Stole My Heart

What happens to Tory who just turned 18 and ends up sleeping with Liam after the party? How does her brother Louis act? When and if he does accept the two of them how long does it take them to realize they are the ones for each other?


1. Chapters 1 - 3



Chapter 1

Tory’s POV

Good morning beautiful is what I woke up to. Wasn’t a bad way to be waking up to on your 18th birthday. I am so happy; this day could not come any sooner. I can’t wait because today is the day I move out of my mom’s house into the apartment I have been designing for 8 months already. She promised that I could move into it if I graduated, which I did. Louis kept yelling at me breaking my train of thought. He was an amazing older brother. I just don’t like how I don’t get to see him so much anymore since he is in a band. I am proud of him but I miss always having him there.

“WAKE UP LAZY!!!!!!!” Louis screamed after throwing like 10 pillows at me.

“I’M UP. ALRIGHT!” I yelled back.

“Good.” He replied. “Today is your birthday, we need to get all of your crap to your apartment. We all ready loaded the truck.”

“We?” I was so confused; I mean my mom was on a business trip. It was just Louis and I home for my birthday once again.

“Oh, yeah. The boys came to help; hope you don’t mind.” Louis said not like they would magically leave if I did have a problem with it.

Of course they were here. Not that I minded, they were all so nice and funny. They were coming to the party so its not like I wasn’t going to see them. The boys interrupted my thoughts when they walked in shirtless. Also a very nice thing to wake up to, especially when... oh Tory don’t do that to yourself, you can’t go there.

“Hey Tory! How are you feeling birthday girl?” Harry asked.

“Hey guys, I feel relieved. Finally moving out.” I joked; none of them understood why I wanted to leave so badly. Louis somewhat understood but not fully. Since he was gone a lot has happened.

“Get changed Tory, Harry made you pancakes. We need to get a move on this move. See what I did there!” We all laughed at what Liam said. “You need to start setting up for the party. It’s in seven hours. Hurry!”

“Of course Liam, what would I do without you?” I teased him. I threw on a pair of sweat pants and a tank, Nike hi tops. I ate the breakfast that Harry made and we left. After 5 and half hours of moving and setting up for the party and my apartment, we were finally done.

“Okay, you guys I am going to go get ready for the party.” I announced.

“Okay, don’t forget to take off that mask. It’s scary!” Louis joked and everyone laughed; I just gave a fake smile.


Chapter 2

Tory’s POV

I finished getting ready for my party with 10 minutes to spare. It took a lot of time; I mean I needed to look perfect. (Tory’s outfit for the party: My apartment was perfect, the people who were coming were all amazing and I was just so happy. I heard the doorbell ring; I rushed down the stairs to open the door. My dirty blonde hair was in my face and it stuck to my lip-gloss. The boys got the door before I could; it was my best friend Kialey. She was wearing this:

Louis POV

I looked up at the stairs to see my sister - my baby sister looking so grown up. I missed 2 years of her growing up.

Harry’s POV

Louis was sad, proud, excited and confused. I knew why, I was the only one. I mean when you live with someone you get to know him or her very well.

Zayn’s POV

“Wow. You look amazing Tory.” I said. Damn she has grown up in like an hour or something. She seemed so different.

“Thank you Zayn.” She replied happily.

Niall’s POV

She looked gorgeous, I was going to say that but Zayn beat me to it. It was amazing how different she and Louis looked.

Liam’s POV

I think my entire world stopped when I saw Tory walked down the stairs. She looked amazing, gorgeous, stunning, and beautiful and every other word that was of that sort. I walked over to her and held my hand out. She took it as I helped her down the stairs.

“Wow.” That was all I could get out. A couple seconds later I regained my cool. “I have no idea how you can walk in those Tory.”

She just laughed at first. “They are actually easy to walk in surprisingly.”

Tory’s POV

They all stood at the bottom of the stairs looking at me. I thought something was wrong. Then Zayn said that I looked amazing and I was reassured that nothing was wrong. I was so happy. Then Liam walked over to me and put his hand out. I took it and he could only say wow. Then he cracked a joke that only I could hear. I answered him saying that it was easy because I live by the higher the heels the closer to god. I mean I’m not very religious; it’s just that I’ve been on the verge of loosing my life once in the past two years. None of the boys know about it. During the summer I was water skiing with my best friend, her mom and dad, my mom and I fell off. There was a boat coming my way, they didn’t see me and ran over my legs. The motor chopped my legs up and they were bleeding badly. I went to the Emergency Room immediately and I almost flat lined. I had to learn how to walk again; I was in so much pain every time I had to move my legs. My mom didn’t want to tell Louis because he would be worrying about me way too much. I still never told him, but that is why I had covered my legs in whatever I could so no one could tell. I walked over to Kialey and hugged her.

“Wow, miss London you look gorgeous!” She joked.

“Thank you Kay, you look gorgeous too!” I replied.

After the doorbell rang again, I got it and people started coming in and commenting on how I looked. It was really nice being with my closest friends. I couldn’t have so many people because of the boys. Every time I went to get the door Liam watched me, he was acting very strange tonight.

Louis’s POV

Liam keeps looking at Tory; I can tell that she is kind of confused. I walked up to him and hit him and started a conversation.

“Dude, she is single get her mate.”

“Yeah, okay well from the looks of it she has someone she likes, it’s not me so it doesn’t matter.” Liam said.

“Mate, look at me you are Liam Payne. You are so much better than that… kid Jake. You and my sister would be so cute together. She doesn’t like him, well she likes him because he has helped her through some tough times whatever that means. LIAM, GO!”

“Okay, okay fine. If this back fires in any way I will kill you.”

Liam’s POV

I had a strange conversation about Tory with Louis. Whatever, he made me realize that I have known her for a long time and that I am better than that kid she was with. Everyone was kind of drunk; I wasn’t because I can’t drink. Well Louis gives some good advice when he is drunk, it’s kind of hilarious.


Chapter 3

Tory’s POV

I heard the doorbell ring again, who could it be? Everyone was here. I opened the door and there were a lot of flashes – paparazzi. Well this is going to be annoying; I mean they know where I live now. I tried closing the door but you don’t get much strength in a dress and high heels. I finally closed the door, with the help of Liam.

“Thanks Liam. You could tell I was struggling!” I joked.

“No problem. Um, do you want to dance?” He asked nervously.

“Yeah, I would love to.”

Liam’s POV

She said yes. Okay, well I am a little high on life right now. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Louis. Tory and I were on the way to the dance floor.

“Give me a second gorgeous, your brother needs to tell me something.” I said as I stopped walking.

“You hurt her in any way, shape or form. You will not be happy. Also no babies!” Louis said. You could definitely tell he was drunk.

“No problem mate.”

Tory’s POV

“Is everything all right?” I asked concerning.

“Yes, lets go dance.” He said happily.

We went to go dance, Jake was really upset and I could tell. I wanted to go up to him and ask if he was all right. I just couldn’t now not in the middle of dancing with Liam. I was a little bit taller than Liam in my heels. I was 5”6 and 3/4 and he was 5”10, so I was like 2 inches taller than him. He seemed to be bothered by the fact that I was taller than him. We danced for one song and then a strange feeling hit me. I was too tall; I like it better when the guy is taller.

“Liam, I am going to go take my shoes off I will be right back.” I said.

“Okay, I will get us a drink.” He said with a smile on his face.

I came back to Liam who was holding the drinks, he was very happy that I was shorter. 

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