That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


33. Chapter 33

Autumn's POV

"RRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!" I slammed my alarm clock down, dreading the thought that it was only Wednesday, and I still have to go to this stupid school. I really can't wait til' I move to the performing arts school. I'm just a bit confused. I don't understand why my dad suddenly wants me in his life again. Is it because I'm going to Nationals? Because if it is, I swear, I'm never talking to him again. Ever. 

I lazily rose up from my bed, rubbing my eyes. I climbed out of my bed and went over to my calendar and put another X on today's date. It was December 12th. Lets hope I can hold in until Saturday. I just can't wait for my new school! And of course since my friends will be there. Though, I'm also confused because I have no idea whatsoever where they will all live. I guess I've kind of just been going along with things lately. Maybe it's just all to good to be true. Man, if I'm dreaming', don't pinch me, I love this place we call our dreams. I'm determined to figure out how everything is going to end up working out because this is all way to good to ever be true. I mean, you'd expect for my life to end out perfect, since my past really sucked? Well I honestly don't know, but it sure seems that way.

Enough of that Autumn! Just go along with it, because apparently it's all true, I reassured myself, as I walked down the stairs to eat my early breakfast. I decided to make myself an omelet because I should probably eat the most foods I can on my last days here. I'm sure gonna miss this place. I was born in this area. I'll never forget the memories. I could never forget the memories, especially the memories involving my mom. If I forgot those, it would be like forgetting her as well. 

I used a variety of ingredients to create my meal, when I heard a knock on my door. I turned the stove on low, ran my fingers through my hair to look a little presentable, and opened the door. Nobody was there, so I looked all around. On my porch, I saw a rose. With a note attached. 

The Note Read:

Hey love,

You probably already know who this is

Meet me at the stream at 8:15am?

I know we have school, it's important.

Love you with all my heart xxxxx'



I smiled as I read the note. This was adorable. I took the rose in my hand and put it in the middle of my table because most of my things are packed, or I'm leaving them behind. I folded the note and let it on the table to finish my meal.

As I finished cooking and eating my omelet, I grabbed the note and headed to my bathroom. I decided to get a shower, even though I had one last night. I was just in the mood for one. After I cleansed myself, I got dressed into my high-waisted dark skinny jeans, with a cute green top to go with(since it was almost Christmas, I chose to wear green). I wore a nice pair of chestnut Uggs to go with it. 

I then brushed through my hair and while I waited for it to dry, I brushed my teeth, flossed, and found my makeup bag. I put on a tad bit of my usual makeup, and then I blow dried the rest of my hair. Once that was done, I straightened my hair quickly, before searching for my backpack. I threw on a baggy sweatshirt because it's supposed to be extra freezing today. I ran out and caught the bus around 7:15. I just have one hour before I see Harry. I may as well skip homeroom.

The bus reached the school around 7:45. Only about 30 more minutes till I see him. I hopped off the bus and saw a few cheerleaders. I think it was Nicole and Sarah. The half smiled at me and I did the same. Nicole then screamed, "Autumn, you ready for Florida?!" 

I smiled nodding back, "Of course!! You?" She nodded instantly, and replied, "I would never miss it!!!!" I chuckled as she walked off with Sarah, who waved to me before they left. I smiled to myself, as I thought about how nothing should go wrong for now. I seem to be alright. The only thing I can really think of now, is how grateful I am for the people I have. They're all so amazing.






Hello everybody who's currently reading my story! I really hope you're enjoying this(I know I always say that, but I really mean it!), please leave comments, I think I may make a sequel, so if you have names for the possible title, just comment it to me! I check daily! In the next book of this, I was thinking things could possibly become a bit more 'mature' if that's a good enough word to use. It would be nothing to serious, but it would fit they're age range and such. 


Anywho, I love you all, if you wanna possibly be in this one, or the sequel, comment below, and I'll give you my email! 

Thanks to everyone, I love you all so darn much!!



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