That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


32. Chapter 32

Autumn's POV


Well, it's Tuesday afternoon and pretty much everything is back to normal, except for Gertrude. Every time I see her, she smirks, knowing she hurt me. The cheerleaders are somewhat nice to me, I think Gertrude it convincing them to hate me again. Niall and I have been talking nonstop, he's amazing to me. The rest of the lads(including Niall actually), they don't think Harry and I are together. Harry and I think that if we tell them, they will think we need time away from each other. Marissa knows because well why wouldn't she? I'm here after school, since all my packing is done, and all of us are ready for our new performing arts school. I'm in the school library, finishing my last school assignment. I want to leave school with all of my assignments in, just to be exact that I didn't leave without it all decent. I was working on my History project, when I heard several footsteps coming around the corner. I turned slightly, regretting it right away.

"Oh hey Autumn! I hate your outfit, it sucks..." Gertrude said, chuckling at my skinny jeans and T-shirt. I didn't reply, because I knew I had nothing to say to her. I said everything I needed to say yesterday, when Harry and the lads yelled at her during lunch with the whole school watching.

She went on rambling, "So you know Autumn, you really embarrassed me in front of the whole school yesterday..." I nodded, trying not to smile to myself. "And honestly Autumn... I still have yet to get back at you." I decided to play stupid and get this conversation recorded just in case for later. I pulled out my phone and pretended to do calculations and started the recording, before saying, "What do you mean you have to get back at me? What did I even do?" I asked, blinking twice like she does since she's a dumb blonde who flirts with every single guy at school. She rolled her eyes, smiling, "Oh don't be retarded Autumn, you know what I mean. I'm obviously going to have to make your life hell, and since you're moving to Florida with your gay little friends, I'm obviously just gonna have to move there too."

"You can't do that." I said simply, continuing to work on my project.

"Oh yes I can. Wanna know why? Cuz' I obviously want to, that's why."

"Yeah you have one little problem Gertrude..." I stated clearly, not even bothering to look at her makeup-cluttered face.

"Oh yeah and what's obviously stopping me?" I chuckled before replying, "The thing is Gertrude..." I began looking up straight into her eyes, "You have to audition for this school, and if you don't have talent, you will not get in." I took a deep breath and mocked her, "So OBVIOUSLY, since you lack of talent, you won''t get in." I finished, smirking. She huffed loudly, stomping her foot, before storming off. I chuckled as she yelled from the entrance of the library, "I WILL FIND WAYS TO RUIN YOU, JUST YOU WAIT MARSHALL. I'M STILL GOING TO FLORIDA YOU KNOW!" I laughed as I saw Harry walk in chuckling as well. 

"Hey babe." I said casually, pecking his cheek. "How did you do on your last math test?" I questioned him, hoping he'd done well, since we studied this together for hours last night with Louis, Zayn, and Niall. Liam was in honors and so was Marissa, so they didn't have a test. 

"I got a 76." He replied, looking down disappointed. I put a strand of hair behind my ear saying, "But you studied so hard!"

"I know, I guess that's why I actually got a 96%! The boys did well too, I'm just kidding with you baby." He put his hands around my waist from behind, and peered over by my project. He rested his chin on my head and swayed slowly, saying, "You're project looks great baby. You used my favorite color." I chuckled, nodding, "Yes and you noticed." 

I continued on in our conversation, "So you will never guess what just happened with Gertrude." I chuckled as Harry tapped his fingers on the table where we were. he replied, "I don't even have to guess since we watched it. Good job babe, you really showed her!" I giggled, hugging Harry, but confusion ran through me, since he said we. 

"Harry what do you mean we?" I asked, sitting on his lap in the chair. 

"Oh the lads are here, well except Zayn and Rissa, they're going on their last date to Nandos up here. Mates you can come out now." I giggled as they all appeared from the bookshelves, smiling slyly. I looked at Harry, nervously, and he shrugged his shoulders, not knowing what was going on. It was 4:30pm after school in a library, what are they all gonna do?!

"Uh hey guys, what's with the sly faces?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow. They all laughed and pulled out tiny water gun pistols. I turned to Harry in disbelief.

"Don't you dare guys! Where did you even get those?" I asked, getting up from Harry when I realized he had one as well. I got up, moving away, surrendering. 

"Guys....." They all smiled deviously, and they all aimed right at me. "I'll do anything! Please, this shirt is white!" Harry then chuckled, "Even better." I rolled my eyes, hoping they'd not get my shirt. 

"We can only stop on only one condition." Niall said, coming closer than the rest.

"Yes and what is that guys?" I asked, desperate that they don't get me wet even though they're tiny little water guns after all. 

"You have to........." Niall exclaimed. "Wait guys, what does she have to do?" He asked confused. All the boys huddled up, not letting me in or even listen to them. That's when I bolted up and ran for my phone. I grabbed it, stopping the old recording, and grabbed my stuff, throwing it in my bad. Surprisingly, they hadn't noticed... Oh wait, never mind, they just noticed. They saw me bolt out of the library, and run my the entrance of the school. They were coming closer, but they still hadn't gotten me since I was at such and advantage. I knew where Nandos whats from the school, so I could probably fin Marissa and Zayn to help me. Though I don't want to bother their date. Well, I need them, so the date can wait if they really love each other. I left the schools, booking it towards the street. I totally forgot that Lou could drive now, so I was screwed. I stayed on the sidewalk, and bolted even though I was way to tired. I was huffing and puffing, but that didn't stop me. I saw them all piled into Lou's car, even Harry, chasing me. I decided to jump into the forest, since there was no road. I put my backpack at the entrance since it weighed me down. I threw my phone in my jacket pocket and climbed a tree. I went as high as possible, before I heard them talking. First Liam, "Okay, so what do we do?" Then Lou, "We need to find her." Liam, "Clearly, but how?" Then Niall, "We can search in here and if we can't find her, call her phone, see if it rings." Right then and there, I quietly shut my sound off of my phone. Finally Harry spoke, "Okay and when we get her, don't shoot, we don't even have water to shoot, so just make it seems like we do. And when we get her, take pictures while I kiss her. I want to rub it in Gertrude's face that she can't and won't ruin us. Let's go!" 


Awwwww Harry! That's adorable! I can't believe he'd do this for me even in this terrible winter weather! I had to stay calm, even though four attractive guys were searching for me. I hugged the tree tightly when Liam walked by. He stopped in his tracks and looked right up at me. I panicked and said, "No Liam, Please don-"


"Liam please" I pretended to beg, even though I knew they had no water to shoot. The lads eventually all arrived, Harry arriving last, probably on purpose. They all laughed, looking up at me hugging the tree. Harry then said, "Okay get your cameras out lads." I pretended to act confused, since I didn't wanna give away the fact that I knew what they were doing.

I raised an eyebrow, and Harry smirked, as he began to climb the tree, branch by branch. I 'tried' to get higher up the tree, but 'struggled' to do so. By this time, Harry got up to where I was, and he hovered over me.

"You know I love you right baby?" He asked, breathless. I decided to play stupid again, just for the fun of it.

"Actually... Now that I think of it, I don't Harry. Why?" I asked, blinking with innocence. All the boys laughed, snapping pics and Harry looked down chuckling, before wrapping his arms around my waist. My back was against the trunk of the tree, and we both stood on the same branch together. I smirked, knowing he was going to obviously make me believe he loves me.

"Yeah, well I do." He whispered, grabbing my face for a big fat kiss. It was romantic being up in a tree during the winter time, with little bits of snow everywhere. I laughed, pulling away. 

"And, you're mine." He finished, pulling me into his embrace. I shivered since it was quite chilly out here. He chuckled, handing me his jacket. I declined as I jumped down from the tree saying, "No thanks, I'm going to be fine." He jumped down after me. The boys chuckled patting Harry on his back, before walking to the entrance of the park to get to the car. I tried following, but Harry grabbed me back. He spun me around and forced the jacket on me. I giggled as he tried to make me wear his jacket.


Eventually he became annoyed and said, "Just wear it correctly!" I blushed, doing as he told. He smirked when I finished zippering it up. He pushed me up on the tree trunk, and whispered, "You're so beautiful, and I love you. I love you so fucking much Autumn."

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