That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


19. Chapter 19

Autumn's POV


"So then what will we do for the last day I'm here?" Harry asked bouncing up and down like a little boy. It was finally Sunday, and he would be leaving tomorrow morning with me to school, then go home on HIS BUS to get to HIS HOUSE. Not that I don't 'love' him and all, it's just, he's sooo clingy and ugh well I still haven't gotten used to it.


"Well I was thinking we could get shower, get dressed, chill for a bit, then since I made you do your homework last night, we can go see that movie tonight that you were dying to go to. I'll pay!" I replied, putting my plate into the dishwasher from breakfast. Harry came around me and did the same, and when I looked up, I also said, "Seem like a plan?"


"Well YES, since you FORCED me to get all my homework done earlier the planned!" He said, putting emphasis on 'yes' and 'forced'. I chuckled, remembering last night, after dinner when I had started my homework.




"Harry stop, I need to study!" I pleaded for the millionth time!

"NO! I really want to see the movie!!" He argued, not letting me out of the kitchen to go study. I had a huge math test on Wednesday, and I MUST study!

"Harry stop blocking the doorway!! Its not your house!!" I yelled, getting very frustrated! Harry kept his spot standing in the way of the doorway. 

He pleaded, "PLEASE AUTUMN! Why can't school wait every once in a while! It's like everything to you! What about me?!?!" Thats when I realized I had been trying to block him out for school.

"I- Harry, look, you don't understand. I don't want to block you out. It's just, every time I love someone, they leave. My mom left me, my dad's who knows where, and Im not used to you loving me! Please, I will help you with your work I- just- er" I took a huge gulp of air and continued, "If I lose you, school is all I have Har-Harry." I looked down, sniffling. Why was I like this. "I'm probably just a mistake Harry, I shouldn't even be alive-"


"No." Harry said walking towards me, hugging me tightly and firmly. "No Autumn. No. You're no mistake. You're amazing, smart, funny, intelligent, gorgeous, and girl thats only the beginning of you. Ever since I saw you in sixth grade, when I moved here, I've had a massive crush on you. I always wondered why you were never the popular one. But then one day, I knew exactly why it wasn't you who was the 'perfect popular'. Its because you're better. Way better than all of them. Who got to be all the main characters in the school plays? You Autumn, and all the girls are too jealous to admit the fact that you're truly better. I get it, you not having your parents around is just the same, but you're amazing with or without them. You're you. And to me, you're perfect. Now, lets go upstairs, we have some studying to do." He released me from the hug and wiped away my cold tears. I sighed multiple times, keeping my head low. Without words, Harry scooped me up, and took me upstairs. He sat me down on the bed, to retrieve our books. I unzipped my bag, just as he did, and we started on our homework.

Surprisingly, I finished by 9:30pm, so I watched Harry scribble all his notes down on his worksheets and such. Watching his eyebrows move up and down every time he looked from book to book, to copy questions down. As he opened his math book, he finally noticed me sprawled out on the bed watching him intently.

"Im guessing you like to watch me do my homework, since you've been watching me for the past half hour." Harry commented, opening his math textbook.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Whatcha workin' on babe?" I asked casually. He looked back up at me, his forehead wrinkles showing clearly.

"Yes, and actually, I need help. Math is my worst subject. Help me?" He asked, showing me the textbook, to see what he was working on.


"Oh! polynomials and such! I'm real good at this!" I exclaimed, taking the textbook out of his over sized hands. "Hey! I asked for help! Not for you to do it for me!!" Harry said, snatching the pencil from my hands. I giggled, and tried for it back. I leaped onto him, straddling him at the head of the bed.

"Give it." I demanded, trying to pry his hands out of it.

"I never thought I'd say this, but I'm not letting you simply do my homework for me." He replied cal my, smirking as I bent lower. I put my lips to his right ear, and I whispered, "Don't give it to me then. I just will have to keep my lips to myself then!"

I jumped off him, pulling my soffe shorts down lower, and I started for the door. Half way there, I heard the floor thump and sooner then later, Harry was at the doorway of my bedroom, smirking in a sexy, but silly way. I tried my hardest to keep my cool, and I failed miserably. I got up to Harry and started playing with his curls. I never made eye contact though. he watched me this time, just as intent as I was earlier. 

"Help? I asked you for help, don't leave." Harry commented, as I played with his curls, and juxtaposed them a few times for no apparent reason.

"Hmmm, okay!" I squealed, hopping onto the bed happily. Harry chuckled when I looked back at him, then we got straight to work.

~One hour later~


"So then if you solve it this or that way, you'll still get the same thing?" Harry asked, waiting for my approval. I nodded, smiling, checking the rest of his work. I was sat on Harry's lap, on my bed, checking his homework, making sure he understood everything completely. I came down to the last one, realizing that since this was the hardest, he probably wouldn't get it right. I put a strand of hair behind my ear and started checking his problem. He got it correct, and I smiled. I turned my head to meet Harry's gaze on me, and he smiled right back at me, knowing it was probably correct.

"Well?" he asked, waiting for me to respond.

"You got it right!" I squealed bouncing up and down on his laugh. Harry face palmed, laughing. Then I realized why.

"You must be a horny one, eh?" He commented, as I tried to keep my cool. I broke out into laughter, as well as him. I was clutching my stomach rolling around on the bed, when Harry came on top of me, straddling me at the end of the soft bed.


"I never received my kiss. Or my answer."

"I thought I told you it was right?" I replied, not paying much attention to the kiss I owed him.

"You never answered my other question."

"I'm pretty sure I checked them all." I replied, trying to get up and move towards the door. Though, right when I sat up, he slammed me right back down.

"You know what I mean, stop playing stupid. I'm the stupid one. And don't think you'll get away without giving me a kiss baby." My face burned bright red when he had called me baby. My stomach was doing flips, my heart raced, and I tried covering my face with my hands. I failed at my attempt, when Harry pinned my hands back near my head.

"No no no, I need to see your pretty face love." He lowered down, to kiss my lips, but at the last second, I turned away so he could kiss my cheek. I giggled as Harry shot up, confused. I hopped right out of the bed and screamed, "NO I AINT NO HORNAY GIRLLL. AND I DONT HAVE TO KISS YOU IF I DONT WANT TO." I stuck my tongue out and sprinted for the door. Harry was hot on my tail and I realized the door was unlocked. I bolted to the door, with just enough time to jump out. I slammed it behind me, taking a random rope from my old rope swing to tie it to the door. Harry failed at trying to open the door, and eventually he stopped trying. Just as I finished, I headed off for a tree in my very backyard. Harry slid out the back door right when I got to the highest point in the tree possible. I totally forgot how late it was! It wasn't too dark though because tonight had a very huge sunset, with many light colors shown in the autumn sky. Hehe, that's my name. Harry flicked on a random flashlight and searched for me, everywhere, except for up. As soon as he went into the front yard, I bolted for the house. I made it, locked all the doors, except for the first one. I waited at the back door, knowing he would be there. I waited and waited, for a while now. I got worried, so I walked to the window facing my yard and called Harry. He picked up on the first ring.

Harry: Hello.

He seemed a bit quieter then usual. Hmph.

Me: Hello Haz, you alright?

Right before I got an answer, a huge object pounced on me, making me hang up the phone and fall onto the carpeted floor.

"Ouch Harry!!" I screamed, standing up to straighten out. Harry stood up, smirking, making me understand, this was not over. Should I surrender, or fight? Fight.

Once again, I raced down the hall to the living room, and headed to the corner, where I had a good chance Harry wouldn't notice, and keep going forward. I bolted for the corner, and as soon as I arrived, I plopped down onto the floor, waiting for something to happen. Suddenly, Harry popped out of nowhere, and jumped right out scaring me more than ever before.

"AHH!!" I screamed, covering my eyes. I had nothing else to do, but surrender for he was now cornering me. I yelped, smiling, as he made his way toward me. He kept the same old smirk on his face, looking sexy and beautiful. 

"Surrender, or else..." He whispered, blocking me from getting anywhere. I looked up at him and half-smiled, saying, "I don't surrender, but I do give up." I stated plainly, standing up to try reaching his height. Keyword: TRIED. 

"Okay, give up, surrender, same thing." Harry commented, moving his hands to my hips. I blushed looking down, not knowing what to say or do, so I just stood there, staring at the ground, hands behind my back, while Harry attempted to stare into my blue orbs, which I did not allow because if I did, I would probably die right here, right now. Harry inched closer, second by second, without taking his eyes off of me, which made me feel insecure a bit because we both know he can do so much better than me. Eventually, he closed the gap between us, and pulled my chin up with one finger, saying, "Autumn, I'm gonna get that kiss, as much as I don't deserve you because you deserve better, I'm going to get that kiss. You've backed down. It's my turn to be in charge. And I'm going to love it." He made me keep eye contact with him, as he moved forward. I could literally not move. It just was not possible for me. His amazing green eyes glimmered, each centimeter he got closer, did not help the butterflies calm down in my stomach. I felt like hyperventilating would be good right now, though it would ruin his moment of 'becoming in charge'. I had to say, he was acting different than the cupcake Harry. Now he was being Sexy Harry, which I didn't mind cuz' well, it turned me on. Just the sight of him turns me on. How did I end up with one of the most attractive boyfriend, and attractive best friends? Suddenly, Harry let our lips move in sync as we got into the kiss. I threw my arms around his neck, pulling him in for more, and he squeezed my hips, knowing how ticklish I am. I smiled into the kiss as well as Harry, and well, it felt so good to be here in his grasp. After a bit of kissing, he slid his tongue near my mouth, I'm guessing waiting for his entrance. I blocked him, because I'm new to this, I don't wanna mess up. He pulled away softly.

"I forgot, we haven't used tongues before." He whispered, out of breath. I nodded turing my eyes to the floor, still in his tight grasp. He put his forehead to mind and whispered, "Well you may as learn now." He went back in for more, and lifted my legs up, to take me to my room. Why not the couch? He easily carried me to my room, as if he were carrying a feather, and he flexed his muscles, as I watched, knowing I would like it. He lay me down easily onto the bed, and straddled me, though he didn't put too much weight on me. We immediately started to kiss again, and as we got into it, he asked for entrance to the rest of my mouth. I smiled, slowly opening, and as soon as that happened, he explored my mouth. It was adorable, yet sexy. He seemed so desperate for this, so it was cute. I moved my arms to his big biceps, so I cold focus more on the kiss. That was the furthest we had gotten, not wanting to take it further, because we don't believe sex until marriage. Let's just say, this night sure was a memory to remember!




"Oh, and I will be paying," Harry commented, as we casually walked up to my room. I chuckled and said, "Believe in what you want. Now shoo!! I gotta shower, use the other bathroom, okay?"


Harry groaned and said, "I don't want to shower alone! Its bad enough that you make me wear clothes around the house!" I giggled, pushing him out of the room. I locked the door, and hopped into the shower. I always sing in the shower, and since Harry is probably in his shower, he won't hear me.

I began singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You" by Olivia Newton John, from Grease. The school play this year was obviously Grease. I got Sandy, and Marissa got Rizzo(though Marissa looks NOTHING like her). The directors got permission to put all the Grease soundtrack into the script, so I get to sing this lovely song.

I began:

Guess mine is not the first heart broken, 

my eyes are not the first to cry I'm not the first to know, 

there's just no gettin' over you 

I know I'm just a fool who's willing to sit around 

and wait for you 

But baby can't you see, there's nothin' else 

for me to do I'm hopelessly devoted to you 

But now there's nowhere to hide, 

since you pushed my love aside I'm out of my head, 

hopelessly devoted to you 

Hopelessly devoted to you, 

hopelessly devoted to you

My head is saying "fool, forget him", 

my heart is saying "don't let go" 

Hold on to the end, that's what I intend to do 

I'm hopelessly devoted to you 

But now there's nowhere to hide, 

since you pushed my love aside I'm not in my head, 

hopelessly devoted to you 

Hopelessly devoted to you,

hopelessly devoted to-" as I sang the rest, I had finished washing my body and hair thoroughly, and I peaked my head out, to reach for my toothbrush. As I looked out, I saw Harry! Sitting on the bathroom table, sitting the other way, finishing the song!

I screamed loudly, getting his attention. Hah, this reminded me of the movie Elf, where the guy was in the girls lockeroom, singing with the girl who was showering. Wait-- Autumn! Now is not the time!


"Babe, I showered, I was bored, so I picked the lock, and I've been singing with you ever since. I didn't peak, as much as I wanted to, I didn't. I promise. You trust me." He got up from the table and came closer, slowly. He kept going, "And besides, I'm in charge now, aren't I?" He stepped forward, more, until he was less than a foot away from the door. I clutched onto the door, my knuckles turning white, and my stomach becoming a pit. I stared in disbelief at everything. After everything that's happened between us. And he was going to throw it all away? This it the last boyfriend I'm EVER going to have. As he came forward, I noticed him carrying a towel. He put his hand out and said, "Love, I wasn't going to do anything, gosh, I was giving you the towel. What, did you think I would rape you fully clothed, in a shower?" I wearily took the towel. I kept my eyes on him at all times. He bent his head forward pecking my lips. He whispered, "But don't worry, one of these days, I'll be in there with you. In some time, just wait." He smirked, walking casually out. As he closed the door, he said, "Don't take long! I wanna spend time with you!"

As I recovered, I yelled back sarcastically, "Yeah, cuz we don't spend enough time together!" I laughed at my own joke, real sing how weird I really am. LOL. I hopped out of the shower, got dressed into long grey leggings, my white FREE HUGS sweatshirt, and wore my chestnut Ugg boots. I crimped my hair for no reason, brushed my teethes, did light makeup(to look presentable), I used deodorant, then headed to my room to retrieve my mobile, wallet, and beanie. I went downstair, to see Harry sprawled out on the couch. I chuckled =, startling him. He quickly turned the telly off, getting off his seat. 

"I thought you'd never come down!" 

"Well I'm here now, FULLY CLOTHED." I replied normally, with a hint of sarcasm. He motioned for me to sit on his lap on the couch. I did as I was told, and faced him.

"Now before the movies, I know what to do!" I exclaimed, thinking of a perfect idea! I ran to my kitchen, making two great lunches, putting them in a basket. Then I grabbed my jacket, and Harry, and went out back. I opened the doors and motioned for the surprised looking Harry to follow. I ran to my overly large treehouse. I climbed up, as well as Harry, who did as I command. I sat on one of the bean bag chair, closing the windows.

"Nice treehouse! Does it have lights and everything!?" He asked, plopping himself own next to me.

I casually replied, "Sure does! Even the AC and heater. I made this with a few nerds at school for a huge science project."

I opened the basket, taking the snacks out as Harry said, "NO WAY! No way you made this!! It's sick!" I chuckled, and gave Harry his juice box. I opened a secret drawer, and took a telly remote. "We can watch the telly in here today." I said, turning the telly to x factor auditions, that I recorded a day or two ago. We watched and ate, waiting for all the hilariously bad performances, to get told off by Simon. I loved Simon. He was always my favorite. Here and there, harry would sneak kisses from me, and once we finished, we played board games and stuff. After a while, Harry said, "We should play school!" He sounded like such a little boy! I chuckled, replying, "Alrighty!! I call being the teacher first!" And with that, we spent our day happily playing 'school'.









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Love you all lovelies!!



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