That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


22. Chapter 22

Autumn's POV


"Do you think I could swing by your place this evening to study with you?" I asked Marissa, and we walked to sixth period. It was now Thursday, a tiring Thursday as well.

"I thought you had cheerleading tonight?" She questioned, as we stopped by her locker. We were also walking to Science together, since we both had it 6th period. 

"Oh yes you're right, in fact I do. Wanna watch?" She looked up at me, as she closed her locker and replied, "Umm.. They don't even like you being there, why would they want me?"

"They don't want you. But I do. Besides, coach wants a bunch of our friends to check out the routine tonight, since our last game is on Friday, and competition is next Saturday." I replied, as we continued walking to the Mr. Dykie's science class. You might be wondering, 'why is the football season ending in November?' Well that's because our football team sucks to be quite honest!

"I guess I can go. Maybe you could sleep over tonight as well?" Marissa asked.

"I would love to. Could your mum pick us up and stop by my place before your house though? I need clothes.." 

"I wouldn't see why not, I'll text her after class. But now, we have a science lab to get working on!" exclaimed Marissa, holding the door open for the two of us. As we took our seats, the class shortly after began. Mr. Dykie was going off about how we never clean up and shit, so I kinda zoned out and began doodling on my book. Suddenly, somebody poked my back. I jumped, realizing somebody threw an eraser top at me! But who? I turned my attention to whomever threw the eraser at me, and I found Liam and Niall smiling at me. Wow, thats the first time Niall has smiled at me since Harry and I became a thing. Hmph, hope he's alright. I'll talk to him later, when we're alone. I raised my eyebrows at them, as I started to remember that they were also in my class. Why didn't we see them walk in here. They didn't even say hello! I returned my smile, and then payed attention to the classwork. Marissa and I were luckily lab partners, but as Mr. Dykie went over the lab, the last thing he said was, "Now you may choose whom to work with again, but it may not be the person you've worked with the most this year. Now get to work! Chop Chop!"

"Oh shit." Marissa stated blankly, as we started frantically searching for a new partner.

"Lets just work together, he won't notice-" I was cut off when Niall and Liam casually walked up to us. Liam explained, "Marissa you can be with me. Autumn, Niall?" I slowly nodded, preparing to leave my table in the front. Liam took my space and smiled. As I walked back to the back row of seats, Niall exclaimed, "This will be great! I've never worked with you on school ya know!"

"Yes Niall I know. And you also haven't been a very good friend since I've become Harry's girlfriend." As soon as I said that, Niall went from smiling to frowning.

"Yes I know, its just err- family issues. Cant always get what ya want these days, right mate?" I wasn't quite sure he was being honest. Then it struck me. Is he jealous of Harry?

"Niall? First of all: Mate? Second of all: Is it the fact that you're je- jealous?" I questioned, sitting next to Niall, to prepare the lab.

"Well- uh, yes. Honestly, don't tell Harry, but I guess yes. Don't feel bad though alright? There's others out there and I guess you're just not for me! Ha, but we're mates so its all good." Well honestly, that made me jealous. Especially when he said 'there's others out there'. I looked down at my paper and mumbled, "right. . " For some reason part of me wish he'd liked me in that way, and I just wish he didn't have to mention the fact that there's other out there.

"So lets get started then." I said, looking up. As soon as I met his blue sparkling eyes, I looked back at my book and continued, "I guess we should read the lab first. Wanna read together or-"

"Yes yes! I mean uh, yeah sure, that's fine." He replied, becoming stiff, making everything way more awkward then it already was. I nodded, as I started to read to him. I finished the first page, then said, "Do you wanna read Niall?"

"Oh uh sure. You're very good at reading by the way. I'm not the best reader so don't judge." 

"Why do you think I'd judge?" I questioned, a bit caught off guard that he'd think I would ever judge him negatively. I then said, "Besides, I'm technically dyslectic, so it's alright. I got over dyslexia a while ago, and in order to keep it away, I read a lot. I could help you sometime?"

"Yes! I mean, my mum wants me to get some help with my English project. I had to read any novel, now I need help with the assignment. It's a lot of my grade!" He replied, smiling down at me. His smiled was perfec- Autumn! Shut it! You have an amazing boyfriend. I mentally slapped myself. Ugh, this was going to be hard. "I can uh tutor you then. I'm usually free, except for cheerleading, but call me and I may be able to swoop by yours."

Niall then said, "I'd really like that. Thanks. I think we're going to be best friends Autumn. By the way, you're an amazing cheerleader." I blushed when he acknowledged the fact that I'm a cheerleader. I kept my eyesight down, and Niall chuckled, "Harry's lucky to have you. Not because you're a cheerleader, but because he has someone to fancy and call beautiful all the time. Now I'll continue reading. We have work to do."

"Th- Thanks Nialler. It's okay if I call you Nialler right?" I asked, waiting for his response. His response was just a simple head nod and he started reading. He wasn't as bad as he thought! This project sure would be fun!




"Haha and remember when you fell off the rock at the stream and then Lou dove in, soaking not only him, but everybody else?! That was hilarious!" Niall exclaimed, as I opened my locker, to pack everything up. I giggled along, as he continued on with reminding me of all the funny moments we've had together as well as the lads. He continued with so many hilarious jokes, and suddenly I heard a mad British accent say, "Hah, and remember when Autumn got her first boyfriend?" I knew that accent from anywhere. Harry. I turned my attention to him and Niall, once I closed my locker. Niall stared at me once again, but this time with a scared look on his innocent face. I grabbed Harry's shoulder, and soothed, "Harry calm down, we are only frien-"

"Yes I know you're only friends Autumn, cuz you're with me and you BOTH know that." He stated coldly, with gritted teeth. I gasped and turned to Nialler, and he gave me a weary smile. Harry snatched my wrist and said, "Lets go Autumn, we have plans."




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