Stole My Heart

What happens to Tory who just turned 18 and ends up sleeping with Liam after the party? How does her brother Louis act? When and if he does accept the two of them how long does it take them to realize they are the ones for each other?


3. Chapters 8 - 10


Chapter 8

Tory’s POV

I went to bed really late, after cleaning everything up. I haven’t been on twitter in a while; I wonder what’s going on. I logged onto twitter to see ‘Happy Birthday Tory Tomlinson’ trending. The boys had started the whole thing, of course.

Niall – “Everyone go and wish @Tory_Tomlinson a happy 18th birthday. #HappyBirthdayToryTomlinson - Just spent the day with her and the boys! xx”

Harry – “#HappyBirthdayToryTomlinson – lets get this trending and go wish @Tory_Tomlinson a happy birthday. xx”

Zayn – “@Tory_Tomlinson looked so pretty last night, #HappyBirthdayToryTomlinson. Trend this please xx:)”

Liam – “#HappyBirthdayToryTomlinson, had a great time with you last night and today. @Tory_Tomlinson we hope to see you at rehearsuls”

Louis – “#HappyBirthdayToryTomlinson! Happy birthday baby sister! I love you @Tory_Tomlinson you are so old.”

I was so happy; I had so many mentions. Twitter was going crazy!

I tweeted the boys back one by one.

“Thank you so much @NiallOfficial. I had an amazing time with you all! ;) xx”

“Thanks @Harry_Styles. It is trending and it’s amazing :) xx”

“Aww, @zaynmalik you are so sweet, you didn’t look so bad last night either! Haha xx :)”

“@Liam_ Payne_FF I had a great time last night and today too! I might come to some if I can xx :) you need to work on your spelling! Badly.”

“Thanks so much @Louis_Tomlinson. I can really feel the brotherly love. Haha I love you too xx :p ;)”

Everyone was wishing me a happy birthday, I couldn’t reply to everyone.

“Thank you so much to everyone sending me birthday wishes, I wish I could reply to them all. I appreciate it. Thanks for the TT. Great birthday present from you all! xx”

After a long day I wanted to just get in the shower and go to bed. I was going down stairs to get my phone and a drink. I got a text from Louis saying: Don’t forget to eat something. Get some rest and we’ll se you tomorrow. I replied to him: Ugh, fine I was just getting something to drink and my phone and then go to sleep. I’m not really hungry dad. Wait, what are we doing tomorrow? Sometimes he could be a pain in the neck, but he just really cares I guess.

Louis’s POV

“She should not be skipping meals. She needs to eat just incase. I don’t want anything happening to her. She could get really weak and faint and no one is there to help her.” I said, only Liam understood the rest of the boys were confused. I was pacing around the apartment.

“Don’t worry mate, she will be fine. Why are you so worried anyway?” Harry asked, Niall and Zayn both agreed.

“It’s a long story. Tory should tell you if anything. Why don’t you ask her tomorrow? I am tired I am gonna get some rest and I will see you later lads.” Liam said.

We all said goodnight to Liam. As he walked away I said, “You should ask her tomorrow. I’m also going to go to sleep. You all should too, we need the rest.”

“Yeah, lets go. Mates I will see you tomorrow.” Zayn said.

I texted Tory back quickly: I am going to get some sleep, so are the rest of the boys. I will see you tomorrow at rehearsals. You are coming; you don’t have a choice. Good night Tor. She replied a couple minutes later: What if I don’t want to go? I might want to have a lazy day. Stay off my feet; I don’t know yet. You are kidding me right? You are coming; you will get to see Liam ;) I know you want to. Also make sure you wear something that reveals nothing so he can focus. She didn’t reply back, but she did tweet.

“@Louis_Tomlinson is such an older brother - it’s annoying. He needs to realize I’m not 4 years old. I am 18 but I love him and the boys.”

She must be annoyed with me but who cares!

Tory’s POV

After tweeting about my brother I decided it was time to go to sleep.

“Good night everyone :) thanks again everyone for the birthday wishes xx”


Chapter 9

Tory’s POV

I woke up at around 10:30 in the morning and I had 5 texts. I had one from each boy... wait 6. I now I had one from Kialey also. The one from Louis said: Good morning! Hope you are up rehearsals start at 11:00. Eat breakfast also please :). The one from Harry said: When you come to rehearsals will you possibly tell Niall, Zayn and I what you told the others? They asked us to ask you if you would tell us. Niall texted me: Hey, good morning. You wouldn’t mind getting some food would you? Haha sorry I didn’t get to eat and we have to hit the gym. Zayn’s said: Hope you can make it. We are all looking forward to seeing you :). Liam’s said: Hey gorgeous, good morning. We will see you today won’t we? Hope you had fun on the London Eye. I have a surprise for you ;). Kialey’s said: Good morning lazy, I tried to VC with you last night but you didn’t answer. Hope you had fun. Do you want to hang today? I had to reply to them all but I also needed to get breakfast because Louis said so.

Message Sent – Okay, Lou I will eat breakfast and I might be a little late. Good morning :) xx.

Message Sent – Sure I will. I will tell you after rehearsals. You want to get some lunch after? All three of you guys? xx

Message Sent – Sure, I need breakfast too and I’m too lazy to cook :) xx.

Message Sent – I am coming, can’t wait to see you all also!

Message Sent – Um, what is the surprise? I am not a big fan of them at all. I did have a lot of fun :) xx.

Message Sent – I can’t Kay; I need to go to the boy’s rehearsals. Sorry I had a busy day yesterday and I had to clean. I will see you soon though.

Right after I sent Kay the text she called me and started yelling at me. I had to tell her to stop yelling because I just woke up. I got changed into this: I was so tired and a little bit weak in the legs. I went to my car and drove to the store. I must have spent over fifty dollars on food for the boys and I. well it was 11:00 so I better get to the arena. I got to the arena and the security guard let me in. The boys were practicing vocal exercises. They all stopped when Niall jumped down from the stage and ran towards me for food. He really did love his food.

“You think I got you enough Niall? Its not all for you, you need to share with all of us.” I said.

Niall looked at me with a sad face. Then said, “you are kidding me right? I asked you to bring me food. Not all of us.” He was joking.

“Sorry Niall, maybe I will stop being nice. You’re lucky I got you anything.”

“Thank you so much Tory, I love you. I was just joking”

I smiled at him; the rest of the boys came over and gave me a hug. After a half an hour of eating they had to get back to rehearsing. They rehearsed for three hours because Louis kept joking around. Liam finally lost patience and told the boys to focus. He must have had somewhere to be, could that be part of my surprise? I got a text from him a couple minutes after they finished. They all went to get water; Harry threw Louis a bottle of water as he sat next to me.

“Hey, were we good?” he asked.

“Yeah, they were good. You could have used some practice. You irritated Liam a little bit. You should try to be a little more professional Lou.”

“Look who is talking?”

“What is that supposed to mean?”


“Didn’t think so… go dry off you sweaty pig.”

I read the text from Liam after Louis left. It said: At 6:30 meet me at the London Eye. Don’t tell Louis, you can if you want to I guess.

Message Sent – Okay, I am going to lunch with Niall, Harry and Zayn to tell them what I told you and Louis. Is it a date? Is it fancy, what should I wear?

You have one message from Liam – It’s in the middle. I guess it is a date then. Good luck, have fun at lunch.

Message Sent – Okay :) xx

“Ready to go to lunch Tory?” Zayn asked.

“Yes I am. Am I driving?” I asked the three of them.

“You don’t have to, but we are taking your car.” Niall said.

“I’m gonna tell Louis and Liam we are leaving. I will meet you at the car.” Harry said.

When we were leaving the arena there were a lot of paparazzi in the way. They were screaming to get our attention, asking stupid questions. At lunch I told them what happened and they had the same reaction as the other two — petrified.

“Oh Tory, I am so sorry. “ Niall said.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it.” I said.

“You had Louis scared last night, he doesn’t like the idea of you living alone. Before we all went to bed he was rambling on how you might faint and no one would know.” Harry said.

“What a big brother.” I joked.

“Tell us about it.” Zayn said joking also.

We left the restaurant after a good hour or so. I dropped the boys off at their apartments and headed back to my apartment. I stopped at Starbucks to get some coffee; I was very tired. I got a couple of drinks just to have at home. I went back to my apartment and started to get ready by taking a shower. After I decided to go on tumblr and twitter for a short while. There were pictures of the boys and I at lunch. I was getting hate from their fans for hanging out with my friends and my brother’s band members. Okay, they have a dedicated group of fans. I think they are more dedicated then Justin Bieber’s fans which says a lot. It was five o’clock and I still hadn’t picked my outfit out and put make up on. It also took 15 – 20 minutes to get there. I got a text from Louis. Do you want to get some dinner? Harry, Niall and Zayn are getting Nandos – of course :). You want? I replied to him: Can’t, have plans. It’s a surprise apparently. He texted back: With Liam? He said he was going somewhere tonight. Yeah, I got to get ready. :) Talk to you soon. I replied. He knew, was I supposed to tell him I was going with Liam? Oh well.


Chapter 10

Tory's POV

I got dressed in this: My eyes were lined with black eyeliner and mascara. I was excited for our date. Even if Louis didn’t approve of us, that wouldn’t change my feelings for Liam. I have had a crush on him since the moment I looked into his eyes. I have always wanted to go on a date with him and it’s finally happening. It is 6:15; I think I better leave now. I checked my makeup and hair quickly; locked the door and grabbed my keys. Kialey was in the elevator when I got there she looked at me surprised.

“I was just coming over to hang out with you. You are going somewhere with the boys or a boy.” She said a bit upset.

“Yeah, I’ve got a date with Liam.” I replied.

“Good for you, hope you have fun. You’ve wanted this for so long and it’s finally happening.”

“I know.” I said as I left the elevator with her and we headed to our cars. “Kay, tomorrow night? Pajama party? Only you and me like old times.”

“Yes, definitely. Go online after and we will talk.” She said happily.

I arrived at the London Eye at 6:29. Perfect. I saw Liam waiting online for the London Eye. I wonder why he was taking me on it again?

I walked up to him and said, “Hey, why are we going on this again?”

“There is something I wanted to do while we were on it last time; but I didn’t get to. You look gorgeous, I don’t think there is ever a time you don’t.” He said smiling.

“Thank you. You are really sweet.” I said as we got on.

He put his arms around my waist as we looked at the beautiful London sky at night. It was magnificent; especially when he told me this was what he wanted to do. When the ride stopped, he grabbed my hand and took me to my car. I walked over to the drivers seat.

“What do you think you are doing Tory? I am not telling you where we are going. I will walk you over to the passenger side, silly goose.”

“Oh, sorry. I am so used to driving and why won’t you tell me? I am not good with surprises.”

“I can see that Tor.” 

I think I might have asked him where we were going a couple hundred times. He threatened to shut my mouth with tape, he was joking of course.

“We are here Tory. I am glad, you didn’t understand that I wasn’t going to tell you.”

“Yay, finally. Sorry I am not good with surprises at all if you couldn’t tell.”

“I could.” He said smiling.

There was a tree house set up, not just any old tree house. It was amazing it was so bright and had more than one floor. We had dinner and we looked at the stars. It was a full moon and the sky was just breath taking. I had never seen anything so beautiful.

“This is one of the best dates ever Liam. Thank you so much.” After I finished saying that he leaned over and kissed me again. But this time Louis didn’t barge in, that was nice. “Sorry, this is the best date ever.”

“Glad to know because it’s not done quite yet.”

Liam’s POV

I knew she meant that this was the best date ever. She never took anything for granted anymore. She thought that was all I had planned, I am not stopping there. This night was going perfectly. I grabbed her hand and helped her up.

“Where are we going now?” She asked.

“Oh, no. Don’t start with me.” I looked at her when I said this and she blushed a little bit. “You are so cute when you blush. We are going to get dessert and that is all I am telling you.”

“That’s enough information for me.” She said with a smile.

I drove to this amazing restaurant that had the most brilliant desserts ever. It recently opened and was always packed. It was so modern; it had a little waterfall with fish. It had pretty lights that were different colors and there was one table that was the most amazing. I made the reservation last night. If I didn’t she wouldn’t have the full experience. The table was a clear plastic that changed colors and had clear bubble chairs. She loved bubble chairs so that was a plus.

“Oh wow, bubble chairs. Look at that table. Liam you really know how to set up a date.”

“Thank you. Now Tory, are you ready for the best dessert you have ever tasted?”

“Um, I don’t know. I guess so.” She said unsurely.

After she finished, the deserts came. There was a Mango Raspberry Mousse, which was her favorite. Louis told me that she loved it and he said that theirs was the best in London. They also brought out some Key Lime Pie, which was my favorite. Her smile lit up my world. After dessert I drove back to the London Eye. I was so nervous, she was out of my league the fact that she said yes to this date made me so happy.

“Tory.” I paused.

“Yes Liam.” She commented while I paused.

“Will you be my girlfriend? I have liked you since the day we met. I can never get you out of my mind. When you said yes to this date I was overwhelmed with joy.” That took a lot of courage for me because I wasn’t so great with girls. I hadn’t even realized that everyone was staring and that paparazzi came. Before she could answer I continued with, “Sorry for putting you on the spot. I didn’t notice the people and paparazzi.”

“It’s okay Liam.” She joked. She still didn’t answer. “Yes, yes I will. I have liked you ever since the day we met also. I never thought anything would happen because you are so out of my league.”

“Are you kidding me Tory? That’s funny because I thought you were out of mine.”

I picked her up off the ground and spun her around once then kissed her. She was so light; she weighed less than I lift. We said our goodbyes for the night and we kissed a couple more times. At around 10:30 we headed our own ways. I was kind of scared to go to my apartment. Right before she left she told me that she told Louis that we were going on a date. When I got to my apartment, Louis was there. This was not going to be good.

Tory’s POV

That was definitely the best five hours or so of my life. I changed into pajamas and went on my computer. I got a video chat request from Kay. She asked me to tell her all that happened, so I did. I went on twitter to just see what was going on. Louis had tweeted before I left for my date; right after I told him it was with Liam.

“Don’t forget to realize what is going on. Never underestimate family and friends. Feelings form and they might change relationships.” It was obvious he was talking about Liam and I. Liam tweeted a half an hour after our date finished.

“An amazing night. I love hanging out with friends. They make me really happy.” I was so happy; I knew it was about me. I knew that he wanted to put something different than friends. Everyone was confused but I knew what Liam and Louis were talking about. Harry, Zayn and Niall all tweeted.

“Friends and family solve all of your problems and music too.” Harry tweeted.

“@Harry_Styles you are wrong. Not only those three, food too.” Niall tweeted.

“Enjoy your life with food, music, family and friends. @NiallOfficial, @Harry_Styles. The combination of all of them.”

I also decided to tweet a little also.

“Never take anything for granted. Whatever comes your way came to you for a reason.”

It was like 12:15 so I decided to go to bed. I brushed my teeth and got a drink. I turned my computer off and plugged my phone in. I wanted to sleep in late tomorrow, not do anything productive. I decided to text Kay and tell her to come over whenever tomorrow to have two days of doing nothing.

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