Stole My Heart

What happens to Tory who just turned 18 and ends up sleeping with Liam after the party? How does her brother Louis act? When and if he does accept the two of them how long does it take them to realize they are the ones for each other?


4. Chapters 11 - 13


Chapter 11

Louis’s POV

Something definitely happened last night with Liam and Tory. He came home last night way to happy. I mean I just want to know what happened. Should I ask him? Should I ask her? I have no idea what to do. I’m going to text her. Hey Tor, how was last night? Did you have fun? Can we hang out only us two? She texted me back a couple minutes later. It was amazing. I did have fun. I would love to but I can’t. She was being so distant lately. All I wanted to do was hang out because I missed something that affected how I live and how she does too. I replied to her. What are you doing today? We can hang tomorrow, right? She responded quickly. Sorry Louis I am hanging out with Kay for the next two days. We are having lazy days. Sorry. My baby sister has definitely grown up. It makes me a little sad because I have missed her grow up.

Kialey’s POV

I went over to Tory’s apartment at around 11 in the morning. She was still in her bed. She was texting Louis. She told me how he wanted to hang out. Tory felt so bad that she couldn’t, I felt really bad. I offered to leave and do this some other time. Tory really wanted to be with me and she wanted to be with her brother but she needed the lazy days. I was wearing this: She put this on: She was so cute all the time.

“Kay, my legs really hurt can you drive?”


We were going to the grocery store to get food for the next two days. She also had no food in her apartment. When we got back to her apartment from spending like 200 or some dollars she got a text.

Tory’s POV

When we got to the apartment building it was like 12:30. We were really happy because we got a lot of food and great movies. We enjoyed magazines so we got a lot of them.

“Kay, can I help you bring the groceries up?”

“No Tory, you can’t. They are too heavy, you will hurt your legs even more.”

“Ugh, fine.”

“Hey Tory, how are you liking the apartment building?” My neighbor asked

“It’s really great here. Thank you. This is my friend Kialey” I replied happily.

“Would you like some help carrying those groceries Kialey?” He asked politely as he grabbed some out of the car. My neighbor helped Kay bring the groceries up.

“Thank you so much Mike.” Kialey said after we were in my apartment.

“No problem ladies. See you around.” He replied.

“Yes we will. Thanks so much again.” I said.

I got a text from Liam when we walked through the door of my apartment. I didn’t open it right away. Kay started unpacking the groceries and putting them in the fridge.

“Can I help you put those away? I asked Kialey.

“No you may not. Go sit on the couch. Are you in a lot of pain?” she asked curiously.

“Yeah I am.” I said walking towards her. I started to jump on the counter when she pulled me down carefully.

“What on earth are you doing? What do you want?” She was very angry with me.

“Advil please.”

“Okay, now go sit on the couch and I will bring you three with water. Answer your boyfriend. Should you call your mom?”

“Okay thank you so much Kay. You are the best friend ever. I will later.”

“Have you ever been in this much pain before?”

“No, I haven’t —” I started to say.

“Did you eat breakfast this morning?” she said interrupting me.


“Tory, you idiot! I will get you something.” She said as she walked up to me with my Advil.

I read the text from Liam. Hey babe, how are you feeling? When you get the chance call me I need to ask you a question. What are you doing today? I was a little bit worried. I didn’t want him to stress over me. They had a show tonight. I replied 10 minutes later. Hello! My legs hurt a lot, but otherwise I am fine. Is everything okay? I am going to have a lazy day with Kialey.  We are having one today and tomorrow actually. I wasn’t sure if I should have told him. I asked Kay and she said that it was fine. He replied quickly. Are you alone? Have you eaten? Do you— a plate filled with fruits and a grilled cheese interrupted me. Kay made the most amazing grilled cheese.

“Thank you Kay.”


Do you want me to come over? On a scale of 1 – 10 how bad is the pain? I finished reading the text as I took a bite of my sandwich. I texted him back after I put my sandwich down. No, it’s okay Kay is here. We have started our lazy days. I didn’t eat breakfast. I told Kay and she is making me eat now. I would say 10, maybe more. I wonder if he would tell the others, Louis at least. I kept thinking about Louis when I got a call, it was Liam.

Liam’s POV

I am really worried about her. I need to talk to her. I called her to see how she was doing. I needed to hear her voice.

“Hello Liam”

“Hi baby. Are you sure you are okay? I can come over.”

“Yes I am sure. You have a show tonight. Good luck and don’t worry.”

“Hi Liam” I heard Kialey scream.

“Can I talk to her please Tory?” Tory handed her the phone. As I said Tory’s name Louis walked in.

“Hey mate, are you talking to my sister? How is she doing?” Louis asked.

“Yes I am. She is ok—“ I was interrupted by Kialey.

“Hey Liam.”

“Give me a sec Kay.”


“She is okay mate. I will tell you in a couple of minutes. Let me just talk to Kialey.”  I said and Louis just nodded.

“Sorry, I’m back. Please make sure she eats and if she needs anything call. Also if anything happens you must call.”

“Okay. I will, Liam calm down. I know she is your girlfriend and all but you are worrying too much.”

“How did you know?”

“We are best friends, we tell each other everything.”

“Okay well I need to go. Hand the phone back to her please.”

“Kk, good luck tonight.”

“Hey baby.” Tory said.

“Hi again. I need to go but I love you and feel better.”

“Love you too and I will try. Kay will take good care of me. Good bye.”

“Good bye love.”

She hung up the phone. I turned to Louis who had sat down next to me.

Louis’s POV

I am scared to hear what Liam has to say about my sister.

“She is in a lot of pain, mate. I asked her on a scale from one to ten how much her legs hurt.” Liam paused for a moment.

“What did she say?” I asked right before he continued.

“She said ten, then she said maybe more. She didn’t eat but Kay made her a sandwich. She is gonna stay off her feet as much as she can.” I could not respond to what Liam had just told me. I sat there with a blank expression on my face. I didn’t want to admit to myself what had happened to my baby sister. Liam leaned over and hugged me. It made me feel better knowing that he cared.


Chapter 12

Louis’s POV

Why didn’t Tory tell me? Why did she tell Liam before me? Was I missing something? This was so frustrating and I couldn’t get it off my mind. Ever since Liam told me what was happening to Tory, I couldn’t stop overanalyzing it. We got to rehearsals and we all got up on the stage. I think I’m going crazy because I saw Tory here talking and laughing with Liam. Niall was with Liam not Tory; it might just be the blonde hair. Whatever, we needed to start practicing I needed to focus now.

“Louis, earth to Louis!” Harry yelled at me.

“What?” I snapped.

“Dude, where have you been all rehearsal?” Zayn asked.

“I want to get through this rehearsal, I am starving Lou. Are you okay?”

“Guys, I’m sure he’s fine. He is a little distracted and worried right now. He is just being an older brother.” Liam said.

“Guys, I am sorry. I will be back in like an hour or so. I need to go see my sister. Liam, tell them what happened please.” I said and the boys were really worried now.

“Is it just me or do you two feel left out?” Harry said.

“We do Harry. Liam can you please explain.”

I ran out of the arena after grabbing my jacket, water and keys.

Zayn’s POV

Liam told Harry, Niall and I what happened to Tory. From when they were texting to when he told Louis. He told us that he asked her out and she said yes but Louis doesn’t know. He also mentioned something else.

“Lads on our date she didn’t eat a lot. She didn’t eat this morning as I said before. After I asked her out I spun her around and kissed her. That’s not the point.” Liam paused.

“What is the point then?” Niall asked.

“She weighed about 100 or so pounds. I know because I lift 150 and she was lighter than that. I think she might have an eating disorder of some sort. She also has a couple scars on her left wrist. I think she self harms or she did.”

“Man, that is serious. I think you should talk to her. We have about 5 hours or so until the concert. Let’s go over there. You can talk to her and I think you two should tell Louis that you are dating.” I said.

Tory’s POV

The first movie Kay and I had started watching was Blue Crush 2. After forty-five minutes there was a knock at the door. I put my leg down from the table to go and get the door.

“Sit down Tory! I will get the door. Stay, good girl.” Kay was yelling at me.

“Okay Ms. Bossy. Damn girl.” 

“I just don’t want you to hurt yourself anymore.” She said as she was opening the door. Louis rushed past Kay, he didn’t say hi. He just charged right over to me. Oh lord was the only thing that came to my mind. Did Liam tell him? Was he mad? Was he going to tell me I couldn’t date him? From past experiences I’ve learned not to just go on and say what I think he is going to say, let him finish. I would rather not bring it up if that weren’t why he was here.

“How could you not tell me?” He asked seriously, he was a little hurt.

“What? What didn’t I tell you?” I was confused. I haven’t told him a lot.

“That you are in so much pain. Why did you tell Liam first?” he was yelling at this point.

“Don’t yell at Tory Louis. That won’t make her feel any better; it will make her more stressed.” Kay budded in.

“He texted me this morning and asked how I was feeling. Was I supposed to lie, pretend like I am okay? When I am not? I’ve done that before and it doesn’t make anything better.” I said a little bit angry with Louis for blaming me like this.

“Sorry Tor, I didn’t mean to yell at you. It’s just that you two get along so well and I feel a little left out.” He said looking at the ground.

“Lou, I love you more than I could ever love Liam. You are my older brother. You have always been there for me.” I started to say.

“No I haven’t. I wasn’t there for you when you got into this whole mess with your legs. I wish I had never auditioned for the X-Factor.”

“Louis please don’t say that. It is not your fault. You got the four best friends out of it. I love you and you need to always remember that.”

“Aww.” All the other boys had come over. Kay let them in; we must have not heard the doorbell ring.

“Hi guys.” I said smiling at them all.

“How are you feeling Tory?” Niall asked.

“I’m in a lot of pain. Don’t worry I will get better though.” I said.

“We brought you some ice cream.” Harry said.

“Thank you guys. Kay and I already got some.”

“Good, because Niall ate it all.” Zayn said.

“Sorry Tory. I tried to stop him. He wouldn’t listen.” Liam said.

“Don’t worry about it guys.”

“Tory can I talk to you?” Liam asked.

“Sure, is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, come with me please.” He asked politely.

“I would love too, but I’m not allowed to get on my feet. I can’t walk yet, that’s too much pressure on my legs.” I said. He walked up to me and picked me up wedding style. “Put me down!” I yelled.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” He said calming me down.

He walked up the stairs to go in my bedroom. He placed me on my bed and looked around nervously.

“Is everything okay Liam?”

“No, not really.”

“You said it was.”

“I know what I said, I just didn’t want to say it wasn’t in front of Louis and Kialey.”

“What about Harry, Zayn and Niall?” I asked.

“They already know what I am going to ask you.” I was silent and he continued. He had stopped walking around and sat on the bed across from me, being careful of my legs. “When I spun you around after you said yes to being my girlfriend. I realized that you were very light and that you weren’t a healthy weight for an eighteen-year-old girl. I also noticed how you haven’t eaten as much as you used to.”

“Liam, I am sorry you had to find out this way. I used to be bulimic but I am not any longer. Now I am anorexic, I have been this way since the accident. I wasn’t strong enough to digest the food, so I threw it up. I was like that for a good five months, throwing everything I ate up.” He interrupted me.

“Does Kialey know this about you?”

“Yes she does. She was the one who helped me change. I was healthy for a month and a half after those five months. She was going to Australia for a month for a school trip. I couldn’t go because of my legs. They weren’t strong enough yet. When she was gone my mom was also on a business trip, I was alone. I couldn’t bring myself to throw up again so I just stopped eating. I went for a week and a half without having a proper meal. I fainted on a walk to the Starbucks a block away from my house. I was rushed to the ER and they thought it was my legs. They saw that I had barely any food in my system close to none. I have never been able to eat like I used to since then. Kay has been suspicious of me and not eating but she doesn’t want to believe it.”

“I am so sorry love, I didn’t know. I am here to help you if you want, but that’s not the only thing. I also saw a couple of scars on your left wrist the night of your party. Do you self harm; I am not going to judge you so you know. Also none of this changes how I feel about you Tory.”

“Yes, I used to. It also started with the accident. I couldn’t take the pain, it was to much.” I started to cry. He got up and moved closer to me and gave me a hug.

“Don’t worry about it. I am not going to tell anyone, but I do think you should tell Louis though.” He said this to me and I knew he was right. I should tell him. Then he looked me right in the eye, his brown eyes killed me. “You are beautiful Tory. I love you and you mean so much to me. I love you for you, not for anything else.” Then he kissed me. It felt so right; all I could do was smile.

“Liam, I think we should tell Louis about us. Don’t you?”

“Yes I do. I will go get Louis; do you want me to come back with him? Or do you want to talk to him alone?”

“Please stay with me Liam. I want you here with me. Also tell Kay that I am sorry.”

“Okay babe I will be right back.”

Liam left my room; I was so scared, sad and happy. Mostly I was in pain but while I was talking to Liam I felt better. I was so happy he was my boyfriend. I quickly went on my phone and tweeted: “I am so blessed with my family and friends. I have gotten so much closer to them since I turned 18 xx love you guys.” I looked at the Trending Topics and there was one about me again. It wasn’t exactly a good one this time. It was ‘We’ve lost Liam to Tory’ people were immature. “Thank you all for the TT, you haven’t lost him. Just because he has a girlfriend doesn’t mean you’ve lost him. #Nohate.” I was so annoyed; I was getting so much hate. I couldn’t let this get to me though. It wasn’t going to bring me down. Liam and Louis came in and Liam sat next to me holding my hand. Louis sat were Liam sat before. Liam started with how on our date he spun me around and realized I was very light. Then I continued with how I was bulimic and how I am anorexic. Then I ended with me cutting because of all the stress. Then Liam and I looked at each other and I decided that I should tell him. I squeezed Liam’s hand tighter; he rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb. Then I told Louis that we were dating, he was actually happy for us.

“Good for you two. I am just glad to see two of my favorite people happy.” He smiled. “Just one thing, Liam please don’t make me regret accepting the two of you as a couple. I really don’t want to see her get hurt.” The three of us went down stairs a half an hour after I went up. The other boys were watching the movie, they told me Kay left. She told them to tell me that this was too much for her to handle. She also told them not to call me. She couldn’t deal with all the drama my life caused her. Liam put me down on the couch. I couldn’t believe this. I had just lost my best friend since first grade. I was silent for a couple of minutes. Liam went on twitter and looked at the TT and he was appalled.

“Have you guys seen the trending topic on twitter?” he asked and the boys pulled out their phones and looked.

“Yes, I saw it when you went to get Louis.”

“I am so sorry Tory. You don’t deserve this at all.” Harry said.

“Thanks Harry.”

They all decided to start a new TT.

“#Toryisbeautiful – you have no idea what is going on in her life. She is in a tough position and doesn’t need your hate.” Louis tweeted.

“#Toryisbeautiful and she doesn’t need stupid hate. Stop already, think before you tweet.” Harry tweeted.

“#Toryisbeautiful she has been through so much. You don’t know if she will take the other TT seriously.” Zayn tweeted.

“#Toryisbeautiful when I think of her I am so proud to call her my best friend. She is an amazing person and didn’t steal Liam. He isn’t an object he’s a person.” Niall tweeted

“#Toryisbeautiful and I am proud to call her my girlfriend. She has been through so much. I am so blessed to be in the life of a strong, beautiful, intelligent girl.” Liam tweeted.

‘#Toryisbeautiful’ became the next TT about me. Now everyone was wondering if Louis approved of us; he was sick of all of this he tweeted again.

“I do approve of @Liam_Payne_FF dating my sister @Tory_Tomlinson. I am just happy because they are. Stop making such a big deal out of minor things.”

“Tory we have to leave to get to the arena. I just don’t feel comfortable leaving you here alone. Will you please come to the show tonight?” Louis asked.

“Okay I will, but I can’t walk and I need my glasses. They are upstairs in my bathroom.” I agreed.

“I will go get your glasses.” Niall said.

“Guys, how are we going to get here there?” Harry asked.

“I have a wheelchair in the closet over there.” I said pointing under the stairs. Zayn went to go get it.

“Harry, grab some food for her. Chips, fruit and some drinks. We are going to take that with us.” Louis said.

“No, Louis I am okay. I really don’t want it.”

“I don’t care. You are going to eat it.”

Liam picked me up and placed me in the wheelchair and Niall brought me my glasses and handed them to me. Harry had put everything in a bag. The boys put jackets on and Louis grabbed mine and put it on me. He also took my keys to my apartment and car just incase. When we got out of the elevator there was so much paparazzi. Yelling at me asking what happened, asking about mine and Liam’s relationship but I just put my hood up and looked down. I really wasn’t in the mood for this. Liam put me in the back seat with me on his lap. Zayn drove, Harry sat in the front. Louis and Niall sat in the back with us. Louis put the wheelchair in the trunk. We arrived at the arena with 30 minutes to spare.


Chapter 13

Tory’s POV

They did an amazing job last night. I was so proud of all of them. They practice so hard, and it definitely paid off. Last night Louis told me that he wanted to be with me as much as he could. He gave me two options, to either stay at his apartment with him. Or he would stay with me at mine. I didn’t want him to be away from the other boys so I slept over at Louis’s apartment. He came in my room and sat on my bed.

Louis’s POV

I went into my room, which Tory was sleeping in for the night. I didn’t want her to be at her apartment alone in case anything happened to her.

“Tory, How are you feeling today?” I asked as I sat down on the bed.

“I am still in pain Lou. It is worse than yesterday’s pain.” She replied.

“I am so sorry, can I do anything?” That might have just been the last thing I wanted to hear. My mood had just had a dramatic change, my baby sister was in pain and I couldn’t do anything.

“It’s okay. Can we go to my apartment I need to change? Then can we go to the Hospital please?” She said seriously. You could tell by her facial expression that she was in pain.

“Sure Tory but you need to eat. We will stop at Starbucks and get something. Come let’s go.” I said as I picked her up and placed her in the wheelchair. The other boys were sleeping; we didn’t want to bother them. I grabbed our jackets, phones, keys and we left. I gave Tory her jacket and phone. She checked it to see if she had any missed calls or texts. “None from Kialey?” I asked cautiously.

“Nope. I don’t understand. Who cares anyway? If she was a true best friend she wouldn’t have left while I was in a time of need.” She replied quietly but there was a bit of anger in her voice.

“You are right Tory, don’t worry about her. She isn’t worth it.”

She went on twitter and read a couple of tweets. She wasn’t upset about what happened with Kialey, more annoyed. She tweeted “Not in the best shape right now. Going to get something to eat with @Louis_Tomlinson then go out. Don’t worry he is taking care of me xx.” She looked up at me and smiled as she sent the tweet.

“Yes I am taking care of you. You are never leaving my sight.” I wasn’t joking she must have thought I was because she laughed. “You know I am not kidding right?”

“Yes, that is why I laughed. Just the fact that it is so true is funny.” She said and I was glad to see her smile. It was the first time since she saw me rush in her apartment. I helped her in the front seat of the car and put the wheelchair in the back, I got in the drivers seat.

“How did my car get her Lou?”

“Last night Liam and I went over to your apartment building and got it.”

“Oh, okay. Shouldn’t we tell the guys where we are going?”

“They are still sleeping. They will call when they wake up. I left a note for Harry.” She replied with a simple ‘okay’ and the rest of the car ride was silent. Well except for the radio and the constant noises of Tory being in pain. We arrived at the Starbucks, I told her to stay in the car and took her order. I walked in and a couple fans came up and asked for signatures and pictures. I said, “Sure, can we make it quick? I am kind of in a hurry.”

One girl said, “Yeah, that’s not a problem.”

I took the pictures and signed their cups because that was all they had. Then I got on line, it wasn’t long like it usually was. Which was a good thing. I was my turn to order so I did.

“One venti hot coffee with milk and sugar. Also a venti low fat mocha – sorry mocha cappuccino, not low fat. My sister doesn’t need anything that is low fat. Can I also have these two ham and cheese sandwiches.”

“Would you like them heated up?” The lady asked me.

“Yes please. And could you possibly be as fast as you can. I don’t want my sister to be alone for so long.”

“Sure no problem, we will be right on your order. That is 16 dollars and 75 cents in total.”

I handed her the money and went to where I got my food and drinks. I grabbed two of the things you put your drinks in because they are hot. They handed me my sandwiches and drinks in less than 3 minutes. That had to be a record. When I was leaving paparazzi had came. The flashes were so bright, I could barely see and I almost dropped the drinks. I got into the car and Tory was laughing at me. I handed her the sandwich and her drink. She took a sip and noticed that it wasn’t low fat.

“Louis! This isn’t low fat. I told you low fat! You are so annoying.” She yelled at me as I pulled out of the parking lot.

“You can tell? How, doesn’t it taste the same?”

“Obviously not you idiot.”

“Sorry, I must have forgot.” I lied.

“Yeah sure you did.” She knew I was lying.

Within five minutes we got to her apartment building. I got the wheelchair from the back and wheeled it to the passenger side. We both ate our sandwiches on the road. She grabbed both of our drinks as I picked her up out of the car. There were still paparazzi here from yesterday. I pushed her to the elevator and pushed the button. Within a couple of seconds it was here. We went up stairs and she put this on: Then we got back in the car and went to the Hospital. Since it was a Sunday, her doctor’s office was closed. Otherwise we would have gone there, hospitals scare me. 

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