That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


18. Chapter 18

Autumn's POV


It's kind of a bit weird. The relationship. Nobody's been this caring in a while. I mean, besides Marissa, but this is different. Everywhere I went, I would be made fun of cuz of Harry and my relationship, but it never seemed to matter. I didn't take it into consideration to care. It was Friday, and I was sadly wearing my cheer uniform(because we have to for school). School just ended and I was meeting the boys to get some starbucks. I found Harry's amazing mess of curls by the school entrance, and soon, I saw the rest of the lads. I smiled brightly when he spotted me and I walked/ran over. I saw Liam, Zayn, and Lou smiling towards Harry, but then Niall? He was on his phone, clearly not one bit interested in this at all. Hmph. Not the first time since I started going out with Harry that this has happened. Niall hasn't talked to me since he accidentally spilled some water on me on Wednesday at lunch. Since then, he hasn't been very verbal. I even texted him, while Harry wasn't looking. Then I would delete the conversation, waiting for him to reply. I was very concerned.


~at Starbucks, in a booth~

Not much conversation went on today at starbucks. It wasn't very awkward, but it was just calm. Everyone had their own things to do. I checked the time and said, "Well coffee was great, but I best be heading to the school. We got a game com in' up! Thanks guys!"

"Thanks Autumn! We'll see you tonight!" exclaimed Liam, happy as ever. Oh right. They were all sleeping over my place. Yipppeeeeee! I kissed Harry's cheek, and saw Niall fake cough. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the store, and back to the school. I was sitting in the locker room. I am actually a half hour early. I just wanted to be alone, since I never get that anymore. Not that its a bad thing, but I do like my alone time too!

     I unlocked my phone and dialed my dads number. He answered on the last ring. Typical.

"Hello? Who's this?" He asked. Great, forgetting me already!

"Dad, it's your daughter. Autumn?" I replied, holding in my sadness once again.

"Oh sorry babe, got a new phone and contacts got deleted. Thanks though. So, do you have a game tonight? Oh and I should be home in a few weeks, but then I'm out for the next 6 months or so."

"Yeah one game tonight. Dad I got a question though. You know how I am in high school?"

"Yes of course, whats your point?" He asked, rushing me.

"Well, would you care if I had a boyfriend?" I closed my eyes, waiting for him to yell.

To my surprise, he responded, "Yea sure, do whatever. I gotta go babe, talk to ya later bye! Love ya!" He hung up. So he didn't really care did he? I shoved my phone in my bag and sat on the locker room bench, nearly in tears. Suddenly, I heard whimpering from the bathroom stalls. I hurried over and opened the stall that I thought the whimpers came from. I saw a girl, huddling over it, about to vomit. Gross!

"Are you okay Gertrude?!" I helped her up and she fell right down, just to vomit. She looked up at me shaking. I took her hand and said, "You'll be okay. Whats going on?" I questioned. She motioned to bring her to the bench I once was at. I sat her down and sat with her waiting for the response.

"Oh well, basically, I uh, well. Its hard to explain. I get bullied on my weight a lot, so I want to lose it-"

"No, don't tell me that Gertrude! You're absolutely fine. You're a flier for crying out loud!! You're popular, you're beautiful, you can get any guy-"

"Well besides Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne cuz you got them tied up, dontcha!?" she asked, snotty as ever.

I rolled my eyes, "First of all, no! Im only dating Harry, not the rest of them! Second, I was just trying to help you, the least you could do is at least be grateful!"

"How can I be grateful?!?!?!  I know I am beautiful, gosh Autumn! I just want to be better than all of you! And soon I will be, just watch your back! I've beat you up before, I'm NOT afraid to do it again!. I stood up for myself and raised my voice a bit. 

"Dont threaten me. Don't." I warned. "Oh yeah Marshall, whatcha goin' do? You didn't do anything before!" She stood up and push me down. I was laying on the tile, and she dead legged me(if its possible when you're on the ground, already hurt). She laughed and then said, "See ya at the game Marshall! Hate you!" I sat there, hurt once again, in the same spot as last time, when they hurt me. Ugh. I pulled my hurt body off the ground and looked in the mirror. Only one thing was different about me. The fresh bruise. From Gertrude. It hurt like hell. It was EXACTLY underneath my skirt. so I had to wear leggings tonight, even though I would've because of the coldness. I slipped the leggings on, and applied a bunch of makeup(cuz the girls make me). Once I looked fake enough, I scurried outside to find the girls. They all were there, and we practiced, until the game. 


~After the Game(leaving)~


"Good jobs girls! No practice tomorrow since it all went well! Go home and rest! Have a nice weekend!" Screamed Courtney, and we all left for home. I had forgotten the boys were supporting me, when Harry came running from behind. He had a huge smile on his face and said, "The boys are home early! Niall's feelin' a bit under the weather. Liam may go home with Niall and take care of him, so it's probably just you me, Zayn, and Lou!" 

I smiled back and said, "Aww, I'll miss my Nialler! We can still have fun though, right?"

"Well of course, but first, I want to take you somewhere." Harry said, brushing his hand across my arm, in search for my hand to hold. I allowed him to hold me hand, and he took me 'somewhere'. Eventually, he made me close my eyes, so I obeyed.

"Harry, if this doesn't result well, you're dead!" I exclaimed. Harry suddenly stopped and I walked right into him. 

"Oof!" I said, falling on my bum. I opened my eyes, and saw I was by the baseball fields for our school. Harry helped me up, and forced me into the dugout. He gestured for me to sit down, in which I was going to do anyway. Harry paced back and forth in front of me and he kept a dazzling smile on his face the whole time. While he did that, I was scared to speak, so I just watched him. He then randomly came up, and sat right next to me.

"I'm going to teach you how to kiss. I need your lips. I just can't hold in my feelings anymore! I just like you so much, and I need to teach you. Okay?" I nodded, and he placed me on his lap. I think it was called 'straddling' or something. I am not sure, but I went along with it, because I probably shouldn't fight back. He then said "Kiss me. I will guide you." I slowly, cautiously moved forward, keeping my eyes glued shut. The palm of my hands were sweaty and eventually my lips closed into his. He moved his lip in sync with mine and it actually was easy. He pulled away after a while, and I half smiled, waiting for my summary on how I did.

"Well it's weird. You told me, you've never kissed anyone. I guess you're a fast learner." He raise his eyebrows at me, and I replied, "Guess so!" I got off his lap, and stood up, brushing off 'fake dust' from my shoulders.

"I'm just too good, aren't I?" I asked, purposely sounding cocky about it. Out of nowhere, Harry then challenged, "Then come here if you're so good. Wouldn't you want more then?" I raised my eyebrows and smirked.

"Well Harry, we do have all night, and I kinda want to go see the lads... So..."


"Oh I see how it is then! You just don't love me anymore!!" He fake pouted, and ran out of the dugout. I followed behind, chuckling. He stood in the cold air 'pouting'. I finally made my move. I walked up to him, removed his hands from his beautiful face, and smashed my lips onto his. When I finally pulled away, I smiled.

"Now we can go to the lads and have our sleepover love. Thanks." He said. 



~1:00am sleepover~


"GUYS GET UP HERE NOW!" I yelled, making sure they'd hear me. I was wide awake because of the scary movie, they all MADE me watch. Never. Again. Ever. The three musketeers came to the bottom of the steps. I exclaimed, 'GUYS! I AM FLIPPING. I AM SCAREDDD. HE'S GONNA GET ME." Lou and Zayn gave Harry the look to go and comfort me, since he is my boyfriend. He lazily walked up the stairs and over to my door, where I was. I then pulled Harry inside. He actually seems a bit mad, and cranky. I shut the door, and pulled him to my bed. He quickly layed down and made room for me in his arms.Wow, as cranky as he is, he still loves me! I hopped right in, and turned the lamp light out. It was very dark. Too dark, it made me shiver several times, and every time I shivered, Harry calmed me down by either kissing my hair, or holding me tighter. I think he finally fell asleep, so I rose from his grasp, and bent down to kiss him. I let my lips stay connected to his for a while and it felt so good. Eventually, he woke, putting his arms around my waist and he soon, without words, layed me down on my back on the mattress. He stared me down in my pajama shorts and tank. He bent lower, on top of me and kissed me. 

"Will you ever go to sleep, or kiss me all night?" He asked, playing with my hair. I then said, "If you want me to stop kissing you, -"


"No no no, don't stop. I love it." He cut me off. He made a tight grasp on my body, and I turned to put my face in his chest. And, that's when I realized he had not a shirt on. I felt his abs, exploring his perfected upper body, even his four nipples were perfection. 

"Do you like what you feel?" He questioned, knowing that I knew he was smirking down at me. I nodded and he kissed my head one last time before saying, "It's time to sleep. You're going to be exhausted in the mourn."

I was drifting off into a sleep, after a while, and then I heard Harry whisper one last thing.


"I love you Autumn Marshall."

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