That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


2. Chapter 2

AUTUMNS POV "RING RING RING RING!!!!" "UGH, CAN'T MORNINC TIME JUST WAIT?!" I slammed my fist on my alarm and lazily rose from my bed. I realized it was only 5am, so I kinda just sat in my bed thinking. Hmm, what do I have to do today?? Call dad! Do house chores! Homework/study! Movie night possibly? Oh and how could I forget, cheer. -__-. I wasn't sure whether I should call my dad now because he's in the US, so he's most likely asleep or busy with work like always. I decided to shower real quick, then start on chores. I hopped of my bed, and stumbled into my master bathroom(yes, I get the master bedrooms with my dad cuz he's never home to use it). I took one glance in the mirror, and I quickly looked away, for I saw a busted face before me. Well, at least that's what I think. I turned the hot water on, and I looked in the mirror, forcing myself not to look away. I yanked my hair out of it's messy bun from sleeping in, and I used my makeup remover to get all the extra makeup off of my face. Once I finished, I checked to make sure the water was hot enough. It was, so I stripped into my birthday suit, and took a nice long shower. Once I finished, I hopped out, finding a white fluffy towel to hold against my cleansed body. I went into my walk-in closet, and I got out my cheerleading shorts and my old softball tshirt. I found one of my sports bras and some underwear, and I changed. I found a nice pair of purple socks and threw my white cheerleading sneakers on. I went back into my bathroom, and I found my hair and makeup supplies. I brushed my hair out, until I got every single last knot out. Then I put my usual hair sprays and chemicals in my hair, to make my hair smooth and shiny. I got really cool makeup and hair items because my cousin went to beauty school and now owns her very own beauty parlor not too far from here and it's very popular. I grabbed my neon yellow hairband and threw my hair up in a ponytail with my black hair ties. The neon band went around my head, to keep all the front hair stay out of my face. I started doing my makeup. I couldn't wear too much because I had lots to do today. I put on concealer and foundation. Then I used a tad but of mascara, then curling my eye lashes. Oh why can't I have perfect eye lashes like guys?!? That's something the world will never know. I brushed my teethies until each and every one of them were sparkling! Alright autumn! Time for chores!!! **middle of cheer practice, Saturday, 4:45pm** STILL AUTUMNS POV "Okay girls, fifteen more minutes, until Wednesday! Lets I through our routine one last time, with all stints, jumps, and tumbling!!" Said Molly, the 'vice head cheerleader' even though she seemed like the main cheerleader because of her snotty attitude and her popularity level. Gosh, she's annoying. Just whatever you do autumn, don't let it get to you. I took a deep breath in, then out. I got into our first formation for our routine, knowing when to expect music. Molly yelled from her spot on last time "CHEERLEADER READY!" Then the music began and we all got into everything. The one thing I don't get is that I've been here on the squad the longest, yet I still have made no friends. Ah, I don't mind it. I'm fine how I am now. (: once we did the majority of the routine, we were all getting ready for the one and only, pyramid stunt. This was always the hardest. I loaded in at center to fly. My bases mouthing the counts, with my forcing. Smiled ahead of me. We did a twist up to an extension. Then I did all my things in the air and one last cradle fall(if you don't know these stunts, don't worry I don't expect you to). Once I fell, we all ran/walked to our final positions to end the routine. I smiled from my spot, until the second music ended. Everyone got up at the same time giggling and squealing of excitement at 'how well we had done'. For all I care! Then Molly said "Guys that was great! I just need a few girls to stay back. I need Stacey, Kelly, Gertrude, tammi, and autumn!" Ugh, seriously?! You just had to say me, didn't you?! Ugh. All the girls said bye to us(as if they could care), and hurried to wherever. Us five girls stayed in our spots, waiting for the brat to start. "Okay! So I don't want to see rude, but each of you girls may be kicked off the squad. Gertrude had then asked "W-Why?" "Well just because I don't like you, and as long as I don't like you, you can just leave!" "Don't you think that's at least a bit mean though? You're not even the head cheerleader!" Exclaimed Kelly. I sat there, not knowing what to say. I wa the first the get up, only to be sat right back down. Then the bitch went on. "Well actually, I like you all. Except autumn. Autumn stay here for a minute." Ugh even worse. I obeyed, sitting with a lank expression on my face. She took a breath and went on. "Okay, you need to do better makeup, shave your legs more, wear better clothes to school, don't talk to any hot guys cuz they're mine, oh and you can't talk to me while we're around people from school! I just can't be seen with you! It would be risking my popularity! So if you breaks rule, I will find my way to get you out! Okay?" I nodded , rising from my seat, to her level. "What makes you hate me?" I asked looking her full of concern in her eyes. She then answered "Oh well what's there to like, right?" I rolled my eyes as she chuckled. I grabbed my bag and my mobile and ran out onto the street. It started pouring, of course right when I had to walk home. It's not that I hate walking, I- wait, I do just hate walking. I should have drove my damn car even if I had to pay frickin parking. I kept walkin on the sidewalk. Then a car pulled up next to me, only to reveal a handsome male driving that seemed around my age. He had curly hair and green eyes. He stared my down as he put the window down to say "Aren't you cold?! Hop in! I'm from new hope Solebury highschool." I didn't know what to do. I didn't recognize him cuz I don't pay attention to many people. He looked safe, so I smiled and he unlocke the door. I hopped in the passenger seat, hesitantly, and he gave me a safe look. I heard a chuckle coming from the back and I twisted my head back in curiosity, I see what happened. It was another guy, eating some nandos. Mmmm my favorite. He was adorable, with his blonde messy hair, and amazing blue eyes, that anyone could just get lost in. But I knew not to get to attached, I was just getting a ride home. When I heard bits of laughter, I turned my attention to the boy driving. He asked "Name love?" "Autumn." "Age?" "I'm a sophomore in highschool. You?" Shit, I told wayy to much. He chuckled and said "I'm Harry, the boy behind me is Niall, aka the guy you were just eyeing down. We are sophomores too, but I haven't seen you. Maybe we just take different classes." "Oh, I'm in all the honor classes, for the smarties." Wow I feel nerdy. Now all I need are those nerd glasses and I'll be good. Both of the boys eyes widened. I giggled, and Harry said "Yeah nope, no classes together! Now where's the address?" I told him everything and he got to my house in minutes. I thanked him for like the twentieth time before walking to my front door. I turned and waved as I made my way into the house. They left and I totally forgot them, so I could enjoy some movie time!!

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