled at me and looked into my eyes. His green orbs seemed to just take over everything I did, and I guess I just couldn't do anything, but let it all happen. He was a big part of my life, I could never let him go..

"I just wanted to talk for a bit.." He trailed off, as he took my hand and lead me over to one of the bigger boulder-like rocks, for us to sit. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap, before I questioned, "What did you want to talk about?" I was becoming a bit nervous because I was thinking of what he may want to talk about.. Breaking up? Is he dumping me? I sure hope not, but I had a gut feeling inside..

He continued on with what he was saying about 'talking for a bit,' "Well actually I wanted to go over our relationship.." He said, and I looked dead at him to see if he was being serious or not. I tried to hold back all emotions, and I think I did well because he continued, "I'm not sure if this whole Disney thing will work out.." My heart was slowly dropping... "I mean I love you and all, but what about my family right?" My bottom lip started to quiver... "It's not that I don't want you to be happy, but I think it would be best if..." All my emotions were barely being held back. The lump in my throat was only getting worse, and the tears waiting to flow down my face were more than ready. He then looked me in the eyes, which killed me honestly. Before I let a single tear fall, I slowly moved off of his lap, without taking my eyes off of him. How could he do this to me? After all we've been through. He told me this would all work! Anger and rage began to fill my body, and my glassy eyes were daring to flow with tears, and he finished, "Basically I just want you to know that.." He looked down, clearly unsure of how to break my heart. I should've known.. He was the biggest player in the school before me. How was I so clueless. Before he could say anything, I managed to whisper with a croaking voice, "I get it Harry, maybe it was for the best." I turned away, and a tear slowly flowed down my left cheek, so he couldn't see. He lifted my chin up, and he looked into my eyes. I couldn't take it now that it was all over. The tears all began falling rapidly and before I knew it, he stood before me.. But he seemed, surprised??

"Why are you crying?" He asked as he tried lifting me to my feet, but I pushed away and got up on my own. I grabbed my bag from the dirt ground, and began wiping my face. I started walking back to school, and before I knew it, he grabbed my wrists forcefully, and spun me around to face him. I looked at him angrily, he had no right to touch me. I looked up at him, and he looked so speechless and confused. Inside I was raging, how dare he look like that after breaking my heart! He had no right to be near me. I looked him dead straight in the eyes, and I clenched my fists. "You. Have. No. Right. To. Touch. Me." I said, as I tried prying off his hand from my wrist. He didn't budge. Instead he looked like he understood something. I had no idea why he was acting so weird right now. He shouldn't be like this. Harry was looking at me, but I had looked down to my cheer shoes, I did not have to look at him, he had no right to touch me. But what I don't get, is why? 

But I guess what he said next changed everything. "I wasn't breaking up with you love." I beamed right up and saw that in his amazing eyes, were tears, about to fall. "I love you, I wouldn't do that. What made you think I was breaking up with you?"

Confusion ran through me. I was still mad, but as he let go of me wrist, I regretted trying to get him off. I wanted him there, he kept me.. warm? I don't know, but I started back to the rock we were on, and he closely followed. As soon as I sat, I explained, "I thought you were done with me.." The lump in my throat came back just thinking about it. I looked down at my fingers which were below me on the rock. We faced each other, and he embraced me in a huge hug. Once he pulled away, he saw my tears falling onto the rock, and he lifted my chin up slowly, and wiped the rest away. "No no no, love. You've gotten it all wrong. I was going to tell you that I was moving to Florida with you and the lads! Ever since well us, the lads and I have been saving money, and now we've all somehow found a nice penthouse right near you!" I gasped, and I began smiling like an idiot. I must've looked terrible with my makeup everywhere, and my idiotic smile getting bigger and bigger. I cleared my throat of the lump, though I was still barely audible because of how shocked I was. 

"R-Really?" I managed to get out. He smiled down at me, and when he least expected it, I crashed my lips onto his and I threw my hands in his hair. He seemed a bit surprised since he usually took the lead and kissed me, but he responded the same, and he kept his hands on my waist. His tongue came to my lips, finding the entrance to my mouth, I accepted and we shared probably our best kiss in the world. After I was completely out of breath, I pulled away and exclaimed, "Thank you thank you thank you!!" I hugged him just as tight as Niall usually hugs on a regular basis. Speaking of him, I pulled away and said, "I need to thank them too Harry! Let's go!" I hopped off the rock, nearly falling, but as I fell, Harry swiftly caught me. I giggled, "Phew! That was close!" He chuckled and pulled me up, though he didn't let go.

"Can you just promise me two things?" Harry asked, playing with my hands. I nodded, smiling, "Sure, go on.." He found my blue eyes and smiled, "Well one- When you thank the boys, don't kiss them like you did with me. A nice audible thank you would be good enough for them. Basically, -"

"I get it!! I only kiss you!!" I giggled, as he smirked. Oh no, what's the next one I thought, it's gotta be good.

"The other thing you must promise me is..." My heart began beating faster, and I started blushing. I looked down so he wouldn't see, but he pulled my face back up, so my eyes could meet his face.

He chuckled before he said, "You have to be mine forever. Even when you hate me, I'm yours. You're mine, only mine, if you ever forget it, I think I might just have to tickle you, and make you love me.." I smirked at him, biting my lip. "Got it babe?" He whispered, as our foreheads came together, making our lips only centimeters apart. 

I whispered, "You're mine, I'm yours. You love me, I love you. I think I got that.." I smirked and flirted, "But one question.." He looked at me funny, but I finished, " Does that mean that I can only kiss you?" He and I both chuckled, and he closed the gap between us and we shared a beautiful kiss. We both pulled away, and he wrapped his arms around me, still keeping eye contact. 

He smirked down at me, and said, "I think you know the answer to that question."

~The End~

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