That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


25. Chapter 25

Harry's POV


I saw her small figure sprinting towards us. She didn't know about our plan. Niall was helping me. Basically two weeks before competition, I would ignore her a lot, but I wouldn't go too far, I would act distant. Then, on competition(which is today, Friday night),  I would surprise her here. I decorated her whole house too. It's all Christmas themed, and with me, I have flowers, and chocolates, her favorite. Oh, and Niall bought a best friend necklace for her, custom-made. I've learned to accept them as friends, Niall wouldn't hurt me. He was always so humble. His necklace also had real diamond in it, making it even more important to them. It was great having my mates be friends with my girl, now I knew how close we could all really get, even though Autumn's only taking Marissa to Disney all the way in Florida for Nationals. I'm such a proud boyfriend, I've had this goofy smirk on my face ever since we arrived! So many people probably think I'm weird, but I'm very dedicated to our relationship. It's very important. I leaned against the car, as Niall did the same, and he piped up, "Why do you think she's so late mate?" 

I just remembered how late she was. He was right, hmph, "I don't know mate, maybe the coach wanted to talk or something?" Niall barely nodded his head before Autumn arrived, all red in the face and huffing for air.

"Hello love." I said, flashing my normal smile. As soon as she saw me, she glared to me, then Niall, before moving past us to get into the car. I was afraid she would do this, considering the fact I've been ignoring her for a bit.  Niall raised his eyebrows at me, wondering what to do next, but I just kept my smile plastered onto my face and pointed to the car. He got up from where he was leaning and hopped into the driver's seat, and I hopped next to Autumn in the very back. Damn, someone sure was mad at me! She didn't even make eye contact with me! I looked down and saw her on twitter. She was clearly bored, as she scrolled through the most boring postings there. I watched her as she blinked every last blink, I watched her fingers move along the iPhone as she answered a few congratulating texts, and I mainly just watched her eyes. her blue eyes were all full of complete nothingness. It was beginning to frustrate me, and I realized that when I started to clench my hands, as I held onto the flower boquet and chocolate. Oh! I know exactly what to do!!

"Hey Autumn, look_"

"Hi Harry."

"I'm sorry for-"

"Yeah me too."

"You're sorry?" She simply just nodded her head, not taking her eyes off her phone.

"Well am I allowed to explain?" I questioned.

"Well I don't see who is going to stop you."

"Autumn, just look, okay? Basically, I have some roses for you and your favorite chocolate, it was a surprise, I am sorry for ignoring you."

She raised her voice, "Well why did you ignore me before, just so you'd have to apologize later Harry? It's just like making a bad decision, then later saying sorry to whomever you caused harm to. But honestly Harry? If you're just going to be sorry later, then why do it in the first place?"

She huffed for air, and still kept her eyes glued on her phone. But by now, her phone was shut off. She stared at her phone, knowing I was closely watching her. I could see how insecure she had become from me annoying her. I was lost for words, and I'm guessing Niall knew because eventually he turned up the radio, to fill the awkward silence.



Autumn's POV


"Well why did you ignore me before, just so you'd have to apologize later Harry? It's just like making a bad decision, then later saying sorry to whomever you caused harm to. But honestly Harry? If you're just going to be sorry later, then why do it in the first place?" I raised my voice, shutting off my phone. The rest of the car ride was silence, except for the music playing very distantly in the back round. I can't believe Harry actually had the balls to show up here after ignoring me for all this time! Doesn't he know he's my first boyfriend? I seriously hope he's my last boyfriend as well. I'm not saying I wanna break up with him, so I can be forever alone, but just imaging heartbreak over different boys! It's craycray! I began to fall asleep in the car, resting my head on Harry's shoulder. I was becoming very languid, so all of the languidness took over my body, so I didn't even try to bring myself off of him. Besides, he was comfy.


As Niall pulled into my driveway, I jumped up, unbuckling myself, and reaching for my bags. I guess I was too late, when I realized Harry standing out of the car, holding my bag on his shoulder. He half- smiled at me. Maybe he was sorry. I think I'll be nicer, I did just get some sleep. But first, I may play a bit hard to get, if ya know what I mean!


I smiled at Niall, as I hopped out of the car. "Thanks for coming and giving me to ride Nialler," I exclaimed, "It was very nice of you." And before I walked up the walkway to my house, I smirked, giving Niall a sweet peck on the cheek. I smiled towards Harry, and walked up to my house without managing to wipe my devious smirk off my face. 






"Harry where are you??" I squealed, as I turned each corner. This hide and seek game had started to become very intense. I got into my bedroom, and flicked the lights on quickly. I searched frantically all over my room for his amazing curls. I heard shuffling coming from my bed. I jumped on my bed and looked underneath the left side. Hmph. "I could've sworn I heard something!" I exclaimed to myself, turing to the other side of the bed. Bad idea.


"BOO!" I fell off of my king sized bed in a split second, terrified of the hot, but yet scary young man before me. It was hilarious and Harry was rolling on the floor, in hysterics. I was very embarrassed, so I shot up and walked to the corner of my room, dragging my pillow with me. I sat right in the corner, with my head in my pillow. Later when Harry was finished laughing, he strolled over to my bed, turning on the television. He smiled to me, when I saw that he put on Spongebob. 

"My favorite!" I squealed jumping onto the bed right beside him. Oh! And did I tell you that we made up earlier? He chuckled as he wrapped his arm around me. I snuggled into his bare chest, as he kissed my face multiple times throughout the show. I smiled the whole time, knowing that he never stopped caring for me. But the one thing I still don't understand is why he had to 'ignore' me out of all the things he could've done. Ah, guess I'll never know. 

I was brought out of thought when Harry smiled down at me whispering, "Whataya thinkin' bout good lookin'?" I lightly chuckled replying, "You." He smiled, as I moved up to peck his lips. Our noses slightly brushed eachothers, making me smile as I reframed from the kiss.

"You're a good kisser." Harry complemented.

"I guess I learn from the master." I smiled.

"I love you."

I then challenged, "I love you more."

"No way." He protested.

"Actually there are multiple ways I could love you more, I mean, technically speaking."

"Nope! I love you more Autumn."

"Yeah right Haz, sorry but no, I love you more."

"Well I guess you'll have to prove how much you love me then." He challenged. I smirked, sitting up. I straddled him, and put my arms around his neck. I looked him in the eyes, and slowly moved in for a kiss. As our lips met, his tongue flew into my mouth, as I did the same. We shared one of our longest, most passionate kisses ever. He bit my bottom lip, making me blush. I pulled away, with my face red. He stared at me, pulling me back in for more. I teased him, by turning my face, so he'd make out with my cheek.

"Really Autumn? Really?"

"Really Harry. Really."

"I love you."

"Not as much as I love you Harry."




Author's Note.!


Hello lovely peoples reading this fanfiction! I am terribly sorry that I haven't updated in a while! I had alot of state testing, plus homework, and I have a ton of rehersals for a show that I'm in for my school, since I'm a main role. I also had a reallyyyyyyy bad writers block, but I'm back now! I hope you enjoyed this chapter, if you really like this, then comment like, love, fan me, etc!!


Recommend this to friends maybe?? Thanks, love y'all!

~Marissa Malik



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