Stole My Heart

What happens to Tory who just turned 18 and ends up sleeping with Liam after the party? How does her brother Louis act? When and if he does accept the two of them how long does it take them to realize they are the ones for each other?


14. Chapters 57 - 61


Chapter 57

Liam’s POV

I’m glad I could make Tory so happy, she made me extremely happy and I’m guessing it was a mutual feeling. I watched her and Eleanor talk about it until I felt something crash into me.

“Hey Niall, thanks for helping.”

“It went well?”

“Perfect in her words.”

“Congrats mate.”

“What is going on?” Harry asked confused.

“Yes what happened?” Louis asked.

“Well I, um, proposed to your sister.”

“You are both only eighteen.” He said.

Before I could respond Tory and Eleanor walked over, probably not a good idea.

“Well congratulations Tory.” Louis said quite rudely.

“Louis don’t go all diva queen on her, she is so happy and you aren’t going to ruin that.” Eleanor replied quickly.

“Do mom and dad know?”

“Mom helped Liam make breakfast, I don’t know about dad.” Tory said as she walked over and put her hand around my arm and leaned her head on my shoulder.

“Liam does our dad know?”

“Yes he does.”

“Well enough of this inquisition. How did it all go down?” Zayn asked changing the subject.

“I’m actually not quite sure to tell you the truth.”

“What does that mean?” Harry asked.

“I was asleep, so Liam what did happen.”

I explained how I slipped the ring on her finger while she was asleep. I woke her up gently; I paused because this part was a bit awkward to say in front of Louis, by kissing her neck. I told her I made her breakfast and that she should go change because we were going on a date. When she was in her closet she had called me because she noticed it. I told them how I didn’t answer and then she came out of the closet and I was on one knee. I asked her to marry me and she couldn’t form any words so she just nodded.

“Too cute.” Eleanor said crying.

“Are you really crying?” Tory asked.

“You were.” I said to her.

“It’s different it actually happened to me.”

“Well we should get to the studio.” Niall said.

“Tory, I’m sorry. I’m happy for you but you are growing up to fast. Did you even tell mom?”

“Yes I did in the car on the way here and it’s a part of life Louis. When you have a kid of your own they are going to grow up and you will have to accept it.” Tory said seriously.

To lighten the mood I told Tory to jump on my back, I gave her a piggyback ride to the car. When I put her down she kissed me and it was extremely obvious and Louis was quite close. 

“Someone is happy.” I joked, of course she was.

“I love you Liam, thank you so much.”

“I love you too.”

We got into the car and headed toward the studio.

“Liam, can we get married before the baby comes?” She asked.

“Tell me the date, time and place and I’m there. Whenever you want to is when it will be.”

“Thank you.”

When we got to the studio Ed Sheeran was there, he was going to write with us.

“Liam and Tory are engaged!” Harry announced to Ed and everyone else who didn’t know.

“Congratulations you two!” Ed said giving Tory then I a hug.

Paul and all the rest of our security congratulated us and they even went out while we recorded parts of a song to get a cake.

“Liam, I am going to go to the apartment and change into something more comfortable.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” I asked.

“It’s okay, I’ll be back in about twenty minutes.”

“Okay, can you please take Eleanor along with you.”

“Liam, I’ll be fine.”

“I know you will but please for me.”

“Okay.” She said.

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I kissed her a couple of times until she finally said that she should go and I agreed. I kissed her for the last time and then she got Eleanor and left.


Chapter 58

Tory’s POV

I changed into this, Then I went to the fridge to get something to eat and drink.

“Eleanor would you like something to eat?” I offered as she came into the kitchen.

“Sure, thank you.”

I texted Liam telling him that I was making us lunch and that we’d be longer than twenty minutes. He replied saying, thanks for telling me babe, see you then. I miss you already :) We had pizza ordered in, we saved you two some but I’ll tell Niall he can eat it. See you when you get here! I made this for us,

“Ready?” I asked as I got up to put some of the dishes in the sink.

“Yeah, when are you due?”


“Aww, you are carrying a baby Tomlinson.”

“I guess so.”

“Who else knows?” she asked as we walked to the car.

“My mom and Liam.”

We went back to the recording studio. Right when we got in Eleanor ran up to Liam, luckily Louis was recording at the moment,

“Congratulations!” She said giving him a hug.

“Thanks again.” He said confused.

“Not about that.”

“Then what?”

“Tory’s reason she can’t drink real lemonade.”

“Oh. Thanks.” He said to her then turned to face me. “You told her?”

“No, my mom did.”

“I thought we were keeping it a secret.”

“I know but it’s Eleanor.” I said before kissing him.

I continued to kiss him because he was still a little mad that she knew before him. After he finally got over it we went to the couch and cuddled while Harry and Ed where goofing around. It was quite entertaining to watch.

Two Months Later

Liam’s POV

Tory’s baby bump was coming along very nicely we went to the doctors two months ago and everything was fine. We had one in a couple of hours and we were going to be able to find out if it was a boy or girl. The boys had an interview today, they still didn’t know that Tory was pregnant; I told them I had to go get some shots that were mandatory. When Tory and I would cuddle my hands would rest on her stomach.

“Good morning beautiful.”


“We have the doctors today, we have to leave in less than an hour.”

“I don’t want to go. I don’t want to get up.” She whined.

“Babe, you have to. I want to find out if we’re having a boy or girl.”

“Give me half an hour to sleep.” “Babe.”

“Twenty minutes.”


She has had some mood swings and weird food cravings. She was eating quite a lot thought. Louis hadn’t really suspected anything, which was good. I had learned how to make omelets over the past week so I made us some full of vegetables. After I went back up stairs to wake her up.

“Babe, get up.”

“Five minutes.”

“I already gave you an extra five to the twenty. Tory come on get up, if you don’t get up I’m going to leave you here to go on your own and I’ll go to the interview with the boys.”

“You can go, I don’t care. I’ve been to the doctor before, are you sure you even want to come? You don’t have to and it doesn’t sound like you want to.”

“Of course I do, I want to know what my first child is going to be.”

“I’m sorry Liam.” Tory said sitting up.

“It’s okay baby, I know you don’t mean it.”

I’ve come to realize during her pregnancy that most of the time the things she says she doesn’t mean. She gets stressed out and annoyed very quickly so every week she spends less and less time with the boys. She spends a lot of time with Eleanor while we are in the studio or at interviews. When we had to go to places that we’d be there for a couple of days she and Eleanor would stay together. I’m not really sure if Louis thinks she is pregnant or not. She has started to plan our wedding, which adds to the stress, but she enjoys planning it. She changed into this,

“I’m almost ready I just need to eat. Did you eat already?” She asked as she came down the stairs.

“I had some cereal while you were sleeping a little longer.”

“Okay, I’m just going to eat quickly then.”

“I’ll get it for you, what do you want?”

“It’s okay, I can get it.”

“You shouldn’t be on your feet for too long.”

“Liam, I’m fine. I can make myself breakfast.”

Tory’s POV

I ate breakfast and then we left to go to the doctors. I am so excited but nervous at the same time to find out the gender. Liam and I talked about the few parts of the wedding that I had already finished. After fifteen minutes we got to the doctors. We had a little less than ten minutes until our appointment after we checked in.

 “Ms. Tomlinson, we are ready for you.” A nurse said.

Liam and I got up and walked hand in hand to the room the nurse had led the way to.

“Thank you.” Liam said.

“The doctor will be right with you. Ms. Tomlinson you may take a seat.” The nurse said then left.


Chapter 59

Liam’s POV

“Hello Tory nice to see you.” The doctor said as she came into the room and Tory smiled. “You must be Liam, I am Dr. Brooks.”

“Hi nice to meet you too.” I responded.

“Okay, Tory, if you could lay back on the bed for me, that’d be great.”

Tory sat back and lifted her top just under her bra and lowered her leggings. She grabbed a hold of my hand as we both watched the blue gel put onto her stomach. The probe was placed on top and Dr. Brooks started moving it around. Suddenly a loud heartbeat began to echo throughout the room and Tory and I just smiled at each other.

“There is your baby.” Dr. Brooks grinned while turning the screen around to face us; I was in complete awe.

I could see Tory looking up at me through the corner of my eye with a huge smile on her face but I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen.

“Would you two like to know what you are having?”

“Yes.” Tory said almost immediately.

“Yes.” I agreed.

“Okay well,” she paused. “You are having a boy!”

“Liam.” Before Tory could say anything else she started crying.

“Would you like the pictures?”

“Yes please.” I said to the doctor. “Right Tory?”

She couldn’t form any words so she just nodded. The doctor left and then came back in with the pictures. Tory was still crying while we left and most of the way home. She stared at them the entire time and then she put them in her wallet.

“You okay baby?” I asked.

“Yes, Liam we are having a boy.”

“I know I’m so excited.”

“Can we stop at Louis and Harry’s?”

“I don’t know if they are there or not though.”

“They are, Eleanor texted me earlier saying that they were going there after the interview.”

“Okay then.”

I headed towards all of the boys and my apartments and the entire time Tory couldn’t stop smiling.

“Can we tell them?” Tory asked as I parked.

“Do you want to?”

“Yeah, I want to tell Eleanor first what we are having and then I’m going to tell her we are going to tell the boys and she can hold Louis down.” Tory joked.

“Then we will. I love you Tory Tomlinson.”

“I love you too.” She said before we leaned in and kissed.

We both got out of the car and headed up to Louis’ apartment; before we knocked on the door we looked at each other and took a breath. Zayn opened the door and let us in, we went in and Tory went right over to Eleanor. All of the other boys were sitting on the couch watching TV.

Tory’s POV

“Eleanor, I need to tell you something. Come with me.” I said.

“Careful Tory, don’t run to much.” Liam said.

“What is it that you are so happy about?”

“We are having a boy.”

“No way. Wow that’s amazing.” Eleanor said after she screamed.

“And we are also going to tell the boys now so I need you to tell the other boys to hold Louis down just incase.”

“Got it.”

We went back into the room and Eleanor told Harry, Niall and Zayn to hold Louis down.

“Mates, Tory and I have some news we want to tell you.”

Liam and I looked at each other, and then Liam put his hand on my back.

“I’m five months pregnant.” I said smiling.

“And we are having a boy.” Liam added.

“What? Tory! Liam! Oh my god, what the hell.” Louis burst out and tried getting out of the boys grips.

“Louis calm down.” Eleanor said,

“Calm down? He got her pregnant. Liam, she is only eighteen.”

“Louis, I could have gotten an abortion while you were all in America and pretended like this never happened, but I didn’t want to. Even if Liam didn’t want any part in it I would have kept it, mom and I went to the doctors to make sure I actually was.”

“Why though?” Louis asked after he calmed down.

“Because I was so glad to have something I need to stay strong for, someone that needs me to take care of them when they cry or get hurt. I wanted to be someone’s mother. I wanted something to call mine, I wanted a kid.”

“Congratulations Tory.” Louis said getting up to hug me. “And you too Liam.” He said then giving Liam one.

The other boys congratulated Liam and I as well and then we left. We went back to the car and then I got a text from Louis, you, mom and I are all going out for dinner tonight. We need some family time. I texted him saying, got it, sorry I should have told you earlier. When we got to the apartment we sat down and watched some TV.


Chapter 60

Liam’s POV

Tory and I cuddled on the couch watching TV for a few hours or so. I could only think about two things, how lucky I am to have an amazing fiancé and that we are having a boy in about four months. Tory started to shuffle around and groaned a little.

“Liam, can we get something to eat? I am too lazy to cook.” She said sitting up.

“Sure, I can go to the restaurant down the block and get some lunch for us if you want.” I said sitting up as well. “What do you want?” I asked handing her the menu.

“Avocado fennel salad without peppers with ranch on the side please.”

“Okay, do you want me to get you some mac and cheese also?”

“Yes please. Theirs is so good, I forgot about that.”

“Got it, I’ll call.” I said getting up and walking over to the phone in the kitchen.

“In fifteen minutes I’ll leave to get it.” I said walking back over to Tory after ordering.

“Okay.” She said giving me a kiss as I sat down.

I went to go get the food and then came back. When I got in Tory was walking around, cleaning and making some drinks for us.

“Tory, please sit down. I don’t want you to be on your feet too much.” I said closing the door.

“Liam I am fine.” She said sitting down at the counter. “I forgot to tell you my mom, Louis and I are going out for dinner tonight so you should make plans with the other boys and include Eleanor, see if she wants to hang out with you guys.” She said before she started to eat.

We ate and then went to Tory’s room so she could get some sleep; while she was asleep I talked to our baby.

Tory’s POV

“I can’t wait to hold you and watch you grow up to be the amazing boy you will be.” Liam said to my stomach. “Good afternoon baby.” He said as I sat up.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“About five and a half hours. Your dinner is at seven, you should shower and get ready soon.”

“Got it, thanks babe.”

I went to the bathroom to take a shower. As I was walking to my room I felt something in my stomach.

“Ah.” I said.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Liam asked rushing up to me.

“Nothing, I felt him kick for the first time. Here feel.” I said putting Liam’s hand where I had felt the kick.

“Wow, that’s amazing. You scared me though.”

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to.” I said giving him a kiss. “He caught me a little off guard.”

“Please don’t hurt mommy, I don’t like it when she is hurt.” Liam said to my bump.

“Babe, it didn’t hurt.”

“Okay but still.” He said giving me a kiss.

We walked into my room and he sat down on the bed and watched TV while I got ready for dinner. I did my make up, Then I got changed into this, I sat down next to Liam on the bed and he played with my hair. We heard the doorbell ring so we went downstairs.

“Tory, should you be wearing those shoes? Why don’t you put on shoes that are comfortable?”

“They are very comfortable actually. Would you prefer me to wear heels?”

“No, and you look absolutely gorgeous.”

We opened the door and it was Louis and my mom.

“Hey Tory, you ready?” Louis asked.

“Yes, let me get my phone then we can leave.”

“How are you Liam?” My mom asked.

“I am terrific and you?”


“Okay, I’m ready.” I said as I walked back over to everyone. “Bye baby, I’ll be back soon.” I said giving Liam a kiss.

“I’ll be here. Oh and Niall and Zayn are coming over so I’ll have dinner with them.”

I nodded then closed the door behind me. The car ride was quiet and fast; the radio was on but not loudly. We were seated almost immediately, we ordered before starting the conversation I knew we’d be having.

Jay’s POV (mom)

“Tory how was the doctor?” I asked.

“It was great, emotional but great.” She said.

“Why don’t you tell mom what you are having?” Louis added.

“You know what you are having?”

“Yeah, a boy.”

“That’s great. Do you have pictures of my grandson?” I said extremely excited.

“Yeah, here.” She said handing them to me.

“Why didn’t you show them to us at my apartment?”

“I left them in the car with my wallet.”

We ate dinner and then we dropped Tory off at her apartment.

“Good night Tory.” Louis said as she got out of the car.

“Good night Lou.”

“Bye baby girl, if you ever need anything just call.” I said giving her a hug.


Chapter 61

Tory’s POV

Before going into my apartment I waited outside the door and looked out at the sky. How had I become so lucky? I have Liam, who is amazing in every way and who loves me for me. I have an amazing brother and mother who mean so much to me. I have amazing friends who are always there for me. Most importantly I am going to have a family of my own with the person I love with my friends and family supporting us throughout it all.

“Tory?” I heard someone say so I turned around.

“Hey Zayn.” I said after he had closed the door.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just thinking. It’s been a long, eventful day and I just need to take it all in at some point.”

“Well go in soon, it’s supposed to get cold. Have a nice night, I’m going but Niall is still inside.” He said giving me a hug.

“Good night and you are turning into Liam.” I joked.

I went inside and Niall and Liam were playing monopoly. They were very loud; it was quite an intense game.

“Hey babe how was dinner?” Liam asked standing up to give me a hug and kiss.

“Good. Are you two having fun?”

“Yeah you know it.” Niall said.

I sat on the couch watching them until they finished.

“Great game Niall.”

“Yeah, I’m going to go so you two can be together.”

“Niall it’s okay, you are always welcome. I am going to make some dessert so I can make you and Liam some.”

“Thank you Tory.” Niall said sitting next to Liam on the couch.

I went over to the kitchen and went into the freezer and pantry.  I made ice cream sundaes,

“Baby that was very nice of you to let Niall stay and make dessert for us. You didn’t have to do that.” Liam said wrapping his arms around me.

“I know but I didn’t want him to feel like he had to leave just because I came.”

We ate the ice cream and then Niall insisted on leaving.

“I forgot to tell you that Niall and Zayn got you a present.” Liam said handing me a box.

“That’s so nice of them. Liam why didn’t you tell me before I could have thanked Niall before he left.”

I opened it and there were some baby clothes that were adorable. The present was, 

“They are adorable.”

“They are, we are going to have to make him a room and start thinking of names.”

“Yes we do.”

“Let’s go to bed, I am so tired from the day.”

Two Months Later

Liam’s POV

“Ready boys?” Harry asked as we were waiting to go onto Alan Carr, Chatty Man.

“Yeah!” The rest of us said together.

“Here are the boys of One Direction!” He said.

We talked about tour, music, and upcoming events, then he started going into more personal topics. He started with Zayn and the rumors of him being back together with Perrie, then to Niall about him and Demi. Then he came to me.

“So Liam how is Tory?”

“She is great.” I said smiling.

“It is true that she is pregnant, right?”

“Yes she is, we are getting ready for the baby. We only have a little under three months until she is due.”

“Do you know what you are having?”

“Yes, we are having a boy.”

“Have you chosen a name?”

“They are only giving the initials.” Niall said. “Is that true?” Alan asked.

“Yeah, we want it to be a surprise for everyone.”

 “Well congratulations to you two and I hope everything turns out well.” He said to me then changed the subject to Louis. “So Louis, you and Eleanor are still together right?”

“Yes, she is actually helping Tory with baby shopping at the moment.”

“So I take it you are going well.”

Louis nodded then he went on to Harry.

“Harry, how did you meet Avalon?”

“Well we actually were all at a club a while ago, before we went to America, I met her there.”

“You stayed in touch?”

“Not really. She, Tory and Eleanor all kept in touch they are all friends. Tory had stayed with her while we were in America.”

We had a dance off and then we left. Tory and Eleanor would be done with shopping by now. I gave my apartment to Harry and moved in with Tory to make us more of a family-to-be. Harry and Louis now had different apartments because Eleanor had moved in. 

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