Stole My Heart

What happens to Tory who just turned 18 and ends up sleeping with Liam after the party? How does her brother Louis act? When and if he does accept the two of them how long does it take them to realize they are the ones for each other?


11. Chapters 41 - 46


Chapter 41

Tory’s POV

When I got there the group of girls, there was like 10 of them, were already there. They all asked for pictures with Liam, then they realized I was there too. Then they started asking me for pictures and before I could say anything I was smiling with a couple of girls for a picture.

“Oh my god. Tory, you are so pretty and Liam is so lucky to have you and you are so lucky to have him. You two are the perfect couple you are so adorable together. You are my role model, you are so strong, you have been through so much and I look up to you for that.” One of the fans said to me.

“Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. You are so sweet. Did you want to take a picture?”

“Yes please.”

I was so surprised that I was someone’s role model. I’m just a girl, like her. I’m nothing special; I’ve hurt myself, starved myself and I was someone’s role model? It just didn’t register that I could be one to someone. The only thing I was thinking was if she knew what I’ve done and been through to be where I am today she might think differently. I didn’t realize that all the fans left until five minutes after.

“Tory, are you okay?” Liam asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah sorry.”

“Are you sure? You’ve been kind of out of it for a good five minutes or so.”

“Yeah, just what one of your fans said to me, it made me realize so much.”

“What did she say?” He asked curiously.

I explained to him what happened, what she said and what it made me realize.


“Yeah, so what do you want to do?”

“Well, we have a reservation at 6:30 for dinner and you need to change because it somewhat fancy. So do you want to go home, shower and change?”

“Yeah, sounds great.” I said.

We walked out of the mall hand in hand. We went in his car to my apartment. We sat in silence because I was still captivated on what the fan had said to me. He obviously knew because he didn’t say anything until we were at my apartment building. I showered and put this on, We still had a half an hour before our reservation for dinner. We just sat on my bed; I was reading the Hunger Games on my iPad. Liam was sitting behind me playing with my hair. 

“Ready?” Liam asked.

“Yeah, I just have to get my phone.” I said following him out of my room.

“Where is it, I’ll get it?”

“On the counter next to the flowers, thanks babe.”

When we got to the restaurant we were seated right away. Dinner was extremely good, so was desert. We talked about many different things but we did avoid the topic of what happened the night of the Brits and when I woke up to hear him and Louis fighting. When we got home I changed into this and I had a pair of his shorts so he put those on. It was only 8 so we decided to watch a movie in my room. We sat on my bed as we looked through the movies that were On Demand. There weren’t really any good movies so we decided to watch a kid’s movie, Despicable Me. I saw this movie when it came out when I was in America with my mom.

“It’s soooo fluffy!” I said quoting the movie, when the little girl gets the giant unicorn at the amusement park.

Liam just laughed at me.

“You are so cute.” He said with a smile continuing to play with my hair.

I went from sitting in between his legs with my head on his shoulder to laying my head on his chest, which practically made an “L” with our bodies. He rolled my shirt up as he rubbed my belly lightly which tickled a little bit.

“Excuse me, but when did you get a tattoo?” He asked me.

“Like last week or something.” I answered.

“You didn’t tell me, why?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t know how react if I told you.”

“Babe, come on. I wouldn’t over react unless it was something stupid.”


“A unicorn or something that doesn’t exactly have any purpose.”

“How do you know unicorns don’t have any purpose to me?” I asked jokingly.

“Very funny,” he said sarcastically then kissed me.

By this time the movie was over and we were just talking.

“I don’t only have this one on my hip.”

“Oh really.”

“Yeah, see.” I showed him my other tattoos,

“Why did you put ‘love’ on your ear?” He asked.

“Because all you need to hear is love, nothing else really.”

“I like that one.”

“Thanks.” I replied laughing a little.

He leaned in and kissed me on the lips, within a short time the kiss heated up. Liam was on top of me and we were both breathing a bit heavier than normal. He moved down to my neck and started sucking on my skin lightly, he made eye contact every couple of seconds. After we started kissing again then we stopped because we heard the doorbell ring.

“Who could that be at this time?” I asked a little bit pissed.

“I don’t know.”

“I’ll be right back babe.”

“Ugh, can’t we just pretend like we are not here?”

“No, it could be something important.” I said as I left my room.


Chapter 42

Tory’s POV

I opened the door to find Eleanor, it was close to midnight what was she doing here?

“Yes?” I asked.

“Well hello to you too.” She joked.


“You seem very happy.” She said sarcastically.

“Aren’t I?” I joked.

“Tory who is it?” Liam asked walking to the door.

“Am I interrupting something?” She asked.

“No.” I said.

“Yes.” Liam said at the same time as me.

I just gave him a look that meant really.

“Well it will be quick then.” She said as she turned her head.

“Who are you looking for?” I asked.

“Your brother.”

“Oh.” Liam and I said at the same time.

“Ahh, there he is. Louis get over here, now.”

“Hey.” I said with a smile.

“Hi.” He replied keeping his head down.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Okay, your brother has been moping around lately because he misses you and is extremely sorry.” Eleanor started then nudged him on the shoulder to continue.

Before he could say anything I gave him a hug and whispered, “I miss you too” in his ear. I released him from and he had a huge smile on his face, which made me smile too.

“Okay, so we will leave you two alone. Good night you two.” Eleanor said. “Nice hickey by the way.” She said as she gave me a hug.

We both laughed and then she gave Liam a hug also.

“Goodbye.” Louis said as he gave me a hug. “I don’t want my 18 year old sister pregnant please.” He emphasized the 18.

Eleanor and I just laughed and I blushed a little.

“Got it Lou.” Liam said as Louis and Eleanor were getting in the elevator.

When they were gone Liam picked me up wedding style and closed the door behind us.

“Now, where were we?” He asked as he carried me into my room.

“Well we were kissing then –.” I started.

“Oh yeah, I remember now.”

“Like you ever forgot.”

So we picked up where we left off, we kissed again. Well more of a make out session than a kiss but whatever. He began to play with the hem of my shirt and then pulled it off. Then he took my pants off then I took his off.

“Do you have—?” I began.


He put the condom on and then well you know what happened. After we just lay down next to each other breathing heavily.

Liam’s POV

While we lay there under her covers I couldn’t help but realize how much I loved her. We’ve done it a couple times now, no we weren’t each other’s first time but I would definitely never forget these times.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too Liam.” She said wrapping her arms around my waist with her head on my chest.

I kissed her forehead as she was falling asleep.

“Good night baby.” I said.

“Good night.” She said giving me one last kiss for the night.

I woke up to a bright light shining through the window and I groaned a little bit, then Tory woke up and did the same. When I opened my eyes I realized it was Zayn.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah we have a meeting with Simon in less than an hour or so.” He answered.

“Okay, well I’ll get ready then.”

“Actually, Tory is coming also.”

“What?” She said shocked.

“Yeah. It’s boys, girlfriends and Simon.”


“Why are you two still in bed? Come on get up.”

“Could you leave please?” I asked after a moment of silence.

I could tell Zayn didn’t get what I meant at first but after a moment he did.

“Good thing I didn’t pull the covers off!” He joked as he left.

“That would have been bad.” Tory said silently looking at me.

“Mhm, good morning beautiful.” I said getting on top of her to give her a kiss.

“I’m going to take a quick shower. And did you not realize that you don’t have close here?”

“I’ll put my shorts on and you have one of my sweatshirts don’t you?”

“Yeah but to a meeting with Simon?”

“I mean I have jeans but I don’t have a shirt.” I said putting my shorts on. “Do you want anything to eat? I’ll go get something ready and then I’ll have Niall bring me a shirt from my apartment.”

“I’ll be fine, I’ll grab something on the way out.” She said still laying in bed.

I went down stairs to the kitchen; Zayn was sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Did you two have fun last night?” He teased.

“Shut up mate.” I said punching his arm playfully.

We both laughed. I went into her fridge; she barely had anything to eat. So I just grabbed an apple from the counter. I walked up stairs and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Yeah?” She said.

“You don’t have anything in your fridge so what do you want?”

“I’ll just have one of my Starbucks Frappuccinos drink that are in the fridge. Babe, I told you before that I’d get it on the way out.”

“I know but that’s not enough.”

“Liam, we are going to a meeting thing, with Simon. It’s only one and do you not know who is in the band? Of course there will be food.”

“Okay, fine.”

I went back down stairs and sat next to Zayn continuing to eat my apple.

“Well you are very sweet. Taking care of you girlfriend and making sure she eats but did you remember she has to take her medicine?” Zayn said being a smart ass.

“Oh crap. Thank you, I’ll give them to her when I give her the Starbucks drink thing.”

We sat there watching the X-Factor.

“What time is the meeting?” I asked.

“One forty five.” Zayn answered.

“I should go get Tory then.”

Zayn just nodded as I got up and walked up the stairs. I knocked on the door and then walked in when she said I could. She was wearing this, 

“Babe, you look amazing and we need to go also. Can I also have my sweatshirt?” I said as I put on my boxers and pants.

“On one condition.”

“Which is?” I said as I hugged her.

“I get it back.”

“Okay sure, as long as I have it on as I walk out of this apartment.” I said.

“Deal.” She said throwing me my sweatshirt from inside the closet.

“Let’s go, you ready?”

“Yeah.” She said as she took my hand that I held out for her to take.

We got her drink and medicine then left so I could be somewhat presentable before Simon saw me. When we got to the little café, Louis, Eleanor and Harry were there. We all said hi and then Niall came running from behind and throwing me a shirt. I didn’t go and change right away until Tory pulled my arm and started running.

“What?” I said. “Tory why are we running?”

“Simon Cowell.” She replied when we got to the bathrooms.

“Thanks babe.” I said then gave her a kiss. “What would I do without you?”

“No clue, now go change.” She said smiling.

“Okay, I’m ready let’s go.” I said taking her hand and walking with her to the boys, Eleanor and Simon. Eleanor was wearing this,

“Well now that we are all here, we can sit.” Simon said.

“Sorry.” Tory and I said at the same time.

“No worries, lets just go and sit.” Simon said leading us all to the table.

We all sat and ate for about an hour. We all talked about what’s been going on recently.

“I have some news for you boys.” Simon said.


Chapter 43

Tory’s POV

“I have some news for you boys.” Simon said. “You are going to America to do some promoting because at the end of the year you are going on tour there.”

“Oh my god, that’s huge.” Liam said.

“No way.” Niall added.

“When do we leave?” Harry asked.

“Monday.” Simon said.

“Monday?” I asked shocked choking on some water.

“Yes, this Monday.” Simon responded.

“Babe, you okay?” Liam asked rubbing my back.

“That’s so soon.” I said.

We finished in silence, well at least I did.

“How about we all go to the beach tomorrow? It’s Friday and we need to make the most of our time together.” Louis said.

“Yeah, okay.” Everyone else said.”

“What do you say Tory?” Zayn asked.

“What? Sorry.” I said snapping back to reality.

“Going to the beach tomorrow.” Eleanor repeated.

“Sure, yeah.” I answered.

We all said our goodbyes then Liam and Zayn dropped me off at my apartment because I didn’t bring my car.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you?” Liam asked again.

“Yes babe, I’ll be fine.” I said giving him a kiss.

“Okay, call if you need anything.”

I didn’t answer; I just nodded then walked towards the elevator.

“Why so soon?” I asked myself out loud.

I don’t want him to leave; I don’t want to not be able to see him everyday. I don’t want to know what its like to not be able to call him and him not be with me right away. When I got to my apartment, I sat on my couch and broke down crying. I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I looked at myself then opened the medicine cabinet. I was just about to press the blade against my skin, my phone vibrated. I ignored it and continued with what I was doing. Blood starts pouring out from the new cuts, I just stared at it, waiting. Just then the bathroom door opened and Liam came in and rushed over to me. Since he was stunned it took him a couple of seconds to react. He took the blade from my hand and threw it away. Without saying a word he cleaned and bandaged the cuts. When he finished he took my hand and led me to my bed.

“What was that about?” He asked. I avoided his gaze, not knowing what to say. “Don’t ever do that again.” He yelled startling me. 

I started to cry again so he wrapped his arm around me.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled sadly, “It’s just that I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost you. I know that this whole tour thing is soon. I just don’t want to come back and not have you waiting for me at the airport when I get back. You’ve just broken all the progress you made. I’m not disappointed in you, I never could be. I am just confused. Why don’t you get some rest?”

I nodded my head and then he started singing Moments to help me fall asleep. A couple hours later I woke up to his beautiful smile.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry babe.”

“Why did you come here anyway?”

“I forgot to give you my sweatshirt back.”

“Oh.” I said smiling.

He leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

“Do you want to get something to eat?”

“Not really.”

“Okay so pizza, salad, pasta. What?”

I laughed and raised my shoulders.

“I guess I’ll have a salad.” I said.

“Okay well I guess we are going to the food store.”

“Let me change please.”


I put this on, Then some eye liner and cover up to hide some of my freckles.

“Okay that’s more than enough. You don’t even need it, your freckles are beautiful.” He said lifting me up from behind and bringing me away from the mirror.

“You’re lying.” I joked.

“No I’m not.” He said then kissing me. “By the way I like your sweater.”

We made the trip to the food store quick. We ran into a couple of paparazzi on the way and some fans but other than that it was fast. He would have stopped if the day had been different but he knew that I would want to get this done with.

“Can you tell?” I asked him when we got in the grocery store.

“No, why?”

“With the way you bandaged it I think it looks bigger then my other wrist.”

“No love, you are fine.” He said giving me a kiss on the lips. 

We got everything we needed to make salad and pasta. It took me an hour to make dinner and Liam just sat there and watched me cook. When I finished dinner this is what it was, 

“Wow.” Liam said pulling out his phone.

“What are you doing?” I asked confused.

“Taking a picture for twitter.”

“@Tory_Tomlinson really knows how to cook dinner! xx love you babe! via @TwitPic”

“@Liam_Payne_FF thanks love, means so much to me that you like my cooking! now lets eat! ahaha xx”


Chapter 44

Tory’s POV

We woke up at the sound of both of our phones going off. My ringtone was Firework by Katy Perry. Liam’s was Good Feeling by Flo Rida. I answered my phone first because by the time he was going to answer it the ringing had stopped. I looked at the screen and it was Eleanor I knew because her picture was her sticking her tongue out.

“Took you long enough!” She joked.

“Nice to here your voice too!” I joked back.

“Get ready and meet us at the beach.”

“Oh okay.”

“Hey Tory? How are you feeling?” Louis asked shouting from the background.

“I’m good Lou, and you?”


“Okay get ready and wear a bathing suit you are going in with me. There are supposed to be amazing waves today!” She said emphasizing amazing.

“Okay we’ll be there soon.” I said hanging up.

“Good morning babe.” Liam said from the bathroom brushing his teeth.

“Good morning. Do you really need a toothbrush that lights up?” I asked as I walked towards him.

“What it’s awesome.” He said smiling like a little kid.

“Mhm, sure.” I answered as I finished brushing my teeth.

“So what are we all doing today?”

”We are going to the beach.”

“You don’t sound so excited. What’s wrong baby?”

“Nothing, I just love wearing a bathing suit the morning after I…” I paused then continued. “You know, um yeah.”

“I know. Tory they won’t notice unless you wear long sleeves so if you don’t draw attention then they won’t realize. Everything will be fine, because you have me.”

Liam’s POV

I am not exactly sure everything will be fine but I don’t want her to worry. I will always make sure that I can do everything and anything possible to make her feel happy and safe.

“Okay. How about we get ready and then get some breakfast then we’ll go?”

Tory’s POV

“Sure. I’ll text Eleanor and tell her that she and the boys can go and we’ll meet them at the beach.”

“Okay I will leave you to get changed and I’ll be down stairs.”

As I picked my phone up off of the nightstand I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist. He turned me around and put my phone on the bed and kissed me. We pulled apart and smiled then he gave me one last kiss until he actually left. Before he did I pulled him back and kissed him more passionately with my fingers playing with his hair while he skimmed my jaw line with his thumb. Then when he actually left I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot.

“Happiness looks good on you Tory Tomlinson.” He said at the doorframe.

Before I could respond he had already closed the door and left me alone with the thought of that. I reached for my phone and texted Eleanor “we are going to eat first. We’ll meet you and the boys at the beach xx.” She responded a simple ‘okay’ so I didn’t bother texting her back. I put this on, and then walked down stairs. Liam had changed into his bathing suit and a V-neck t-shirt.

“What would you like to eat?” I asked as I stood across from him.

“Surprise me.” He said with a smile.

After 15 minutes I finished making breakfast. We had this,

I had a couple of bites of Liam’s waffles and crepes. While Liam was finishing up his breakfast I got up and put my dishes in the sink. Then I went over to the fridge and opened it to make sure that all the food I made was still there. After a couple minutes he got up and put his dishes in the sink. I grabbed the cupcakes and put them on the counter., this was all the food that I made.

“Babe could you get me some containers for the food.” I asked continuing to bring the rest of the food over.

“What food?”

“This food.” I said pointing to the counter.

“When did you make that?” he asked putting the containers down next to the food.

“Last night, while you were sleeping.”

“Oh, that’s where you were?”


“Why would you leave me alone in bed?” I just laughed at him. “That was very rude of you.”

“Sorry baby. Maybe I could make it up to you?”


“We’ll see about that.” I said giving him a kiss. 

“You know you are a very good cook.” He started as we walked out of my apartment with the food in shopping bags. “Have you ever thought about going to college and majoring in that?”

“Yeah, I have.” I said as we got in the car.

We talked the entire way to the beach, I texted Eleanor since she was becoming impatient.

“Are we close?” I asked. “Eleanor and the boys are getting impatient.”

“Yes, can’t you see the water?”

“I wasn’t looking.“

“Obviously love, and vöi-la we are here.” He said as we parked.

He leaned over and kissed me before we were going to get out. We were kissing until there was a banging on both of our windows.

“GET A ROOM!” They both yelled as they banged on the windows.

“Holy shit.” I said as I jumped away.

“Babe, its okay its just Zayn and Harry.”

I opened the door and Zayn had a devious smile on his face.

“Way to give me a heart attack.” I said as I gave him a hug. “Now you can carry the food.”

“Sucks for you Bradford boi!” Harry teased.

“Now you can carry some too.” Liam said handing him the other half of the food.

Liam and I walked hand in hand to the others with Harry and Zayn complaining how the food was too heavy.

“Can it you two.” I joked.


Chapter 45

Tory’s POV

“Oh my god! Look at the waves.” I said as I ran towards Louis, Eleanor and Niall.

“What are Harry and Zayn holding?” Eleanor asked.

“Food.” I answered.

“Did you go shopping?” Louis asked.

“No, your sister was cooking in the middle of the night.” Liam answered.

“What is so heavy?” Harry asked.

“Cupcakes.” I answered.

“What are they made of bricks?” He joked.

“No, there is just 18 of them.”

“Okay, moving away from cupcakes. Tory, I brought you something.” Louis said.

“What? I’m a little scared.”

“You don’t have to be.” Eleanor added.

“Oh okay.”

By this time Liam was standing behind me and he had his arms around my waist. Louis bent down and picked up the towel that was covering something and handed it to me.

“I brought this back from Doncaster a while ago and I didn’t know when I should give it to you so I decided that today would be perfect.” He said with a smile on his face.

I took the towel off of it to see my surfboard. I used to surf with my friends back home I also skateboarded. - Tory’s surfboard.

“Oh my god Louis. Thank you so much.” I said placing it on the ground to give him a hug.

“It feels good to have you hug me and mean it.” He said while we hugged.

“Now who is ready to hit the waves?” I asked. “Niall leave the food alone.”

“Sorry Tory, I want to see and that’s it.”

“Mate, you’ll see it later.” Liam said.

“Let’s go!” All the boys shouted.

Eleanor and I took our clothes off and placed them on the towels and then we started walking to the water. Then Louis came running back.

“Babe you know the water is over there right?” Eleanor teased.

“Yeah, I forgot my board.” He said walking over to us.

“You’re surfing with me?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes. Like old times.” He smiled.

I just smiled back and he gave me a hug with his one free arm. Then Liam came out of nowhere and picked me up making me drop the board, he was soaking wet. I looked back and Eleanor picked my board up, I mouthed a “thank you.” She just nodded, next thing I knew I was being carried through the water with waves crashing against my legs.

“Liam James Payne.” I started.

“Yes Tory Allison Tomlinson.”

“Put me down.”


He put me down so my back was in the water then kissed me. Then picked me back up again when a wave came then put me down so I was standing up.

“You know I think you grew.”


“I wouldn’t be so happy about that.”

“Why not?” I asked confused.

“Now you are almost my height so I ban you from wearing heels.”

“Nice joke.”

“You are like 5’8 and 3/4 I am 5”10. I don’t feel so tall anymore.”

“I wonder where that trait went when Louis was born.” Harry joked.

“Shut up mate.” Louis shouted.

“I think he’s a perfect height.” Eleanor said followed by a kiss.

“That’s because you’re even shorter.” I said.

“Take your board and go surfing with your brother.” She said as she glided it towards me on the water.

“Good luck babe, don’t hurt yourself. If you feel like you are done...” Liam started.

I cut him off with a kiss, “Babe, I’ll be fine.” 

Louis and I went out to where there were a couple of people waiting to surf were.

“He really cares about you, I’m sorry I didn’t see that before. You two are extremely cute together and you care about him.”

“It’s okay Lou and yes I really do care about him.”

“Now are you ready to surf?”

“Oh yes. Let’s show this beach what the Tomlinson family is made of!” I joked and we high-fived each other.

Liam’s POV

Tory took the first wave out of the two of them. She did really well; I never knew she could surf. Apparently she also skateboarded, gymnastics, soccer, tennis and a little of badminton. When either of them got up we all cheered so loudly. We all went to sit down with our stuff a couple minutes before they came in. When they came back from the water they were laughing and smiling which made me happy. They stood their surfboards up in the sand and then Tory sat down next to me and Louis sat next to Eleanor, which was across from us. Tory gave me a quick kiss then pulled away and raised her eyebrows at me.

“Can we eat please?” Niall asked impatiently.

“Yeah sure, Liam and I will go get plates and plastic silverware.” Tory said standing up.


Chapter 46

Tory’s POV

We walked away hand in hand and I just looked at him.

“What?” He asked.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked.

“Nothing.” He started before I cut him off.

“I know something is wrong, otherwise you would have kissed me back.”

“Um, okay.” He started; I nodded to encourage him to continue. “I don’t want to leave you.”

“Liam, I’ll be fine. We’ll Skype, text and call each other.”

“I know but... never mind.”

“No what?”

“It’s not that big a deal but why didn’t you tell me you used to surf, skateboard, play tennis, soccer, badminton and gymnastics?”

“I never thought I would be able to do any of those things again and if I told you then I would have to tell you why.

“But I know why.”

“Yeah I know but we got to know each other when you and my brother became band mates and I told you all what I liked to do and I didn’t include them because I would have to say why. I wasn’t going to because my mom told me not to tell anyone. Then I never told you recently because it didn’t come to mind because I still never thought I’d be able to do what I did today again.”


“I’m sorry.” I said giving him a hug.

“Babe, it’s okay.” He said giving me a quick peck on the lips.

We reached the boardwalk and got everything we needed.

“Liam, can I carry anything?”


“Well then.” I joked.

“Tory, they are just paper and plastic. They aren’t heavy, I think I can carry them for 20 feet.”

“Whatever, you are so annoying.”

“You love me.” He teased.

“Yes I do.” I said then gave him a kiss.

When we got back to the others we sat down and they were all in conversation, except for Eleanor and Louis. They were having their own conversation with their tongues.

“Okay we are about to eat that is unnecessary boo bear.” Harry teased.

“Don’t call me that for like the 10 thousandth time Curly.”

“Sorry love.”

Eleanor mouthed ‘awkward’ to me and I just laughed then mouthed ‘I know’ back to her. We all started to eat but saving the cupcakes for last.

“Tory, I love you.” Niall said when he finished his lunch.

“Mate, she’s mine.” Liam said putting his arm around my shoulder.

“Mhm.” I said giving him a kiss. “Thanks Niall, glad you liked it.”

They all agreed with Niall and when we finished everyone was so stuffed we decided to just lie down. It was Harry, Louis, and Eleanor on my left. Liam, Niall and Zayn were on my right. We all tanned in a line listening to some music. Eleanor and I were both reading, I was reading the Hunger Games on my iPad and she was reading Immortal on hers.

“I’m hungry, anyone want ice cream?” Zayn asked.

“I do.” Niall said.

“What a shocker Niall.” I joked.

“I’ll go with you two.” Harry said.

“I’ll come also.” Eleanor added.

“You two want anything.” Louis asked standing over me.

“I’m good, babe you want?” I asked turning my head so I was facing Liam.

“Nah, I’m good also but thank you.”

“Okay well be back soon.” Zayn said as they all started to walk away.

“Okay.” Liam and I said at the same time.

“Having fun baby?” Liam asked sitting up.

“Actually yes, what about you?”

“Of course. I’m with my best mates and my beautiful girlfriend on a gorgeous day. What could be any better? See, I told you everything would be okay.”

“I know and I believed you.”

“Is your book any good?”

“Yeah, I can’t wait for the movies.”

“Are you still reading the same one?”

“No, I’m on the second one now but I’m almost done.

“Great.” He said giving me a kiss. “Paul?”

“Liam, Tory how are you both doing?” Paul said walking over to us.

“Good.” Liam answered confused. “What are you doing here?”

“My job, watching you and the boys.”

“How long have you been here?” Liam asked.

“The entire time. Tory, you’re a great surfer.”

“Thanks.” I said.

“Well you two get back to whatever it is you were talking about, I’ll be over there.”

We both nodded our heads and he left. Right after the boys and Eleanor came running towards us being chased by a mob of teenager girls. Next thing we knew we were surrounded by teenage girls and then Paul came running over with four other security guards.

“What, when did you get here?” Harry asked confused.

“They’ve been here the entire time.” Liam answered.

“Claustrophobic over here.” Niall said from the ground in the corner of the umbrella.

We all laughed then Zayn went over and helped him up. Then the girls all moved back a little because of Paul and the other security guards yelling at them.

“Eleanor want to go to the bathroom with me?” I asked wanting to get out of this chaos.

“Yeah sure, lets go.”

“Okay, bye boys.” We said as we started running away.

We continued running until Eleanor fell to the ground and I stood there dying of laughter.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry.” The boy she ran into said helping her up.

“It’s okay, we weren’t exactly paying attention.” She said.

“Are you okay though? I’m Nick.” He said.

“Yeah I’m fine I’m Eleanor. That is Tory.”

“Hey.” I said still laughing.

“Nice to meet you two. I have to get to work, I’m late but I’m so sorry. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Bye.” He said running away.

“Bye.” We both said at the same time.

We watched where he went…

“He’s a lifeguard.” Eleanor said.

“Explains the great body.” I said.

“What great body?” Zayn asked as we were sitting down.

The others went in the water.

“Oh, nothing.” Eleanor said.

“Talking about me then?” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Nope.” I smiled. 

Eleanor talked to Zayn while I read my book until my soaking wet boyfriend picked me up.

“Can I help you?” I asked.



“Come in with me please.” He begged as he put me down then giving me a kiss.

“No thank you, I’m done with the water.” I joked.

“Okay fine, be that way.” He said running back to the water.

It was getting late so the boys came in. It was around 5:30 and we had a dinner reservation at 8:30. We all headed our own ways. Liam came with me and Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis and Eleanor all went to the boys’ apartment. Ever since what happened when we had the meeting with Simon, Liam had clothes in my apartment. I didn’t mind because there were basketball shorts, sweatpants and sweatshirts that I could wear. 

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