One Less Lonely Girl

18 year old Skyla Ann Marie Gonzales has a crazy obsession with pop star Justin Bieber and one day goes to his concert and gets a Huge suprise that has completed her whole life. What will happen to one lucky 18 year old? What special person comes into her life? Who has a place in her heart forever? Find out in this fanfic.... Hope you enjoy! <3 ;)

~Ashlynn~ ♥


1. first day of work

Skyla's P.O.V

         As I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, I jumped out of bed realizing that I overslept and would be late to my first day of my Starbucks job. I ran into my bathroom, brushed my teeth, combed my hair ,put it in a pony tail,got on my uniform, and applied my makeup.  I didn't have time to eat but I grabbed my keys and my purse and was out the door. I hopped into my car and arrived at work and clocked in 3 minutes before I would be late, "Whew I made it" I thought as I turned around to an angry looking boss.

"He-hello Ma'am sorry I kind of overslept but, I made it on time" I said uneasily

"Yeah you sure did and your lucky this is your first day because you'd be in big trouble, just make sure it doesn't happen again, okay?" my boss said.

I just nodded and said "Yes ma'am" nervously.

I was so scared I'd be fired my first day, that I worked so hard by the time I had to leave which was 6:30 I was extremely exhausted. I clocked out, grabbed my purse and keys and was out the door quickly to my car. When I arrived home my mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner so I went up stairs and took a nap. Around 7:30 my mom called me downstairs to eat. I got out of bed tiredly and walked downstairs to the kitchen where I saw my mom sitting at the dinner table with a plate of spaghetti and garlic bread.

"yummy spaghetti, my favorite!" I exclaimed excitedly as my mom laughed and asked

"so hunny, how was your first day?"

 "Well I kind of overslept and got to work 3 minutes before I would be late, I was so scared, my boss looked very angry." I said

"Oh sweetie that must of been horrible, what did she say?" my mom asked

"Well she told me I was lucky and to not do it again so I kind of got off the hook but that didn't stop me from working extra hard." I said firmly.

My mom just giggled at how much of a push over I can be sometimes and the rest of dinner we talked about how her day was. During our talk my mom mentioned to me about going to the mall tomorrow after work so I took up her offer. I went upstairs pulled my hair out of my pony tail and combed my waist length brown hair brushed  my teeth and hopped in bed. As soon as I pulled my covers over I fell fast asleep not ready for what interesting things tomorrow morning might hold.

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