That One Cheerleader

You'd think that someone who has had a crazy past would sometime in their life become normal again? We'll just have to see about that, especially when Autumn meets a new Irish boy, only to later on make her meet the boy of her dreams. What'll happen if Niall likes the girl? Who gets her? I guess you'll just have to read to find out what happens in Autumn's love life, and maybe even discover the sad, terrible past of hers as well!

Will there be a way to make Autumn feel complete again?


15. Chapter 15

Harry's POV


I hummed a sweet love song in my head, as I searched for a mug in the kitchen. It was about 10am, and I woke up, due to wanting tea. I found the tea, but I need a mug. I finally found the right cupboard and I chose an evergreen mug. I made my tea and sipped it, making sure it wasn't too hot to drink. Right as I walked out, I remembered that I should probably make some for Autumn, since it would only be fair since it was her house I was staying at anyway. I remained in the kitchen to make her some delicious tea and when I finished, I made my way to the couch we both fell asleep at last night.  I put our cups down on a coaster and sat down next to her, and watched her sleep. I caressed her cheek and watched her beautiful face rest in a deep sleep. She was beautiful. I saw her nose flinch and I brought myself out of my thoughts of beautiful Autumn. Geez Harry! What, do I have a crush on Autumn or something? I mean, she's great, but-- yeah lets face it, you gotta crushhhh. My mind spoke to me as if it were my best friend. I blinked a few times, getting my thoughts distracted by my actions. I sipped my tea and as I put it down, I heard shuffling coming from behind me on the couch. I looked back and saw Autumn had changed positions, so she was now facing away from me. What about me watching her beautiful face. I'll be able to see it if I wake her up! Wellno, that would be mean. I'll just gently move her around! I grabbed her waist and slowly, cautiously moved her body back around. I think I was successful. Someone's a deep sleeper!! 

"Ha-Harry?" she sat up rubbing her eyes, to get a better look at me. She gasped when she saw me sitting above her looking down a her. She then asked, "W-why did you you move me? Were you trying to-"


"No No, I would never do anything to you I promise! You just looked uncomfortable!" I lied, smiling slightly to get her to believe me. If only she knew how much I liked her. Not because of her looks, but because of how natural and normal she was around me. She wasn't fake at all, she was only herself. I wish I'd known more people like her. I really look up to her as a role model, even though I am taller and bigger than her.


Autumn's POV


"No NO, I would never do anything to you I promise! You just looked uncomfortable!" exclaimed Harry smiling. I looked down into my hands and pleaded, "Alright I believe you, don't worry bout it. I a, going to go get ready for school. Looks like you've already gotten ready, I'll be down soon." He nodded, keeping his smiling gaze towards me, even when I was climbing the stairs, to my room. Honestly, when Harry said he moved me to physically feel better I felt sad. I mean, it's quite obvious I have developed a crush on him, he's my first. I wish maybe he had moved me to get a better look at me, but really? Nobody would ever do that right?1 They'd be crazy to ever think I was beautiful! Especially in the morning. 

Anywho! I hopped in the shower for my special 'Wednesday Morning' shower. I scrubbed my body because well Harry being right next to you all night, on one couch, well lets just say, I'm not used to waking up to the smell of cologne rubbed off on my body. I finished my shower, brushed my fangs(teeth), did a bit of makeup, and got dressed. I wore some dark skinny jeans, with my jack wills sweatshirt, because Harry was also wearing one. I put on my uggs as well. I decided to also wear my mum's wedding ring. Occasionally, I would wear it for no apparent reason. I slipped it onto my right hand and I snatched my backpack. I ran to get my delicious pizza for lunch. I packed some for Harry and I, and put that in my bag. I found Harry waiting by the door. 

'How did you know I was done?" I asked, breathlessly opening the door.

"Well, it's obvious you're almost done, when you hear thumps coming down the stairs and into the kitchen. He replied smirking. He put his foot on the door, to hold it open for the both of us. I mumbled a nice thank you, and we were on our way. Harry and I both walked because it's obvious too late for the bus, and we cannot drive yet. It was a nice walk though, and plus Harry admitted something to me, that I won't ever forget.

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