That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


20. Chapter 20

Harry's POV


"Harry wait up!!" Autumn exclaimed in the parking lot, as I ran inside for the movie theater. I looked back when I was at the door, and I didn't see her. It was a bit dark, but I knew if she had been running this whole time, I would be able to see her. Then a small figure, that I knew was a girl's figure came jogging up to me.


"Oh Harry, what a nice surprise, eh?" Said Courtney, the head cheerleader. Gosh she is so annoying.

"Yes I guess you're right. Have you uh seen Autumn back in the lot anywhere? I've been lookin-"

"Harry she shouldn't matter to you! Haven't you seen that I love you and I could actually make you popular again?! I'm the one you should be with, not her!!" Courtney kept going off on how I shouldn't like Autumn. Geez will she ever shut up?! As she kept rambling off, I saw Autumn behind the doors, watching our conversation. I could tell she didn't hear anything, because of our distance. As I was about to walk over to Autumn, totally ignoring Courtney, I thought the nice thing to do would be to say good bye to Courtney.


"Look Courtney-,"          "No Harry it's fine, I know you want me.." she whispered inching towards me. Ever step she took, I saw Autumn watching. I wanted to move, but I just couldn't. I don't understand. I was helpless. Watching Autumn stand there, while Courtney came closer was so terrible, but I didn't know what to do! I was stuck. I put my hand to the right for Autumn, and I tried yelling, but nothing came out!


"It's okay Harry, she can leave, I'm yours now." She put her hands on around my neck, and I finally pushed her away.


"No." I intently said, pushing her down to the ground. And of course, now Autumn was nowhere. Last time I saw her was when she was crying, walking away from me. I pointed at Courtney, "You'll be sorry if I lose her." I stormed off, and as I walked throughout the parking lot, I finally found her, on the sidewalk by the nearby pizza play, sobbing into her hands. I ran up to her, and as soon as I got there she stood up, and simply walked off.


"Autumn! No! You don't understan-"


"No Harry! I understand it all! She hypnotized you and YOU fell for it cuz maybe you two are meant to be! Just leave me alone, I thought I trusted you.." She turned and walked down the sidewalk, alone, instead of with me. This wasn't right. A single tear fell from my eye, but I didn't bother wiping it off. I ran and caught up to her. She ignored my existence though.


"No that's not it at all Autumn, and you know that. I'm not giving up on you like this." I pleaded, trying to get a hold of her hand to stop her. She snatched her hand away and stopped right then and there. 

She looked up at me and whispered, "It doesn't matter anymore. You have a choice. Me or her. And I don't need to verbally hear your answer, I don't need to hear you say her name again. I ran behind the doors to jump out and scare you Harry, not to see you and her. What, were you talking about how you were going to deal with me? Honestly, just leave me alone. Stay at my house tonight, I will find my own place."


"No." I sternly said, grasping her hand. Her hand was freezing in the cool air. I pulled her in, not dropping my eyesight with her. She attempted to look down, but I didn't let her. I lifter her chin up and whispered, "You're not leaving me. I won't lose you. Not now. Listen okay?" she nodded after a few seconds and put a strand of hair behind her ear. A tear escaped her eye, only for me to brush it away gently, being as gentle as possible.

"Courtney came to me. That whore came to me. I wouldn't have noticed her, if I saw you. You're so much better, and I don't give a shit about her. It's you that I love. You that I want. No, its you that I need." I dropped her hand down, expecting her to carry on and forget me, since that what she usually does. But instead, she jumped onto me, holding me in the tightest embrace. She cried into my should, and I let her down. "Don't cry, I'm here." I soothed her, taking her hand in mine.


"Harry I didn't know. I saw you around the- the corner, and as soon as I saw her, I knew what she'd do. Harry I thought you'd leave me after knowing almost every she's done to m-"


"Almost?" I asked, quite concerned on what she hasn't told me yet. She looked down, with a few more tears falling from her eyelids.

"Yes Harry, almost." she whispered, trying not to voice crack. I payed close attention to everything she did. She continued, "Harry I was scared. She beats me up. She's done so many things nobody's noticed. I didn't want you to go to her after it all."


"Autumn tell me now, what did she do?" I demanded, taking both of her tiny hands in mine, squeezing them for any answer.


"Do I have to tell you, or should I show you?" She whispered, lifting up her shirt to her stomach. A bruise marked half her core. Tears slipped sadly from my eyes. I gasped, pulling her shirt down. She then lifted her left sleeve up to her forearm. One big scratch on her forearm, and another black/ blue bruise above it. "She did this. That's why I was so "


"Scared." I finished for her, pulling her into a hug hug. I rubbed her back the way I always do to people, when I try comforting them.

"Autumn, why did she do this? I won't let her! You're quitting cheer, you're going to-"

"No Harry, I can't do that." She said, pulling from the hug. "You just can't." she admitted. "It would just get wors"


"Not if I'm always around." I said, looking her dead in the eye. She looked so vulnerable. "Harry I just can't. My dad won't let me until this season is over."


"Then promise me you will quit after the season's over." I said keeping the same eye contact as before. She nodded, tears in her eyes. To stop her from crying, I whispered, "Oh comere' you." And I kissed her passionately on the lips. She pulled away, breathless. 

"Harry instead of the scary movie, can we see Ted?" She asked, trying to hide a smile.

"I thought you said it was too inappropriate for you to watch?" I questioned, taking her hand in mine, to casually walk to the theater.

"Well I mean, if you don't want to-"

"No I want to!" I exclaimed, as she chuckled. She then shivered and I took my jacket off to keep her warm. Without words, I attempted to cover her chills.

"No no no! I don't want you getting a cold now do we?" She questioned, shoving the jack wills sweatshirt away.

"You need it babe. Take it."





"Not a chance." With each yes and no, we would both turn closer to each other, becoming quieter. Finally after debating, we were a centimeter away.

"Yes baby. Remember when I said I was in control now?" I asked, smirking, trying to sneak the coat around her cold body frame. Of course, she saw it coming, and ducked down, backing away from me. I smirked at her as she bit her lip replying, "No, perhaps I don't remember you ever saying anything about 'being in control' Mr. Styles."

I walked towards her, jacket in hand, and she took steps backwards, until she hit the front of a car, and stopped, still biting her lip in a sexy way.

"Well maybe I am in control sweet cheeks! You can't do anything about that." I finished off whispering. "Now take the jacket beautiful." I whispered, coming right in front of her, so our bodies couldn't get any closer then now. She declined, stepping the the left simply, smirking up at me.

"Hmph, well you do know my consequences when you don't listen to the one in control?" I flirted, moving left to get closer to her. She blushed, peering down at her shoes.

"well? I guess you're going to deal with the consequences then." I finished, forcing the jacket around her. She giggled, "I'm sorry! It won't happen again! I will just have to get used to wearing your smelly jackets then!" She covered her mouth quickly realizing she should not have said that. I raised my eyebrows at her, whispering, "I was just about to give in, until I heard someone say something about my 'smelly' jackets."


"wonder who said that?" She flirted back, removing her hands from her mouth glaring up at me.

"I think I know who exactly said that.." I said, moving in for a nice, flirtatious kiss. She didnt pull away, and we kissed for a great amount of time, until the car we were leaning on beeped a few times, making us jump!


"GET A ROOM!" yelled some random Grandmom. I chuckled, pulling Autumn along with me.

"We'll get a room alright! just you wait Grammy!" I exclaimed, pulling Autumn into the theater ticket line. Autumn gave me a look, saying, "I don't think I want to get a room anytime soon Harry." We both laughed, and I whispered, "One day."


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