Stole My Heart

What happens to Tory who just turned 18 and ends up sleeping with Liam after the party? How does her brother Louis act? When and if he does accept the two of them how long does it take them to realize they are the ones for each other?


17. Chapters 71 - 76


Chapter 70

Tory’s POV

Two and a Half Months Later

I hauled myself up off the sofa, in order to make myself a salad before Liam would burst through the door and insist on doing it for me. He is very protective; it has reached a point where I couldn’t even make a salad without him interfering but I would just use the excuse that the baby was hungry and couldn’t wait. He had been kicking me all day; I would talk to him so much. I would tell him how special he was and how much everyone loved him already, I told him all about Liam. I told him how he was lucky to have the best daddy in the world, he knew my voice, and it was sweet. A few sudden pains made their way through my lower abdomen, as I kept myself busy in the kitchen. It wasn’t anything major and it didn’t make me feel like I needed to cling onto anything, they faded quickly. Liam was with the boys talking about the songs for their new album. I was still really hungry and food seemed more important.

“Hello beautiful.” Liam whispered into my ear, his arms wrapping around me as far as they could, gently resting on my bump. I jumped a little under his touch, his voice and presence taking me by surprise; I didn’t even hear him walk in. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Well you did.” I said slapping his shoulder as I spun around in his arms. My bump created quite the distance between us.

“How is my little boy, are you going to come out and meet your daddy?” he cooed, as his hand rubbed my bump. We both couldn’t wait any longer; we couldn’t wait to hold him.

“He is being stubborn, I just want him out.” I moaned placing me head on his chest and he stroked my hair.

“He’ll be here soon baby.” He assured me and kissed the top of my head.

I grabbed my lunch and went back to the couch.

“I’m going to miss being able to sleep in late and relax but I really want to be a mother.”

Liam came and sat next to me, his feet resting on the table along with mine, our feet immaturely hitting each other’s every so often. Suddenly the pain from earlier returned only with a little more force, it was hard not to acknowledge it. I sucked in a sharp breath and palmed at my bump.

“Babe, are you okay?” Liam asked leaning forward to place his plate on the table.

There was a part of me that wanted to reassure him, let him know I was fine. What if while he went back to the studio I went into labor, I couldn’t do this without him.

“I’m not sure.” I said with my hand still on my stomach. “I think I might be in labor.”

“Like now?” Liam asked jumping up.

“Yeah.” I panted as I felt another contraction start up.

“Are you sure?” he asked, his voice sounding slightly calmer.

“Yes, I’m sure.” I cried out getting irritated at his constant questioning.

He tried to calm me as he pulled me off the couch, telling me to take deep breaths.

“Liam please just take me to the hospital.” I breathed heavily.

He ran upstairs to get the bag out of our room. I wasn’t exactly sure whether this was the real thing or not, I hope it was.

Liam’s POV

Tory and I had been at the hospital now for a little over two and half hours, turns out it was the real thing. I had texted Harry, who is the first one out of the boys in my contacts and told him to tell the boys that she was in labor and that we are in the hospital. Tory was now three centimeters apart with the contraction coming around every five minutes. I was a nervous wreck, not going to lie. I just don’t like seeing Tory in pain and I knew it would only get worse then it was at the moment, still Tory kept reassuring me that she was okay. A midwife came into the room around half an hour ago; she introduced herself to us as Nicole and told us she would be here for us throughout this process, she asked Tory if she was still up for doing all of this naturally, to which she gave a most certain yes. I wanted her to feel hardly any pain, I was desperate for her to take something, I didn’t want her to suffer, and I didn’t want to see myself see her suffer either. 

“Should I walk around?” Tory asked. Nicole had recommended it to speed up the labor, as tory was already getting annoyed with how long it was taking.

“Yeah sure, can you though?” I asked unsure due to the amount of machines that were attached to her.

“Yeah I can just ask them to detach me for a while. Liam I can’t sit here all day, I will go crazy.” She was getting irritable and annoyed; I was trying my hardest to care to her ever need. I needed to stay on the right side of her, for both of our sakes.

“Do you want me to get someone?” I asked, she looked up at me and I saw a look of fear in her eyes.

“No, I don’t want you to leave me.”

“I thought you said you wanted to walk for a bit.”

“I’m fine Liam, it can wait. I just don’t want you leaving me.” She napped gripping my hand as the needle on the machine measuring her contractions began to move up and down. Her grip was tight; I didn’t think she was strong enough to for such a strong grip. I had a feeling that this was just the beginning of the bone crushing hand squeezes I would be enduring. “Ow, ow, ow.”

“Breathe through it Tor.” I tried to encourage her. “It’s okay, you’re doing well.” I assured her as my thumb gently stroked the back of her hand.


Chapter 71

Tory’s POV

The hours were passing extremely slowly, I was snapping at everything Liam said to me, my patience with everyone and everything was wearing pretty thin. I wanted this all to be over, the contractions intensified and were now three minutes apart. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry because of all the pain. I blame it on the walk Liam and I took around the hospital, things seemed to speed up after that. All though I hated every second I knew it meant it was getting closer to meeting my baby boy. That’s what kept me going through every contraction; I just shut my eyes and pictured him. His adorable little feature and how much I wanted to hold him, I knew that all the pain would be worth it, I just had to keep reminding myself that.

“Mind if I see how you are progressing?” Nicole asked as she came into the room holding a clipboard containing my notes. I nodded, shuffling up a bit and preparing myself for her to check over me. “You’re seven centimeters, thing are looking good. I’d give it another few hours and then it will be time to push.” She sounded excited but I was terrified.

“He’s okay though?” This was my main concern. I had made it this far; I couldn’t stand the thought of something going wrong at this stage. I had to keep checking for my own piece of mind more than anything.

“Tory, your baby is absolutely fine, you are both very healthy.” She assured me rubbing my shoulder. “Now do you want anything for the pain? If not, then it will become to late.” I caught Liam giving me a look telling me to, but I refused. 

“No, I’m okay. I want to do this naturally.”

“Okay then, try and get some sleep you are going to need all of your energy later on.” She said as she left and right when the door closed another contraction struck and it was stronger than any of the others.

“Shit. Liam.” I cried out reaching for his hand, as the pain seem to be worsening.

“You can do it babe, deep breaths.” I wasn’t following Liam’s instructions, the whole deep breath shit wasn’t working for me, and I felt moaning out loudly necessary. “Tor, please just take something, it might help.”

“Liam, just fuck off.” I growled at him. “If you don’t like my decision then fuck off I can do it on my own.”

My jaw clenched as I gritted my teeth together, squeezing on Liam’s hand as hard as I could. I think my little outburst shocked him because he didn’t say anything else. I was terrified of him acting upon what I had just said and leaving me, I couldn’t do this on my own, and we both knew that.

“Ow! Liam!” I grabbed on to his wrist as another contraction hit me, they were now two and half minutes apart. "I didn’t mean what I said before please don’t leave me” I rambled, panting away as I tried to get it over with. Liam allowed me to squeeze his hand as hard as I wanted to, I wasn’t doing it as hard as I could have done, I was saving him that pain for when I had to push a baby out of me.

“Try and get some sleep.” Liam told me one I had relaxed from the contraction.

“Will you…” I started.

“Yes, I’ll still be here when you wake up, I’m not going anywhere. I promise baby.”

I gently shut my eyes feeling his lips gently press against the back of my hand. It had been around ten minutes, and I was just about to nod off, before Liam’s touch startled me a little. I didn’t want him to know I was awake so I kept my eyes closed.

“I can’t wait to meet you Nathan; it’s going to be so soon, you’re going to be so handsome. I know it’s hard, but try not to hurt mommy too much, okay? Daddy doesn’t like seeing her pain.” he spoke as his hand was gently placed upon my bump. I loved him so much.

I woke up an hour ago after sleeping for a whole hour and I was pretty amazed. Liam said I would stir slightly with every contraction but other than that, I had been fast sleep. I wish I was still asleep now, I was in agony they just didn’t seem to be stopping.

“Tory, it’s time to push.” Nicole exclaimed as she finished checking over me for the last time.

Liam’s POV

Tory, its time to push” Nicole exclaimed as she had finished checking over Tory. Tory’s head quickly turned to face me, a look of sheer panic and fright in her eyes; she looked exhausted already, despite her sleep. I didn’t know if she had the energy.

“Liam” she whined reaching out and holding my hand. “I’m so scared” that emotional crack in her voice making my heartbreak, I wanted to do something for her so badly but I simply couldn’t.

“It’s going be okay Tor, I’m right here, it’s all going to be fine” I assured her pushing her hair back into a ponytail.

“Okay Tory, with the next contraction, I’m going to need you to push as hard as you can for me, okay?” Tory just slowly nodded her head, in too much pain to even speak. I suddenly heard her suck in a sharp breath, she threw her head forward, her eyes remaining tightly closed as she bit down hard onto her bottom lip so hard I thought she may break the skin. “And again Tory, deep breath and push.” she was instructed once more, groaning slightly she repeated the process again and then once more before her head hit the pillow.

“You’re doing great baby, he’s going to be here so soon” I could feel myself getting emotional as I spoke those words, in a matter of moments I would have a little boy, something that I had longed for and wanted for months. “I love you so much” I whispered to Tory, it was clear she was crying the small stream of tears rolling down her cheek. “Hey, it’s okay, it’s going to be over soon” my thumb moved across her cheek wiping them away.

“I’m just happy Liam.” She smiled weakly at me, sniffling a little. She was truly amazing. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Tory shouted pushing down again, as if it resembled the grip she had on my hand she was pushing extremely hard. “It hurts Liam, it hurts so much.”

“I know it does babe, I know but it’s going to be over soon.”

“I can’t do it.”

“You can, you’ve gotten this far already, just a little longer.”

“Tory, I can see the head a few more really big pushes” Nicole told us over Tory’s cries.

“Come on Tor, he’s coming. He is almost here.”

A few more minutes later Tory collapsed against the pillows and I watched in disbelief as this tiny little person emerged from Tory, that tiny little person being my son.                          

“You have a baby boy!” Nicole told us, confirming what we knew.

My lips parted in shock as he was placed straight up onto Tory’s chest, she immediately burst into tears as his small cry pierced through the room. Our hands were still locked around each other’s as Tory gently stroked his cheek. He was soon taken away from us in order to get weighed and cleaned up, I was trying so hard not to cry, although I’m pretty sure Tory could see the tears forming in my eyes.

“You did it babe, he is finally here.” I gasped kissing her lips.

“What’s he like?” Tory asked she hadn’t been able to get a proper look at him because he was lying on her chest.

“He’s perfect baby, he’s really is.” The whole thing seemed like a massive blur in my mind, but one thing I did know that he was the most perfect little thing I had ever laid my eyes on.


Chapter 72

Tory’s POV

I couldn’t believe he was here, my tiny baby boy. As soon as he was placed on my chest, I fell in love with him instantly; my arms were now aching to hold him. I could still hear his cries as he was being cleaned and weighed, it assured me he was okay, until he was in my arms I don’t think I would completely believe that.

“I’m so proud of you” Liam spoke pulling me into his chest, placing a kiss on the top of my head. “You were amazing, do you know that? So amazing.” He sounded so proud me, I was proud of myself.

“Liam, you are a dad.” I was an emotional wreck he was finally a dad, he wanted this moment more than anything. It wasn’t something I ever thought would happen until now.  He would be incredible, I knew that much. I watched intently as Nicole took Nathan in her arms and began to carry him over to us, I couldn’t see him properly yet, he was all snuggly and wrapped up in a tiny blue blanket, he looked so tiny. Nicole leaned forward and placed him into my arms. 

“Your baby boy, he’s perfectly healthy and weighs 6lb 7oz” she told us all smiley. I took a sobbing breath as I tried my hardest to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. I muttered a quick thank you to Nicole before she left the room, leaving Liam and I alone with our baby. I allowed my gaze to flicker down, I was well and truly mesmerized he was adorable, he was so small, I couldn’t quite comprehend that he was mine and that he was finally here in my arms after all of these months. He was a healthy baby, I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. Liam perched himself on the bed next to us, his arm draped around my shoulders as he started down at Nathan his eyes glazed over with tears, I knew he would do the manly thing and not cry, he would probably do it either alone or when he and Niall were having one of their heart to hearts. He had opened his mouth to speak a couple of times but nothing seemed to come out, I think he was a little speechless.

Liam’s POV

I gave Tory and Nathan a kiss and left the room, wanting to let Jay know she was now a grandmother, she was going to be so happy. I stood outside the door for a few moments trying to keep all of my emotions in tack at least until I got outside anyway. I made my way down the corridors of the maternity ward, seeing a few babies along the way, I always thought babies were cute but right now I didn’t care, they were nothing in comparison to my baby Nathan, he was incredible. I made my way outside, the warm summer air hitting me despite it being dark outside, I made my way over to a few benches and perched myself on one of them, ready to call Jay.

“Hello handsome” I whispered down to him as tears poured from my eyes.

It was honestly like a miniature Liam that I was looking down upon. “I’m going to text Louis and let the boys know that they can come in.”

“Okay.” Tory responded.

Within five minutes all of the boys and Eleanor were in the room. Louis came over to us and smiled as he looked at our boy. The other boys congratulated Tory and I. Eleanor started crying right as she saw him.

“What is his name?” Jay asked as she walked in the door.

Tory started to cry as she saw her mom walk in. I walked over to Tory and held her hand as we exchanged glances and smiled.

“His name is Nathan.” She said.

“Nathan Matthew.” I continued.

“No way, after granddad?” Louis said.

“You don’t remember me saying that my fist son’s middle name was going to be that when he passed away.”

“I do. I’m so proud of you.” Louis said giving her a hug.

“Do you like it mom?”

“Tory and Liam, that is an amazing choice. I think it fits him perfectly.”

“He is like a mini Liam.” Eleanor said to Louis.

“That is exactly what I thought.” She said with a smile.

“What?” I asked.

“That he looks like a mini you.”

Everyone left after an hour, they all held him for a little. Nathan looked like this, Tory’s mom was going to stay with us for a few days, until we got the hang of everything.

“Do you mind if I get some sleep?” Tory asked through a yawn, she was very clearly tired, I didn’t blame her, giving birth didn’t look like the easiest thing in the world. 

“Of course not, we’ll be fine won’t we Nathan.” Nathan did nothing but continue to stare at me, taking in every bit of me just like I was to him.

I was totally baffled by him and couldn’t get my head around the fact that I had made him; he was a massive part of me and would be forever. I never really believed in the word perfect until I laid eyes on him, he was just off the scale. I heard Tory shuffle in bed her back now facing the both of us, I knew she would be out like a light tonight she was exhausted. A tiny little yawn escaped Nathan, causing his nose and eyes to scrunch up in the process and his little arms stretch out, making me ‘awww’ out loud, he was beautiful in every sense of the word, he was truly beautiful.

“I’ve wanted you for so long.” I told him as I gently stroked my finger across his cheek it was adorable watching his eyes as they slowly began to close.

It was true; I meant every single word of what I was saying I hope he knew that. His breathing turned heavy and I knew he was fast asleep, it was so cute watching his little chest rise and fall as he breathed; just watching him breathe amazed me. I gently placed him down in the plastic cot across the room, letting my hand gently slip away from his head. I made sure he was tucked in properly; I didn’t want him to get cold. I had a feeling that I wouldn’t get much sleep tonight, if any at all, I just wanted to stare at him, I didn’t want to miss a single thing he did. 

Tory’s POV

I woke up from my sleep, my body aching from the odd position I had curled myself up in.  I let a loud yawn escape my lips as I stretched out my whole body as I gradually began to come round. I moved slightly in the hospital bed, it wasn’t the comfiest thing I’ve ever slept on, it was nothing compared to my own bed. But, it was okay, it didn’t matter anyway, I would be able to go home some time later on today. The harsh sunlight that managed to poke its way through the blinds stung my eyes and alerted me that it was morning, shit, what time was it? How long had I slept for? I rolled over completely, my eyes meeting the most adorable sight I had ever seen. Liam stood by the window with his back to me; the only thing I could see was Nathan handsome face as it was placed on Liam’s shoulder. He was talking to him muttering something, which I couldn’t quite make out. Nathan was wide-awake; if Liam was trying to get him to sleep he wasn’t having any of it. I groaned and made quite a noise as I pushed myself up in bed; all in attempt to let Liam know I was awake. I just sat there for a while staring at the two of them together, I didn’t want to disturb their little moment. 

“Ah, mommy’s awake Nathan” he exclaimed as he now lay in his arms. I outstretched my arms letting him know that I wanted him; I wanted to hold him and give him a good morning cuddle. 

“Mommy wants a cuddle Nathan” I smiled as Liam gently placed him in my arms. “How long have I been asleep?” I asked uncertain of the time, I already figured given that it was light that I had slept far longer than I intended to. 

“Well its half past eight” he smiled, pausing to glance down at his watch.

God! I had slept for around eleven hours; I didn’t even know I could sleep for that long. Liam looked so tired, I could tell that Nathan hadn’t really slept all that much, I felt a slight pain of guilt for making him do it all on his own, especially when he wasn’t a hundred percent sure and a little nervous.

“How was he, was he okay”? I asked him referring to Nathan to who at the moment seemed incredibly content just lying there in my arms staring at everything in sight. Liam yawned in response, the yawn being in context, telling me everything. 

“He didn’t sleep much, he cried a lot but daddy soon made it all better didn’t he?” he cooed down at Nathan. I felt bad that I had slept through his loud cries.

“Liam, you should have just woken me up?” 

“No, it was fine, some nurse came into help me. I gave him a bottle and everything.” he beamed proudly his eyes were still fixed on Nathan, I didn’t blame him, he was adorable. I still don’t think that for either of us the fact he was now ours had sunk in. 

“Aw, Liam.” I gushed, reaching out for his hand; his eyes finally left Nathan for a few moments before meeting with mine. “I love you so much” 

“I love you too and you” he smiled kissing the both of us. “He’s asleep Tor, how the hell did you manage that?” he laughed lightly as I looked down to now see Nathan fast asleep in my arms.

“Mother’s touch, I guess.” I smiled sweetly. Liam yawned again rubbing at his eyes. “Liam, if you want to sleep, you can you know” I didn’t want him to feel like he had to stay awake for our sake, there was nothing worse than suffering with a lack of sleep and it was clear that he hadn’t had any at all. 

“No, its fine, I’ll survive on coffee."


Chapter 73

Tory’s POV

Six Years later

“Liam, please make sure Nathan is dressed and ready for school.”  I called from upstairs.

We had moved out of the apartment and into a house just outside London. I was wearing this,

“Got it babe, do you need anything for Kendall from downstairs?” Liam asked.

“I’m okay, I’m coming down now.”

“Good morning mommy.” Nathan said giving me a kiss.

“Good morning sweetie.” I said in response.

“Liam, can you please feed Kendall while I get the door.”

“Sure baby.” He said giving me a kiss as he took Kendall from me.

Nathan is now six and Kendall is four. Her full name is Kendall Ashley, she looks like this I opened the door to find my mom, she told me that Louis and Eleanor just chose a date for their wedding. Luckily it was Thursday so the weekend was soon.

We went into the kitchen and I told Liam about Louis and Eleanor’s wedding date choice.

“Nathan, please come down with your school bag so we can go.” I said loudly.

“I am going to take them.” My mom said.


“You and Liam are going to go on a short vacation.”

“Mom, we can’t.”

“Why not?” Liam asked sounding like a deprived child.

“We have two kids.”

“You are going. Pack them some clothes that will last until Tuesday. I have some toys just pack their favorite animals that they sleep with and drop it off at my house.”

“Fine, where are we going?”

“To the beach house.”

“Thank you mom.” I said giving her a hug.

“Your welcome sweetheart.”

“Thank you mom.” Liam said as she hugged him.

“Stay safe, I think you should let her calm down before getting her pregnant again.” My mom joked.

“I’m not going through that again.”

“That’s what you said after Nathan was born.”

“Nathan and Kendall come say goodbye to mom and dad, they are going on a small vacation.” My mom said.

“Bye mommy.” Nathan said as I gave him a hug and a kiss.

“Bye Nathan, be good for grandma, you too Kendall.”

“Bye mommy.” She said giving me a hug after hugging Liam.

“Okay let’s go, don’t forget to drop their bags off.”

After we closed the door and they left Liam picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him. He carried me upstairs as we went to pack for the kids and us. We were still young; we just had to grow up faster because we had children that depended on us. I had lost all the weight from being pregnant and was back to being how I used to be before I had Nathan but a little more normal. I missed being able to wear everything; Liam wanted me to keep some extra weight but I wasn’t having any of it stay on. When we had everything packed we put it in the car and drove to my mom’s house. She had moved so she was only twenty minutes away from us. I had a key to her house so I put them in the kitchen and left them a note.

         Dear Nathan, Kendall and Grandma,

      We hope you have a good time with grandma, be good. We will be back on Tuesday. Teach grandma what happens every Friday night. We will miss you and we love you. Make sure to have them be on time for school mom unlike I was :). Thank you so much for every thing mom it means a lot. Make sure she packs you lunch every day and do your homework Nathan! (Mom, he just needs to write in his journal what he had for dinner and if anything new happens.) We will see you on Tuesday; if you need anything please call either of us.  

            Love Mommy and Daddy.

After we stopped for some food for the house we were only five minutes away. We had been driving for six hours because we had to stop for me to go to the bathroom every hour or so. Also because Liam was hungry and we both needed some coffee. There was also some traffic most of the way. Liam and I couldn’t wait to get away; we never went on a honeymoon so this was ours in a way. It was just about six years late but better than never. There is a strip of houses that look the same and ours is the fourth one. The beach house looks like this,

“When did you guys get this?”

“My mom had rented it when she and my dad got a divorce. She fell in love with it and bought it and we’d all come up here every chance we got.”

“I’m sorry babe.”

“Don’t worry about.” He knew that the divorce still got to me even though it happened about fifteen years ago.

“I haven’t seen you in a bikini in so long, I can’t wait.” He said changing the subject.

“Thanks, I guess.” I said giving him a kiss as we put the bags down and went to look outside. “Liam, it’s your birthday on Sunday. I almost forgot, sorry babe.”

 “It’s okay. I asked your mom to take the kids so we could have some ‘us time’. She knew that it was my birthday so she said yes.”

“Can you believe that you are going to be twenty five?” I said shocked.

“Yeah time flies.” We kissed a couple of times. “Lets get changed, the water looks amazing.”

He made some drinks while I changed into this,


Chapter 74

Tory’s POV

We went in the water, it was warm and clear. It was so sunny outside; it was probably around ninety degrees or something. We stayed in the water for about an hour until I wanted to lie down and tan. He also wanted to get out but he went for a walk up and down the beach. He came back an hour later and sat on top of me and gave me a kiss to wake me up. It was around noon so we went inside to have lunch, While we were eating there was a knock at the door.

“Who could that be?” Liam asked.

“I don’t know.” I said as I got up. 

“Hello, I saw that someone was home so I came over.”

“How are you?” I asked giving her a hug.

“I am good, you? You have grown up so much.”

“I’m great, thank you.”

“How old are you now?”

“I’m twenty four.”

“Are you married? Do you have kids?”

“Yeah I am for almost seven years and two kids.”

“Babe, who’s there.” Liam called out as he walked to the door.

“This is Mrs. Fields, she has lived here ever since the first time I was here.”

“Hi, I’m Liam. It’s nice to meet you.”

“You must be her husband. You got a real keeper here.”

“I know she’s amazing in everyway too.”

“Thanks babe.”

“How old are the kids?”

“Nathan is six and Kendall is four. My mom is babysitting them until Tuesday night.”

“Got it, well I said hello so I am going to go.”

“Bye Mrs. Fields.” I said as she was leaving.

 When we closed the door Liam picked me up and kissed me. He carried me outside piggyback style and we watched the waves crash on the shore. I sat on his lap while we were outside, every now and then he would kiss me.

“What are you thinking about babe?” He asked as he played with my hair.

“Nathan and Kendall, I miss them. It’s the first time I am away from them for more than one night.”

“I know babe, I miss them too.”

“How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Be away from them for more than a couple of days?”

“And you but I just think that everything I do is for them and I need to do what I need to so we have everything we need to be safe and well fed. It’s one of the harder parts of the job but the more I’m away the more I want to do better so you know that I’m not doing nothing while I’m gone.”

I gave him a kiss and then rested my head on his chest as we continued to sit on the beach until we heard the door open. We both got up and went to see who was here, Liam wanted me to stay behind but I didn’t.

“Louis?” I asked.

“Tory?” He replied confused.

“What are you doing here?”

“We came for the weekend.”

“Oh, mom told us to come out here for Liam’s birthday and to just relax.”

“That’s why you didn’t want anything done for your birthday?” Louis said.

“Yeah.” Liam answered.

“We’ll leave then.” Eleanor said.

“You don’t have to, I mean like we are practically all family.” Liam said,

“Liam.” I said so only he could hear.

“Sure, thanks. Is that okay with you Tory?” Louis asked.

“Yeah.” I said with a fake smile. “There are left overs from lunch you two can have.”

Liam and I went back outside, I hit him on the shoulder when we got some where they could no longer see us.

“What was that for?”

“This was supposed to be ‘us time’, not us, Louis and Eleanor time.”

“Babe, why is it bothering you?”

“I wanted to be with you.” I said giving him a kiss.

“We don’t necessarily have to do anything with each other.”

“Fine, you owe me though.”

“I promise baby.” He said then kissed me.

We decided to go back in the water again; later on Eleanor and Louis joined us. I got out to get something to drink for Liam and I. I didn’t go back in the water; I lied down next to Eleanor.

“Tory are we okay?” She asked cautiously.

“Yeah, why?”

“I don’t see or talk to you much anymore.”

“Eleanor, I have two kids plus Liam hasn’t been home much recently. During the day, I am cleaning up around the house or food shopping. I’ve just been extremely busy and Liam not being around to help makes it ten times harder.”

“You could always ask for help, it’s not a bad thing.”

“I don’t need help, I’ve been doing it for a while now. Also Liam not being around affects me more than Nathan and Kendall. They just know that he either is coming home late, the next day or later on in the week.”

“You make having kids seem like a bad thing.”

“It’s not at all. Having Nathan and Kendall were two of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Parenting is just tiring but exhilarating.”

“Got it, sorry for asking. I should have known that you were busy.”

“Don’t worry about, I think I needed to get it off my chest and say it.”

“Hey babe, I’m going to go in.” Liam said before planting kiss on my cheek.

“I’ll come, I need to shower.” I said getting up. “Do you want me to make dinner?

“Sure, Louis and Eleanor are going out so we have the place to ourselves for a couple of hours.”

I took a shower and then cooked this for dinner, I also changed into this, We ate on the porch that looks out onto the water.


Chapter 75

Liam’s POV

“It’s delicious babe.”

“Thank you.” She said giving me a kiss.

“Is everything with you and Eleanor okay?” I asked carefully.

“Um, yeah I think. She just doesn’t see me anymore and wanted to know if our friendship was okay, that’s what she said.”

“What was your answer?”

“I told her that I have two kids and when they are in school I either clean or food shop.”

“Anything else?” I asked and she took a huge breath. “Tory what is it?”

“No, no Liam it’s not like that. I said that you haven’t been home a lot and it’s hard.”

“I know I’m sorry baby.”

“Liam I knew when I started dating you that you wouldn’t be there all the time and that I’d have to get through the long days because it just means I am one day closer to seeing you.”

“But during those long days you haven’t slept with anybody else.”

“Never, Liam why are you bringing this up? Did you?”

“No, there is a picture with someone else walking in town, getting coffee and shopping.”



“Yes, he was in town and asked to see the kids, I told him that they were at school. So he asked me how you were and I told him that you were good, excited for the Brits. Then he asked me if I was and I said yes but no.”

“Why no?”

“I didn’t have anything to wear so he offered to help me find a dress. I was having so much trouble finding one so I took him up on the offer because he’d be able to give me an opinion.”

“Did you find one?”


“Will I like it?”

“Unless what you like on me has changed then no.”

“It hasn’t.”

“Then you’ll like it.” 

“Yes.” I said then kissed her.

We still had about an hour or two until Louis and Eleanor got back. The Brits were in February but time was going by so quickly. She changed into this, We decided to watch ‘The Avengers’ on her computer. I have wanted to see it for so long but couldn’t because the boys and I have been recording our eighth album. She was sitting in between my legs with the computer on her lap, I was watching from over her shoulder. I couldn’t really focus on the movie, even though we’ve been together for almost eight years I still am amazed by how beautiful she is and how she is mine.

“You are beautiful.” I whispered into her ear.

I started to kiss her ear then neck and then her shoulder.

“Liam, I thought we were watching the movie.”

I didn’t say anything but I reached over and closed the computer and then flipped her over so I was on top.

“If I had to choose between watching a movie and doing anything with you I’d always choose the second one.”

“Thanks but Louis and Eleanor are probably on their way here now.”

“So we need to be quick.”

After twenty minutes we heard Eleanor and Louis talking so we quickly went under the covers.

“You know we did everything backwards.” She said.

“What do you mean?”

“I got pregnant at eighteen, then you proposed and then we got married, now we are in our early/ mid twenties and we are trying not to get pregnant.”

“What does that have to do with anything babe?”

“Nothing, I’m just saying most people are trying to get pregnant when they are our age and not when they are eighteen.”

“Do you regret your decision?”

“No not at all. I don’t know how different my life would be and my life is perfect.”

“Why is your life perfect?” I asked pushing a piece of hair behind her ear.

“I have you.” She said getting on top of me then kissing me. “And we have two amazing kids who I love so much.”

“Oh wow, me too.” I joked.

We picked up from where we left off when we heard Louis and Eleanor come in. We heard a knock at the door so we pretended that we were asleep.

“They are sleeping, we can just leave it for them for tomorrow.” Louis said to Eleanor and then closed the door quietly.

“That would have been awkward if he didn’t knock.” I said.

“We are family and I think he understands that we have sex I mean we do have kids.”

“Would you ever want another one?”

“Yeah, I think I would but I’d rather be able to fit into the dress I picked out for the Brits.”


We decided to watch the rest of the movie and then we watched the Sound of Music because that was the only other movie we could find in the room.


Chapter 76

Liam’s POV

Back Home

“Nathan, do you want to help Kendall and I wake up mom?” I asked as I was giving Kendall a piggyback ride.

“Yes, don’t you and mom have somewhere to go tonight?” Nathan asked as he walked into the kitchen,

“Yeah, we are going to an award show for my work.”

“Is mommy going to be all dressed up?” Kendall asked.


“So she’s going to look like a princess?”

“Exactly except more like a queen because you are the princess.”

“Will I get to see her before you leave?”

“Yes, she and aunt Eleanor are going to get ready together. You can ask her if you could help her.”

We walked upstairs, Kendall was still on my back and Nathan was holding a cup of tea. Kendall quietly got off of my back as we got into the room and after I had put down the tray. They climbed into the bed next to Tory and tried to wake her up gently. When she finally woke up she grabbed Nathan and started to cuddle him then she did the same to Kendall. I lay down next to Kendall who was next to Nathan; the kids were in between us,

“Good morning babe.” I said as I placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Good morning, excited for the brits?” She asked.

“So you remembered I have an award show but you didn’t remember we were getting married that day when we woke up?”

“I guess so.” She answered with a laugh.

“What do you mean?” Nathan asked.

“On the day of mommy and I were getting married I asked her what day it was and all she said was Saturday. I had to ask her if there was anything else happening on that day and then she remembered. It was just a joke.”

“Oh, okay.” He said.

“Nathan, do you want to come with me so mommy can get ready or stay here?”

“I want to go with you so I can see uncle Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn.”

“Okay.” I said then got up and walked to the door with him. “Babe, I’ll text your mom and tell her that he’s coming with me. Please try not to be late, love you two.” I said and then closed the door ¾ of the way.

“She’s going to be late.” Nathan said.

“I know.”

Tory’s POV

After the boys left Kendall and I went downstairs to eat breakfast. As we were finishing the doorbell rang and Kendall ran to it knowing it was Eleanor. She wasn’t tall enough to it so she started jumping up and down impatiently calling ‘mommy’ repeatedly.

“Kendall, I’m coming. Calm down please.” I said as I opened the door.

“Eleanor!” She cheered.

“Hi gorgeous, how is my favorite little girl?”

“I’m good. Daddy told me mommy is going to look like a princess, are you going to look like one also?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Hey Eleanor.” I said giving her a hug.

“We have some time so how about we let mommy take a shower and we can play Barbie’s?”


“You have a little over an hour since I already showered. Take your time and relax, too bad Liam’s not here still.”

“Shut up and thank you.” I said giving her another hug. “Be good Kendall.”

After multiple hours of getting ready we were almost done. We only had to put our dresses on and then wait for the boys to pick us up. I even did Kendall’s hair like she demanded and put a dress on her. We heard the boys call us so we slipped on our shoes and Kendall raced down the stairs.

“Careful Kendall.” I said calling after her.

I was wearing this, Eleanor was wearing this, My mom was also waiting with Louis, Liam and Nathan at the bottom of the stairs. It felt like prom, everyone staring at you and you’re wearing a long dress along with heels. Your make up and hair has been perfected and your family and date are waiting for you.  

“Daddy, doesn’t mommy look like a princess?”

“Yes she does, did you help her get ready?” I asked.


“Well thank you for helping Kendall.”

I finally got down the stairs and went over to Liam who now had Kendall on his hip and Nathan was talking to Harry.

“You look amazing babe.” Liam said giving me a kiss.

“Thank you.”

“Late but amazing,”

“You kids better go, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

We went to the Brits and what a shocker it was that One Direction won all of the awards they were nominated for. The only thing I could hope for was an amazing life with my husband and kids along with success for my family.





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