Stole My Heart

What happens to Tory who just turned 18 and ends up sleeping with Liam after the party? How does her brother Louis act? When and if he does accept the two of them how long does it take them to realize they are the ones for each other?


9. Chapters 30 - 34


Chapter 30

Louis’s POV

I was talking to Eleanor about Liam and Tory ever since I came downstairs. I feel like a bad guy, I can’t believe I turned out to be like this. When I was younger I promised myself I would be a brother she could trust with her life and tell anything to. I think I might have blown that big time but it’s the best for her, at least for now. As Eleanor and I were finishing her door opened again. It was Niall, Tory and Zayn; Harry and Avalon left five minutes before. Zayn closed the door and everything turned awkward.

“Where are you three going?” I asked.

“To the doctor, is that a problem with you?” Tory snapped.

“Yeah, actually it is. I’m taking you, sorry guys.” I said with attitude.

“I’d rather not be around someone who ruins my relationships. Who knows, maybe you’ll yell at the doctor also.” Tory said back with even more attitude.

I opened my mouth but before anything could come out Tory was walking away.

“Make sure Liam isn’t there or anywhere near her.” I said to Zayn and Niall.

“Seriously Lou, you are being over-protective.” Niall said.

“You are pushing her away from you. Your mom is barely ever around and now she isn’t going to want you around her.” Zayn said.

They both walked away, leaving me with their words that struck me to the core.

“I don’t want to admit this either but they are right. You are ruining your relationship with your sister. Liam made her happy, I know I already said that but it’s the truth. I know it hurts but she will be back soon and you can talk to her then.” Eleanor said.

We walked into her apartment and sat down on the couch. We watched TV; neither of us really talked much.

Zayn’s POV

“Thank you Dr. Perry.” Tory said as we left.

Niall and I nodded in agreement.

“Now back to your apartment?” Niall said but it sounded like a question.

“Um, I think I am going to go to my the cabin for a couple of days.” Tory said.

“So, are we going to your apartment first?” I asked confused.

“No, I’m not.” Tory answered.

We finished our conversation and then she drove us to her apartment.

“Thank you so much, this means a lot to me.” Tory said as we were getting out of the car.

“Don’t worry about it.” Niall said.

“And, you’re welcome. Just remember only a couple of days.” I said emphasizing only.

She gave both Niall and I a hug then walked back to her car. She got in the car, waved goodbye and then she was gone. It was a silent ride in the elevator up to her apartment. We took a couple deep breaths before knocking on the door. Louis opened it within seconds like he was waiting next to the door. We walked in and looked at each other then Louis, who looked in the hallway.

“Where is Tory?” He asked.

“She wanted to go think.” I answered.


“She didn’t tell us where Louis.” Niall said.

“She’ll be back tonight, right?” Louis asked seriously.

Niall and I looked at each other but didn’t answer.

“Louis, stop putting them under pressure.” Eleanor said walking over. “Can you blame her? She has had a tough morning.”

“Running away isn’t the answer.” Louis said harshly.”

“She isn’t running away. She is thinking I would do the same. How would you feel if she made us stop seeing each other? I don’t know about you but I would want some space to think.” Eleanor said putting some reality into Louis’s mind.

“She’ll be back in a couple of days.” I said.

Before Louis could say or do anything Niall and I were out the door running.

Eleanor’s POV

“A COUPLE DAYS?” Louis shouted.

“Would you rather have her come back never, or a couple of days?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything but he nodded.

“I think we should go to mine and Harry’s. Leave her alone just incase she comes. I’ll write her a note.”

“I think that is the best thing you have ever said today, babe.”

I was very happy with Louis right now. He wrote her a note and put it on the counter then we left. His arm was over my shoulders and I couldn’t help but smile at him.

Tory’s POV

I knew I needed to stop at the store because there wasn’t any food at the cabin. As I pulled was getting out of my car my phone rang, it was Liam.

“Hey babe.” I said answering the phone.

“Hey love, I’m on my way. I had to stop at a store quickly.” He replied.

“Okay, so you’ll be here in about 15 minutes or so. I am just at the food store. There probably isn’t anything there beside wine.”

“Haha, well then I may or may not be there before you.”

“Yeah, I will see you then.” I said with a huge smile.

“Bye babe, see you soon.” He said.

I could tell he was smiling or trying not to.

“Bye.” I said hanging up.

Chapter 31

Tory’s POV

I got everything we needed relatively quickly. I also got Liam a present, guessing that he got me something. Why else would he need to stop at a store? When I got to the cabin, he wasn’t there yet. Which was kind of a plus, I took his present into the house and I put his present in my room and then went back into the living room. I went to get the groceries from my car but Liam was already carrying them in by the time I was walking outside. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“There is only a couple left then we can catch up.” He said.


I brought the last of the groceries in and put them on the counter. Liam had already started to put everything away. He’s the perfect boyfriend, when he finished putting everything away I didn’t realize it. I was leaning on the counter thinking about our relationship. Then he put his arms around my waist and kissed me on my neck.

“How was your day?” He joked.

“Amazing, got broken up with and went to the doctor.” I said turning around to face him.

“I am so sorry about that. Is everything okay?”

“Yes babe, everything is fine. It’s just going to bruise and that’s it.”

“I’m so sorry—.”

He didn’t get to finish because I kissed him so he would be quiet. He lifted me up and put me on the counter, and we were still kissing.

“I have something for you.” I said with a smile.

“What?” He said with a curious look on his face.

“Come.” I jumped off the counter and grabbed his hand.

I walked him into my room where I had put his present.

“What about your room?” He asked confused.

“Two things. First, how did you know this was my room? Second, here you go.”

“Well, I stayed here with the boys a while ago.”

“Oh.” I shrugged my shoulders and sat next to him on the bed.

“I love this Tory. Thank you so much babe.” He said.

He leaned over and kissed me. Which made me realize that we’ve kissed many times today.

“You still have another present.”

“Tory, you didn’t have to. You didn’t have to do any of this.”

“I know. I’m just so nice.” I said joking with a smile.

“I love it when you smile.” He said as I handed him a box. “Tory, this is too much.”

“Just take it, you got me a ring which was probably much more.” I said.

I leaned in and gave him a hug and he hugged back. He gave the best hugs ever; they could make me happy anywhere anytime. - Liam’s present

“Since you gave me my present it’s your turn.” He said handing me a box. After I opened it he continued talking, “It’s a charm bracelet that has the London Eye and the beach.”

“Why are you so amazing? Thank you so much, this is… I don’t know.” I was so stunned I couldn’t find any words.

“That’s the reaction I like. No words, it means I did a good job.”

“Good job? You did an amazing job.”

I was kind of sad that I didn’t get him something more meaningful. - Tory’s present

“What do you want to do, babe?” Liam asked.

“How about dinner and a movie?”

“Sounds great. What movie?”

“You pick the movie, I’ll make dinner.”

We walked into the living room hand in hand. He went to the movie theater room where we would be watching the movie.

“Where do you keep the movies Tory?” He said loudly.

“In the cabinets on each side of the screen.” I replied.

“Found them.”

I just laughed. He came into the kitchen with a couple movies to choose from. He brought Fired Up, Titanic, Finding Nemo and Toy Story.

“We’ve already watched Finding Nemo and Toy Story.”

“They are amazing movies though.”

“I’m not saying that they aren’t. Now you have two movies to choose from.”

“Okay, what’s for dinner?”

“It’s surprise.”

“Fine, be that way. You give a lot of surprises for someone who doesn’t like them.”

“I don’t like getting them but giving them is fun.” I said with a smile.

He raised his eyebrows and then went back to the theater room. While dinner was cooking I ran into my room and changed quickly. I put this on I went back into the kitchen and Liam was standing there looking at me.

“Really frozen pizza is the surprise?”

“Yeah, but its not the only thing.” I said sticking my tongue out.

“Really? Well what is the other thing?”

“Not telling you.”

“Fine be that way, again.”

“I will.”

“The movie is ready to be watched!”

“Okay babe, I will be there in like 5 minutes.”

 “Do you have popcorn?”

“Yeah. In the back of the theater there is a cabinet with a microwave. The popcorn bags are in the cabinet under the one with the microwave.”

He went into the theater; I did also a couple minutes after him. I hadn’t been here in so long; I forgot what it looked like. - Theater

We watched the movie and had dinner. We had pizza and macaroni and cheese, I always used to eat it here. He also made like 10 bags of popcorn he ate most of it.

Liam’s POV

Whenever she watches a movie with me she falls asleep. I remember Louis telling me this was one of her favorites, Titanic. I wondered why she couldn’t stay awake but then I remembered the day we had and then I understood. I picked her up and carried her into her room; I opened the covers and placed her under them. I kissed her on the forehead and slipped her hands off from around my neck. I went back into the theater after shutting the lights off. I needed to clean it because it was such a mess. We did have a popcorn fight and the plates and cups were on the ground. When I finished cleaning I went to bed, Tory loved to cuddle, which was a huge plus for me.


Chapter 32

Louis’s POV

I woke up with only 10 minutes to get ready for rehearsals. Not enough time to eat or shower so I just threw sweatpants and a shirt on. Eleanor and Harry were in the living room having some coffee.

“Is there any left for me to take with me?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll put some in a to-go cup.” Harry said getting up.

“Thanks mate.” I replied walking over to the couch.

I gave Eleanor a quick kiss.

“Are you forgetting something Louis?” She asked laughing.

She pointed to my feet.

“Shoes, crap. Be right back.” I said running back to my room. 

Harry’s POV

“Where’d he go?” I asked going back to the couch.

“He forgot shoes.” Eleanor answered.

“Oh Boo-Bear!” I joked.

“What did you just say Curly?” Louis asked walking back in.

“Haha nothing Boo-Bear.”

“Shut up Harry!” Louis whined.

“You two want to make it on time for rehearsals we better go now.” Eleanor reminded us.

“Oh, yeah Avalon is coming to rehearsals.” I added.

“OOOOOO Harry has a girl coming to rehearsals!” Louis teased.

“Shut up. Lets go.” I said shooing everyone out of the apartment.

We got to rehearsals, Zayn and Niall were there but Liam wasn’t.

“Where’s Liam?” Louis asked.

“No idea, he didn’t come yet.” Niall responded.

“Maybe he slept late?” Eleanor suggested.

“Doubtful, we are talking about Liam Payne.” Zayn said.

“I’ll call him.” I said. I turned around and Avalon was there. “Hey love, I’ll be right back I am just going to call Liam.”

“No problem.” She answered.

I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek then walked away. She walked over to Eleanor and they gave each other a hug. The boys all said hi to her.

“No answer.” I said walking back over to everyone.

“We’ll go check his apartment.” Zayn said pointing to Niall.

“Hurry back.” Our stage manager, Abi said.

“Will do.” Niall said as he and Zayn ran towards the exit.

Niall’s POV

We used the key to open the door. We all had keys to the others apartments, for emergencies. We didn’t really want to waste time by knocking and waiting for him to come to the door. If he were sleeping it would take him a good 10 minutes.

“Okay, I’ll look in the kitchen and game room.” Zayn said.

“I’ll check the rooms.” I said.

We both went in different directions.

“Niall, come here.”

“Did you find him?” I shouted while running towards Zayn.

“No, but there is a note.”

He read it aloud.

Dear boys,

I went home for a couple of days so I could be with family.

I needed time to think about everything.

I know we have rehearsals but I just need to relax.

I will be back in time for the interview we have later on this week.

Don’t worry about me.

 I’m not going to answer my phone so I can clear my mind.

I’ll miss you, but I’ll see you in a couple of days.

-    Liam

“Well, I think I know where he is.” I said.

“Yup and I don’t think he’ll be coming to rehearsal today or tomorrow. Let’s get back.” Zayn said.

“Can we get something to eat first?”

“Not now Niall.” He said hitting me on the shoulder.

“Okay fine, just let me get something from his fridge.”

“Hurry up.”

We left after I took a box of Lucky Charms from his cabinet. Zayn took the letter to show the boys. I locked the door and then ran to catch up with Zayn who was about to get in the elevator.

Liam’s POV

“Don’t you have rehearsal today and tomorrow?” Tory asked me as I walked into the kitchen.

“Yeah, I left a note for the boys in my apartment. I already got a call from Harry.” I said sitting at the counter.

“Well okay then, sit and have breakfast. The eggs are almost done.”

“Yummy and you look cute this morning.”

She was wearing this, 

“Thanks love, here is your breakfast.”

It was a huge plate full of food. She brought hers next to me and we ate together. She also had coffee, orange juice and milk to drink. Her plate wasn’t as full as mine was, but it was still a lot of food. This is what we had for breakfast she is an amazing chef!

Avalon’s POV

After Zayn and Niall came back the boys decided to rehearse even though Liam wasn’t here. I sat down with Eleanor in the first row. We weren’t exactly paying attention; we were talking trying to get to know each other.

“I really like what you are wearing. Your style is very you which is important.” Eleanor said.

“Thank so much, I like your style also. Your always choose the right clothes to mix.” I replied smiling.

“Tory helps me a lot of the time with choosing my outfits. I think she should go to school for fashion, she has a real passion for it also.”

“Where is she, by the way?” I had been wondering that.

“She is doing some thinking, like Liam. Except no one knows where, she didn’t tell Zayn or Niall who were with her last.”

“Well she did have a rough day yesterday.” I understood.

I was wearing this, She was wearing this, Eleanor nodded in agreement; she was just about to say something when a sweaty Louis attacked her.

“Louis, get off of me. You are all sweaty and nasty.” She screamed.

I laughed which was definitely the wrong thing to do.

“You think that’s funny, huh?” Harry said with a look in his eyes.

Then, a sweaty Harry attacked me. 

“Harry Styles get off of me.” I pleaded.

“Fine, on one condition. Come with me, let’s go for a walk.”

I got up from my seat and followed harry who reached for my hand. So we left the arena hand in hand and out into the fresh air of London.

Eleanor’s POV

“What do you think is going to happen on that walk?” Louis teased.

I hit him playfully on the shoulder.

“They like each other and she is a really sweet girl. I think she and Tory would get along great they both love fashion.” I said.

“To bad Tory isn’t here, but they seemed like they were close before she and Harry left her apartment.” Louis added. “What is happening with either of you and those girls from the club?”

“I didn’t have much luck with Julianne.” Niall said shoving his face with Lucky Charms.

“What about you Zayn?” Louis asked.

“Damn, you are nosy today.” I joked.

“Lulu was really sweet. I just don’t know if anything will happen.”

Harry came back alone with Avalon but things seemed awkward between them.

“Hey guys.” I said slowly.

“Hey.” Avalon responded. “You guys were amazing, I have to go get my little sister from her sleepover. I’ll see you all later.”

We all said bye then she walked away and Harry slouched in his chair.

“Mate what went wrong?” Zayn asked sitting next to him.

“She doesn’t want to be my girlfriend, just a friend. I just don’t understand, I thought she liked me,”

“She does, she just doesn’t want her life to change dramatically. Sorry Harry.” I said.

I knew this because she and I were talking about it before.

“So she won’t date me because she doesn’t want to be all over the news and stuff?” Harry asked confused.

“Yeah.” I responded.

“Who’s hungry?” Niall asked changing the subject.

Tory’s POV

The day went by quick, which wasn’t so great. I was going back to my apartment tomorrow and so was Liam. I was leaving in the morning to make it in time for their rehearsal. He was leaving at night so he could be at the interview they have in the morning.


Chapter 33

Tory’s POV, I put this on after eating breakfast with Liam. I was getting ready to leave to go to see the other boys rehearse. 

“Bye babe, I will see you soon. Drive safely please.” Liam said while hugging me.

“Bye, I don’t want to leave you. That means when I get back we aren’t together.” I said holding back tears.

“Don’t worry, we are still dating but just secretly.” He said looking into my eyes.

“I don’t want to have to date you secretly.”

“Well I don’t want Louis to make us not even be able to be friends so, this is all we can do for now.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“If you want to make it in time for rehearsal you have to go now.”

“I love you Liam.” I said hugging him.

“I love you too Tory.”

He kissed me for the last time for who knows how long. I didn’t want it to end, ever. He pulled away giving me a look that meant you have to go and I’m sorry. I hugged him again even tighter, after he just smiled. When I got into my car I looked at him and he gave me that cute wave he always does. I couldn’t help but smile and wave back. I stopped for coffee right before I got to the arena, where the boys were rehearsing. When I was at the door I took a couple deep breaths and then walked in. Before going into the room with the stage I peeked my head in the door, the boys haven’t started rehearsing yet. I saw Eleanor sitting by herself on her phone; I walked up to her and flashed a smile.

“Tory! Are you okay? How were the couple of days of thinking?” she said giving me a big hug.

“Good. Where are the boys?” I asked.

“Getting ready, Abi wanted to talk to them.”

“Oh, how was everything here?”

“Good, good. Nothing to interesting the usual, you know. I really like those shoes.”

“Thanks, I really like your outfit. Looks like someone isn’t going to need me soon!” I joked.

She was wearing this, The boys came on stage a couple minutes later. When they looked into the empty seats they saw me. They all ran off the stage and screamed Tory, well except for Louis.

“Where’s Liam?” I asked acting like I had no clue where he was.

“You don’t know?” Louis asked sarcastically.

“No, I haven’t talked to him since you made us break up. Is he okay?”

“We don’t know how he is doing, he is home. He isn’t answering phone calls.” Harry said.

“Where were you?” Louis asked seriously.

“The cabin.”

“Why’d you need to go there?” Louis snapped.

“To get away from this chaos. To have some peace and quiet, time to think.” I snapped back.

“Sure.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Really?” I asked.


“You are so obnoxious and heartless. You don’t realize that I was happy with Liam, now I’m not. I was getting better, now I have a feeling things will go back to how they were.” I yelled as tears came to my eyes.

“Which is what?” He yelled back.

“Forget it. I’m leaving.” I said and then turned around and ran.

I ran outside and stopped next to my car for a second then got in and started it. Before I drove away Eleanor came running out and towards my car.

“Where are you going Tory?”

“My apartment.”

“Can I come?”

“No. I want to be alone, again.”

When I got to my apartment I started to pace around. I had one thing and only one thing on my mind. Something I haven’t done in a long time but something that would always remain a part of me. I went into the bathroom and dug through all my draws until I found what I was looking for. A razor. Right after I knew I would regret it but it was too late now. I went to my room after and my arm was bleeding badly. I changed into this, I sat on my bed just to relax because holy crap, did I need that. After five minutes or so I heard a knock on my door. I just thought that whoever it was could leave, I didn’t want to be bothered, but that just can’t be. I’m taking a wild guess that Louis or Eleanor used their key because I heard them and the other boys. I went down stairs just to see what they wanted.

“Really?” I asked looking directly at Louis.

“Yup.” He said with a smile.

“Why’d you change?” Zayn asked changing the subject.

“You looked cute.” Harry added.

“Tory come with me please.” Eleanor said walking towards the stairs.

I really wasn’t in the mood to argue anymore so I just followed her. She walked into my room and I closed the door behind me.


She didn’t respond, she just moved closer to me and rolled up my sleeves.

“Tory, you know better than this.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just, I don’t know.” I couldn’t form a real sentence that made sense.

I just broke down crying. Eleanor hugged me tightly and whispered kind things into my ear.

“I just want Liam here. I need him; this wouldn’t have happened if he were here. I would be able to talk to him and he would help me through it like he did last time.” I said it took some time because I was still crying.


Chapter 34

Liam’s POV

I just got back to my apartment from the cabin. Eleanor left a message on my phone; all she said was that it was extremely important. I told her I would see her tomorrow and we would talk then. I got barely any sleep because I just wanted to know what was so important. I went to bed at 4:30 am, finally. The only thing that was annoying was that I could only sleep until 7:00 because the interview was at 9 and we had to be there at least a half an hour before. I ate breakfast, Niall came to my apartment 20 minutes after I woke up to “check up on me.”  We got to the interview right on time, 8:29. There was a lot of traffic, which was good for me in a way. I have no idea what to say to Louis when I see him. I couldn’t come up with anything so I just figured I’d wing it. Luckily we didn’t have much time to talk before the interview.

“We are live with One Direction!” The man said.

“Hi!” We all said.

He asked many questions, but they were almost the same as every other interview. We didn’t mind though.

“I know you probably answer this all the time but just to clarify, which of you have girlfriends?”

Louis started, “yes.”

Then Niall, “no.”

Harry and Zayn had the same answers as Niall.

“Harry, there are a couple of pictures of you with a girl. What’s going on there?”

“She’s just a friend and I am completely serious when I say that. This isn’t one of those secret relationships, nothing is going on between us.” He answered, when he did his smile faded away slowly.

“Liam, what about you.”

I didn’t answer right away I just sat there silently.

“Mate.” Zayn nudged my shoulder.

“Single.” I said looking down.

“What happened to Tory?”

“We are just…” I started; I looked at Louis who was looking at me. “Taking a break.”

“Well, okay. I hope everything works out.”

I just flashed a smile; it was the first time I looked up since he asked me about Tory. I stared at my shoes, the ones she got me the whole time. I was really out of it for the whole interview.

“Thanks for having us.” Harry said.

“Thank you for coming.”

Everyone said thank you and goodbye; I just gave another half smile and waved.

“Nice Liam, way to play it cool.” Louis said in the dressing room.

“Thanks, I guess.” I didn’t exactly know how to respond.

“Liam, when can I talk to you?” Eleanor asked.

“Whenever, I don’t really have anything planned. So whatever works for you will be fine with me.” I replied.

Louis gave me a death stare and it really struck me.

“How about now? We could get a coffee, its extremely important.” Eleanor said.

“I understand, sure. Louis is it okay with you?” I asked.

“I guess so, if it’s extremely important.”

“Thank you Louis, I’ll meet you back at your apartment.” Eleanor said giving him a hug.

“Bye mates.” I said following Eleanor out.

“Bye,” They all replied.

We walked to the Starbucks that was on the corner. She ordered some coffee and then sat down at the table with me.

“So what’s so important?” I asked cutting right to the chase.

“Tory.” She answered.

“What about her?”

“Yesterday she left the arena after Louis started questioning her.” She started I nodded to tell her I was following. ”She went to her apartment and she…”

“No, please no. She didn’t, she couldn’t have.”

“Why couldn’t she have?” Eleanor asked curiously.

“We threw out all the razors she had.” I started I couldn’t believe this. “She has wanted to before and to help her I asked her where she kept them and then I threw them away.”

“Are you sure she told you were all of them were?”


“How do you know?”

“You can tell when she is telling the truth or hiding something.”

“So, what do we do? They aren’t little either, they are deep.”

“Before we figure out what to do, tell me this. How did you find out, she wouldn’t have just told you?”

“I assumed something was up because she changed when she got home and why else would she?” she took a sip of her coffee and then continued. “I don’t know I just had a feeling.”

“When you found out, was Louis there?”

“He was downstairs we were in her room.”

“Okay, I need to go see her. I need to talk to her.”

“You can’t. Remember you two aren’t… um.” She said cautiously.

“Damn it. I can still be a friend right?”

“You would explain that to Louis how?”

“I’ll call her.”

“Sure. Just know that we all have to go to dinner tonight.”

“All?” I asked confused.

“Yeah. You, me, Tory and the other boys.”

“Well this will be interesting.”

“Tell me about it. Ready to go? Louis is probably going crazy at his apartment.”

“Yeah, lets go.”

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