frienship and love

So Leary Buskirk is no ordinary girl.......Niall Horan has been her best friend since birth.This year for summer vacation Niall is taking Leary to meet his bandmates and their girlfriends!!!!! Leary will find love but she will have to tell about her past. read to find out what happened


1. summer just begun

~Nialls p.o.v.

This year i am takin my best friend since birth,Leary,to meet the other members of One Direction. She was so excited. I loved her as a sister we had been through so much together.

~Learys P.O.V.

OMG! Niall im so excited I love you brother from another mother",I said to niall as we walked to his car about to leave for the airport. He said,"I love you too my sister from another mister!" We were always so childish! "When will I get to meet your new girlfriend Taylor?"i asked him. Niall replied," In a few hours, I thought yall were texting eachother?" "We have been but I meant in person I am so happy yall are together!" He said,"Me too, maybe you and one of the boys can hit it off, I showed Zayn some pictures of you and he seemed interested if ya know what i mean." "Really? Zayn is a pretty good lookin boy if i do say so myself."I said as we reached the airport.

   *after the airplane,in London at Harrys house which we will be staying*

~Nialls P.O.V.

"Leary are you ready yo meet the boys and our girls?" I asked because she seemed nervous. She replied"Totally am, im just alittle nervous thats all." I pulled into the driveway and honked. Everyone came running outside to see us. I noticed Zayn was the first introduce himself to Leary,hmmmmmm maybe I was right about him being interested.

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