That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


23. Chapter 23

Harry's POV


"Alright mate, see ya tomorrow" I chuckled to Lou, walking away from his locker and over to Autumn's. It was Thursday, school just ended, I was hoping she wasn't busy. As I was walking, I saw Grace, one of my fake old girlfriend. Oh gosh, she was one of the worst. She actually wanted sex and all that shit! She smirked at me as she went by, thinking I cared. Pshh yeah right, I strongly, STRONGLY dislike her. I saw Liam just leaving his locker and we exchanged smiles before I said, "See ya tomorrow Payne, tomorrow's game will be epiccccc."

He replied, smiling, "Yeah I know, but if only the team were better, it would all be interesting. If they don't win tomorrow, then it's sadly the last game, which means, you won't be able to look up the cheerleaders skirts, while they stunt. Bye Haz." Liam lastly chuckled and closed his locker. I chuckled as well, before saying, "I only need Autumn bro, I can look up her skirt at any time!" We both cracked up, and he high fived me. The one last thing he said to me before leaving was, "Autumn's a great girl Haz. But maybe somebody else likes her too, remember?" And with that, he left. I began to think whom may like her... Thats it! Niall! He was always talking about his crush, but he never told us her name. He only described her. He described her to be just as Autumn! He won't steal her, she's mine, she loves me. Even though she hasn't admitted it, I know she does. I was making my way around the corner to her locker, and as soon as I saw her laughing, I smiled. But then I realized what exactly she was laughing about. Niall. He was there. He likes her. He's making her laugh, that's my job. I need to stop him. I ran up to Autumn, getting quite furious, and I started freaking out.


Niall's POV


Gosh! He can be such a jerk when it comes to girls sometimes! Hasn't it been obvious that since third grade, I've loved her?! I may not have EVER told him her name, but after a while of watching her, observing her(I guess you could say stalking), wouldn't you think that I deserve her more? Oh no! Niall Horan doesn't need a girl! He can just be forever alone! He can just forget his crush, he doesn't matter! 

'Woahh, Nialler, cool down,' I thought to myself, once I realized how dramatic I was being. Well, as dramatic as it seems, it's true. I've always loved her, but she never knew. Even before the lads started going to the Friday night football games, I would go, just to watch her, though it seemed she didn't belong with the bitches and sluts. I watched because It was interesting. I would weirdly be able to tell how she felt. It was as if-- we were meant for each other. But ah, I guess I'll wait. I tell Liam EVERYTHING. He is my best mate. He's known she was my exact crush for a while now, but it's our little secret. I'm gonna try my hardest to get over her, though just the thought of her smiling because of ME, makes me so happy. I saw Harry force Autumn away, and I got pretty furious. To hide it, I waved bye, and apologized to my mate. I now know my limits, but I honestly will never stop loving Autumn like I always have.



Autumn's POV


He gripped my wrist in his huge hand, and it started to really hurt, as he dragged me through the halls, to get home. He didn't speak, he didn't smile, he had a noticeable frown on his face, and furrowed eye brows. I was becoming outrageously scared, for I had no idea why he was so mad. Niall was just talking to me! A sharp pain went up my arm. I think my hand will be bruised. I tried to pry his fingers one by one off of my wrist, but that only made it worse. I whimpered in pain.

"Ha-Harry. You're H-hurting me." I cried out, letting one tear slip out of my eye. I quickly brushed it away, wincing at the pain. By this time we were right outside the school, in the beginning of winter seasoned- air. He stopped, but didn't let go of his grip. He only loosened his grip, making him spin me around to face him. He cupped my cheeks in his hands, and looked me straight in the eyes stating cold, "You're mine, not his." I gulped in fear as he kept his stare on me. "I- I know." I looked down at my soon to be bruised hand. It wasn't so bad cuz' I'm used to the pop tarts beating me up, but it sure did ache.

Harry noticed why I looked down at the fresh bruise on my wrist. I opened my mouth in fear, not able to even speak, for I had not a clue what he'd do next. He then shook me slightly saying, "Did I do this to you?" I didn't answer because fresh tears were brewing in my eyelids, so I bit my lip, trying to avoid the truth. He shook me once more, a bit harder, asking, "Did I?" He was forcing the answer out of me, so I may as well be honest.

"Y-yes." I tried to finish, "It d-d-doesn't matter." My lips became chapped out in the cool air. I had a feeling it may start snowing. I looked up at Harry, and he noticed how cold I was getting, and how hurt I was, not only physically, but emotionally. What am I supposed to think now? 

I eventually managed to say, "Harry, I'm going with Marissa, bye." I forced his grip off me, for he knew what he did was wrong, and I started running away. I would go anywhere. I just need to be away from him. He tells me to trust him. How can I do that, when he physically just hurt me? I ran out of the school property, so I was now on my way home. I looked back and saw no sign of him, so I whipped out my phone to text Marissa. My text to her said: 'hey ill be ova soon sorry for inconvenience, be there shortly xx'

I threw my phone back into my bag, and began taking deep breaths. I sat on the sidewalk at began silently crying. I buried my head in my body, and soon I started to notice my hand throbbing. I looked up and saw a bruise. Damn, he sure is strong, it kinda scares me. Am I supposed to break up with him now? I don't even know what to do! He's my first relationship, and I'm already dealing with 'abuse'. I must have been on the sidewalk for about ten minutes, and I received 10 million texts from Harry, in which I haven't opened yet, and one from Marissa, probably saying I am fine, and not to worry. I looked in my bag for any cloth to wrap around my hurt arm. I found a random bandana and slowly wrapped it tightly around my bruise. I flinched once, when it hit the one spot on the bruise that's worst. I got up from the sidewalk, and turned back, to see a man in that directioner, searching as he walked my way. When he saw me, his pace quickened, and I knew exactly who it was. I forced myself up, and sprinted for my house. But of course I wouldn't make it, for he was amazingly faster then me. I was in my front yard, when he just got a hold of me by my waist. He quickly spun me around, trying to force our chapped lips together, in a kiss. I turned my face so he got my cheek. I tried to scurry away, but he wouldn't let go. But this time, he was nowhere near as forcing as before. He picked me up, and I cried into his neck, as he found his way to my house. What else am I supposed to do? Its clearly not worth fighting, so why not. He layed me on my couch, and whispered, "Don't cry, I'm getting ice. I made this, so I'm going to destroy it." He left, I'm guessing to get ice, though he took longer then I thought. He came back, as I wiped the last of my tears away. He sat next to my head on the couch, and hushed me. He whispered, "I'm sorry baby, I was mad, I really don't know what went through m-"

"H-Harry stop it. I don't care. I- I Love You." WHAT THE FUCKETY FUCK DID I JUST SAY?!?!?! 

'There is something wrong with me.

I know it.

Something bad will happen.

I Know It.

Just hit me now Harry.

I'm the stupidest person in the flipping world.

I should not be here.'

I was brought out of my thoughts when Harry softly put ice on me. I shivered, and he grabbed a blanket to comfort me.

"Shhhh, I'm gonna take care of you." He whispered. "By the way, I Love You More Autumn." I forced a weak, but nice smile, then I croaked out, "Don't go there Harry, you know I love you more." He raised his eye brows and said, "No no, you don't get it. I love you more, I'd do anything for you, I love you more." I then got an idea. I mentally smirked to myself, and whispered, challenging, "If you'll do anything, you'll give me a really good back massage. But it has to be tomorrow cuz' I'm sleeping over Marissa's tonight so-"

"No you're not Autumn. I contacted Marissa when I was searching for you. I told her everything. She's your best lad, so she knows how sorry I am. She said everybody is sleeping over her's tomorrow, so you could just join everyone. I guess that also means I will be going. But for now, I'm here for you. Now what did you say about a back massage?" I chuckled, and bit my lip. I changed my position to be laying on my stomach. I said, "One amazing back massage please!" He chuckled, and softly sat on my butt, commenting, "You have a fat butt." I turned, raising my eye brows at him. He continued, "That's a good thing though." I giggled, blushing bright pink. He began my massage, and I commented, "This is literally paradise. Thanks."

"I would do this anytime Autumn, when you're sick, when I'm apologizing, I guess anytime cuz I love you MORE!" I laughed and said, "Whatever, in you're dreams Harry." We both laughed, and I attempted to reach for the remote for the television. A new episode of Glee is on tonight, I wanna watch it soon." I failed at reaching for the remote, so Harry received it for me and turned my channel on. "Thanks babe, you're the best." I said smiling to myself. "Anytime. Now may I ask, are you ticklish on your hips?" Before I could answer he began pinching my hips. I attempted to grab my waist for him to stop. I was squirming and giggling as he kept tickling me. "HAR-HARRYYY!!! STOP IM GONNA! IM GONNA. IM GONNA PISS MYSELFFFF!! He laughed along with me, as I tried tickling him. I rolled so I was laying on my back, and he was straddled over me. He kept tickling me, and I threw my hands up for mercy. As I laughed, I managed to scream, "MERCY! IM DONE, ILL DO ANYTHING!"



"Are you sure?"


He stopped, and pinned my hands up above my head, using only one hand. I winced once when he brushed his hand against my bruise, and he said, "Sorry." I nodded, chuckling at what he'd do next. 

"I'll stop on one condition."

"Anything Harry, just please-"

He lowered his head to meet my face, and tried to place his lips on mine for a kiss. On the last second, I turned, so he'd kiss my cheek, just like earlier. I giggled, and he kept my hands pinned above my head. I raised his eye brows, and flirted, "Here comes the tickling!!!" And with that he began tickling me more and more throughout the night, making me full of laughter. That night, we finished home work, watched comedy movies, I made dinner after he attempted to but failed miserably, Oh! and he also tickled me as if he had never tickled before!










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