That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


27. Chapter 27

Marissa's POV


I got back home with my mum from the studio. I ran inside for a shower. grabbed an apple and quickly ate it. I totally forgot! Zayn's house today! I hope mum lets me sleep over! I ate my apple, took a swig of the water, and hopped up the stairs. Ever since I found out that Zayn was going to move to Disney with me, I was sooo excited! You see, we're moving there because well, lets just say I know some things that Autumn doesn't know. I know that her dad is always away because he's an international spy person. He's been searching for the guy that killed their mum ever since the car accident. He was very serious about finding this man, then killing him. Also, he currently lives in Orlando, near a really nice performing arts school, so he said he could find connections to get anyone talented into the school. Well the cheerleaders are accepted since they're going to Nationals for flappin' cheer! Autumn and I are like a band now, and Zaynie tells me that him and the lads sing a little. I've also heard Zayn sing once in the shower. It. was. AMAZING. omf just perfection. You see, if Zayn was in a famous boy band or something, wouldn't I be a great fan account? Anywho, I took my amazing shower, slipped on some skinny jeans, and I threw on a nice crop top that I received as a gift. I wore my jack wills jacket over the top, then quickly packed my bag in case I could sleep over tonight. I brushed my teeth again(I do that a lot), then I brushed my hair, did makeup, and scurried downstairs to my mum on the couch watching the telly. 

"Hey Marissa. Why do you have a bag?" She asked, sitting up and pausing her show. I blushed, and replied, 

"Oh yeah about that-"

"Yes you may sleepover, just tonight. If you're living in Florida with this man, I should at least let you sleep over. And yes, I will drive you since it just began snowing." She smiled, just as I frowned. Ewwwwie, snow. so annoying. I groaned and picked up my belongings and eventually, we were off to Zayn's house!


~after car ride, arriving at zayn's house(still same POV)~


I waved to my mum as I rung the doorbell. Zayn was very fast with opening the door, with a broad smile plastered on his face. I blushed, looking down. He always made me weak in the knees. 

"Well it's cold outside, wanna join me in here?" He questioned, opening the door even further. I looked up in his brown eyes and I swear I began drowning in his eyes. Perfection. He put his hand out and I grabbed it within a second. He winked at me and I giggled, stepping inside. He took my jacket off for me, and I never took my eyes off of him. 

There was something about him. The way he was able to kill me while being so silent and perfect. He was the perfect boyfriend. Once I took my shoes off, he grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder, and scurried off.

"Zayn! Where we going?" I asked, giggling as I bounced several times.

"Well your mum is letting you sleepover, so I cannot and will not waste any of my time." He put my down gently on the couch. I became a bit terrified. What if he tries something on me... I'm still a virgin.


"Marissa." I gave him my attention, slowly, "I'm not going to hurt you," he soothed, "You know you can trust me." He smiled and I returned the favor. He slowly crawled on the couch. I sat up so we could cuddle. He found a cozy blanket and let us both lay, snuggling in it. We exchanged smiles again(we do that a lot), and someone burst into the living room. 

It was Harry and Autumn.

"Oh yes, hey Haz, hey Autumn. Oh, Marissa! I almost forgot, they're joining us." I mentally frowned. This was my time with Zayn. But then again, it's Autumn! This will definitely be fun!

"Marissa!" I jumped up, as I gave her a tight hug. She hugged back, but soon after, our boyfriends pulled us away.

"You two need to share! I need my best friend!" I exclaimed, as the room was filled with laughter. Zayn cuddled me, and his mum walked in, smiling. She had brought us all cocoa!

"Mhmm, my favorite, thank you!" I said, very pleased, as I took more and more sips. Zayn chuckled as everyone kept their eyes glued to the telly. I smiled to myself. Harry was almost on top on Autumn, snuggling her. Mine and Zayn's legs were tangled within each other. It was almost as if nothing could get better. 

The movie was actually very interesting. I think Liam recommended it. I kept my eyes on the screen, but for some reason that wasn't the case for Zayn. I could feel his eyes watching me. He was watching my every move. My every reaction. Me. He was watching me. It was so romantic! I turned to Zayn a few minutes later, due to not being able to let him kill me with his perfectness. We smiled and he leaned forward, kissing my forehead. I closed my eyes, as he kissed my face, my eyes, my nose, my cheeks. Then came my lips. But when he came to my lips, he didn't pull away as fast as he did for all the other kisses. We stayed connected. His every touch gave me the best sensation in the world. I never wanted this to end, I thought to myself, as I kept my lips in contact with Zayn's. I could never let this go. I vow that I never will.

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