Never Again

Genevieve Margarette is not your average girl, in fact, She is Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend. Unfortunately, Yes. She swore to Zeus and to all the other Gods and Godesses out there that she will never fall in love with him again that is, until they cross each other's path again.

Will her hatred stop her from loving him again? Or will she let her heart make her choices?


6. Who are you Again?


Chapter 6

I opened my eyes to find myself back in my room at the hotel. A flashback occured about what happened last night. I fainted. I must've had Bertie worried. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. He answered in 2 rings.


"Good Morning Bertie" I greeted "Sorry for having you worried last night" 


"Worried? I was worried sick!" He cried "You fainted and I was panicking"


"I'm sorry" I whispered "really am"


He sighed "It's not like I can't forgive you"


"Yay!" I cheered. I looked at Justin who was staring at me. "Talk to you Later Bertie, have some business to attend to" I hung up.


I jumped over to Justin's bed and layed my head on his chest. I looked at him and he looks confused. Just the way I like it. I went on top of him and went closer. Closer. Then SLAP! 


"What the heck was that for?" He yelled.


"That's for bringing a slut over yesterday" I walked over to the couch. "I never thought you had a thing for sluts" 


"Are you jealous?" Justin sat beside me and getting closer.


I pushed him away "In your dreams Bieber Boy besides, I have Bertie." I winked. He rolled his eyes.


"Aww, Don't be jealous. You still have a place in my heart. You're in the outer layer" I joked.


"Haha. Very Funny, Gen. You could win academy awards" Justin said sarcastically.


"I know" I winked while standing up, grabbing my Mac and heading to the buffet downstairs. I don't care if I'm in my Pjs. They can stare all they want. I placed 3 pancakes on my plate and added maple syrup. I sat in the corner and started eating while reading at I saw the headlines, and I'm in it. Again. "Justin Bieber's Mystery girl spotted with Bertie Gilbert!" 


I don't want to care right now, I scrolled down and read more news.


Harry Potter star, Dating Justin's Girl? 


Scroll down.


Is it Love? BieberxMargarette


Scroll down.


Love Trio, spotted again!


Seriously?! I rolled my eyes and logged into twitter. I tweeted 'Bum Day.' 


I logged off after I finished my food. I carried my laptop and headed back to my room. I wore my black shirt and headed outside. I visited the apple shop and tried their iPhone 4. I took a picture of myself and WOW do I look great. After I went to apple, I went to a mini-vintage shop here and bought a fancy red dress. I love dresses. 


On the way to the cashier I saw the cutest pair of shoes in the world! I went straight to them and waved at the clerk. "Hi, I'd to buy these shoes" I said.


The girl near the shoes interrupted and said "No, I want to buy these shoes" 


"I'm sorry ladies but, we only have one pair left" The clerk said.


I took the left shoe while the girl took the right shoe. 


"Do you know who I am?" She said.


"Do you know who I am?" I mimicked.


"No!" She said.


"No!" I mimicked.


I pulled her hair and we landed on the floor. She stood up and stood on her tippy toes and said "Come on Mystery Girl, jump!" 


"Fine I will" I kicked her in the shin and got the shoe. "I win!" I did the victory dance. I paid for the shoes and went outside. Billions of cameras, again. I rolled my eyes and walked but some interviewer followed me, maybe it would be nice to answer few questions.


"Ms. Genevieve" she said.


"Please, call me Gen" I smiled as I continued walking to some place I don't know. 


"Okay Gen so Who are you dating? Justin or Bertie?" She asked. 


"Lol! I'm not dating anyone, we're just friends. That's all" I smiled.


"Oh I see, how about the fact that you were seen on dates with Justin Bieber and Bertie Gilbert?" I hate paparazzis. They can never distinguish a date from a friendly date.


"Those were no dates, I assure you." I stopped and faced the camera "My Lovely Beliebers out there, there's no need to panic. Your precious Bieber is still single" 


I walked again and she still followed. 


"How would you describe Justin?" She asked.


"He's...." I paused for a while "a nut-whack. A Sweet Loving Nut-whack" 


"And Bertie?"


"He's a true friend. Loving, adorable and a Gentleman!" 


"How'd you meet Justin?"


"We were old friends back from diaper days. My mom and Pattie were good friends" I looked at my wristwatch. "Oops sorry, I have to go!"


I rushed pass them and hailed a cab, I went in. "Trafalgar Hilton please" I said.


When we reached there, I paid the driver and said Thank you. I ran to my room and snatched the remote away from Ryan's hand. "Move it, LoveBug. Suite Life on Deck is on" I scooted over.


I'm a true fan of Suite Life on Deck. Zach and Cody are Just so adorable! After the show, I was bored. Completely bored. Is there anything else to do in London? 




Today's the day we're going back to Canada. I said goodbye to my new friends (Bertie, Dom, Roy and Harrison) before I left. I packed my luggage and headed to the airport.


This time, I'm seated beside Justin. I can't believe that when we arrive Justin's off to work the next day. Could this be goodbye? I don't know what to feel, happy that I won't fall in love again, sad because I won't see him till who-knows-how long. 


"Why are you crying, Gen?" Justin asked worriedly. I didn't even notice that I was crying.


I wiped the tears off my face with my Hanky then looked away. He placed his arms around me and the other hand on my cheek. I looked at his eyes, making the stars look like they're not shining. I placed my hand on the back of his neck. His soft hair sends tingly feelings on my skin. 


"I Love you" was all I said. I did, still and will always love Justin. He's my First, Present and Last Love. 


"I Love you too" he said as he kissed me on the lips. It was the most passionate kiss ever. It reminds me what happened that night when we also kissed. I don't want this moment to end. Never. 


I pulled away slowly and looked at his beautiful face. I love every inch of him. Did, Still, Will Always love you Justin. The whole plane ride was silent, my hand in his. I want this moment to last forever. I want to grow old with him. Have kids. Grandchildren. Great Grandchildren. 


But wait! What about that Katie girl? I couldn't care. All I know is that he's mine and forever to keep. I tweeted on my iphone 'He's mine and Forever to keep <3' 

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