Never Again

Genevieve Margarette is not your average girl, in fact, She is Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend. Unfortunately, Yes. She swore to Zeus and to all the other Gods and Godesses out there that she will never fall in love with him again that is, until they cross each other's path again.

Will her hatred stop her from loving him again? Or will she let her heart make her choices?


5. Trip to Bieberville


Chapter 5

I was lost in the thought of what happened last night. That kiss we shared still lingers on my lips. I could still feel how soft his lips was, How good he kissed. Snap out of it Gen! Didn't you say that you didn't want to fall for him again? Well, you're really doing a great job.


I growled at myself and sat on the edge of my bed, pulling my laptop over. I logged on to facebook to check my messages and notifications. I was amazed at what I saw. "345 Freakin' Friend Request?" I asked myself. There has got to be an 'issue' . I went to yahoo and let's just say the first thing I saw was "JUSTIN BIEBER BRINGS PURPLE MYSTERY GIRL TO HARRY POTTER PREMIERE" 


I read every single detail but one caught my eye. "It has been confirmed that the mystery girl is Genevieve Margarette, Justin's ex-girlfriend" What the Heck?! How'd they find out about these stuff? And who confirmed them? I scrolled down and saw another issue. "JUSTIN BIEBER, MYSTERY GIRL AND BERTIE GILBERT, A LOVE TRIANGLE?" 


I read the stupid things it contains and saw a picture of me, Bertie and Justin in that fancy restaurant we went to. There was a caption below " Justin Bieber was spotted in Rules, London after the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premiere. He was seen with his Mystery date aka Genevieve Margarette, with Bertie Gilbert who plays Scorpius Malfoy. Could this be a Love Triangle?"


I'm so sick of people meddling with other people's lives. I mean, sure they have to because it's their work, but seriously? Some people wants to live a peaceful life you know. I slammed my laptop shut. I took my Hoodie and Sweat pants, took my emergency credit card and headed downstairs. I need some air and when I say that, it means I need to go to the mall.


I walked to the nearest mall from The Trafalgar Hilton but unfortunately, I couldn't find a mall so I just walked and walked and walked like there's no tomorrow. I saw people looking at me but I looked away.


As I was walking back to the hotel, I saw people with big cameras waiting outside. Paparazzis. I looked down, trying not to make them see me because I'm sure this will be a big commotion but some idiot shouted "It's Gen!" And they were all taking pictures of me. Someone was even pulling me down which made me fall to the ground. 




I turned around and saw a furious Justin. His fist clenched and all but I can tell that he won't hurt anybody. He knelt beside me. "Are you okay? Did these people hurt you?" He asked.


I shook my head and leaned on his shoulder. He carried me Bridal style up to our room. I closed my eyes being blinded by the camera flashes everywhere. 


"I'm sorry" Justin whispered. I could feel the sadness in him. I don't like him being sad, I want the old Justin back, the sweet guy who would always make me laugh, the guy who was always there no matter what. MY JUSTIN.


"No need to be sorry, Justin. Thanks to this day, I had a free trip to Bieberville" I cracked which made him laugh a little. At least he's not that sad anymore and that's all thanks to me.


I shuddered at the thought that I can never have a normal life now since I'm linked with the famous Justin Bieber. I'm not really worried about me, I'm worried about my friends at school. They might get stalked or something! I tried getting the thought out of my head but it was no use.


"It's gonna be okay" Justin whispered. I smiled knowing that he's going to protect me. Forever. 


I didn't know what happened next, All I know is that I'm safe. 


Justin's POV


I stared at the angel in my arms, she's sleeping peacefully. I want to kiss her again and again but that won't be right. I walked inside our room to find Ryan and Chaz still asleep. I sighed, though it's only 9am in the morning. I gently layed Gen on her bed and tucked her in. I layed down beside her and stroked her hair. I kissed her on her forehead and stood up. 


I stared down from the window and saw paparazzis everywhere. There's also lots of Girls outside with signs that says "I Love Justin" and "Marry Me Justin" . I adore my fans, I really do. 


My phone rang all of the sudden. I answered it. 


"Hey Justin" 


I gasped at the voice that was on the other side of the phone. It can't be!


"What do you want Katie?" I asked her. See, Katie is an old friend of mine who told the whole world we were dating but we weren't. I'm surprised Gen doesn't know about it, or does she?


"Is that the proper way of saying Hi to an old friend?" She Mocked "Anyways, I heard you were in London so I booked the first flight there. I'd be there around Noon"


"Look Katie, you don't even know where we're staying. How could you possibly find us?" I jerked.


"Uhh, Mr. Bieber, you're all over the news and paparazzis are in front of your hotel. How do you think I'll find you?" She said sarcastically.


"Whatever, We're moving to a different hotel" I said.


"Yeah, and I'll follow you wherever you go" I can sense she's smiling. This woman is Crazy! 


I ended our conversation, leaving her hanging. I can't stand to see her anymore. She's a mental! 


Katie's POV


You better be prepared Genevieve, whoever you are, I'll be sure that I'll beat you. I'm the only person Justin can date, Only Me! I smirked at the flight attendant. She's looking at me like I'm some crazy person. "You better stop staring. I'm Justin Bieber's girlfriend just to let you know" I bitched.


"Haha. Everyone says that Little girl but you can't fool me, Justin is dating Genevieve Margarette. It's all over the news" She winked at me.  I growled at the thought that Justin is cheating on me with a low-life. I'm sure he's just using her as a toy.


Gen's POV


"For The Last time Katie, I don't want you back in my life!" I heard Justin shout. I stretched my arms and rubbed my eyes to find Justin with a Girl, Red-haired, Pale, Dark-brown eyes. 


They stared at me in shock. Well, Justin is. The Red-hair whose name I think is Katie, is glaring at me then smiled. "You must be Genevieve! I'm Katie" She said.


I smiled "Nice to meet you. You can call me Gen" I paused "Uhh, are you Justin's friend?"


"Oh darling, I'm his girlfriend. Didn't he tell you?" She said.


Those three words went straight into my heart. I'm his girlfriend... his girlfriend... girlfriend... I want to shout at her but no words came out of my mouth. I stood up and ran to the nearest room I could find, the fire exit. I sat in the corner of the staircase. I can feel tears running down my face. 


"How could I be so stupid?" I cried. 


I heard the fire exit open and saw Grace, why is she here? To insult me?


"If you're here to make fun of me, you can leave" I growled at her and looked away but she sat beside me. I feel so stupid to think that maybe Justin and I could have another chance with each other.


"Do you know why I've always been so mean to you?" Is she really Grace? My sister? It's the first time she talked to me without an insult!


"Because you're a crazy bitch?" I sarcastically answered. 


"Stupid! It's because I wanted you to be strong." What is with the words of wisdom? Is she pregnant or something?


"Okay, I am seriously dreaming" I joked.


"Hey, I only become this sweet once so listen!" She smirked. 


I laughed and nodded.


"So whatever your problem is, you just have to face it. If it's about a guy, probably named Justin, all you have to do is this" she looked at me "Make him jealous"


I really thought it was going to be a good idea but this? THIS IS BRILLIANT! 


"Oh My Gosh! You're a genius!" I hugged my sister and kissed her on the cheeks. I pulled away and ran back to my room where I found two people smooching. You guessed it, Justin and Katie. 


I sighed "Get a room people!"


"This is a room" Katie winked and kissed Justin again.


I walked over to her and pulled her hair, moving her away from Justin. "Look Slut, I need to talk to Justin, Okay? So get you dirty hands off of him for a while" I warned and faced Justin.


"I'm going on a date with Bertie, I'll be back later unless..." I gave him the evil look "something happens and I have to come home tomorrow" I teased.


He looks mad "You are not going anywhere with Bertie!" He hissed.


"Justin, I'm not messing with your dating life. So don't mess with mine!" I said while storming off to the bathroom. I took a long warm shower and placed a white 'Never Look Back' shirt over a black spaghetti top paired with black skinny jeans. I blowdried my hair and braided them to the side. I sprayed perfume all over my body and went out. 


The first thing I spotted is a shocked Justin. Pshh, if he wasn't dating that whore, he could've gotten this. I smiled at the thought. I rolled my eyes and took my black shoulderbag and sandals. I picked my phone and dialed Bertie's number after I got out of the room.


"Hello?" Bertie said.


"Hey Bertie, I was wondering if I could come over? Bored." Please say yes!


"Sure but Me and Harrison are going to the Carnival. You can come if you want to" 


"AHHH! I Love Carnivals" I shrieked. I do, I really do Love Carnivals.


"Wait for you at my house. See you" Bertie said.


"See you!" I hung up.


I'm so excited! I've never been to London carnivals before. Duh, 'cause you've never been to London.


I was walking, well, more like skipping over to Bertie's house. I'm good at directions so I know exactly where he lives. I knocked on his door and waited. I heard mumble sounds inside, like pans that fell on the floor. Bertie opened the door. "Hey Bertie!" I squealed. "Gosh, I'm so excited!" 


"Are you sure you're alright Gen? Did something happen?" He's looking at me like a detective.


"Of course I'm alright! Now let's go!" I smiled and pulled Bertie inside. On the couch, I saw Harrison playing his guitar. 


"Harrison!" I hugged him making it slightly awkward. "Nice to see you"


I pulled back from the hug and started jumping around. Seriously, what is wrong with me?


"Are you sure you're really alright?" Bertie asked again.


"Stop asking, I'm freakin' fine! I'm just excited for the carnival" At least I'll forget about what happened a while ago. 


"Okay, Okay, Calm down" He laughed and got his jacket. Harrison's phone began to ring and he answered.


"Now?" he said. "Okay bye"


"Sorry guys but I can't come. We have a rehearsal for the project at school" Harrison sighed.


"It's okay, maybe next time" I cheered him up. 


After I said goodbye I pulled Bertie outside as fast as I can. I want to go to the carnival as soon as possible. We reached the carnival in twenty minutes. I saw the giant roller coaster! I love roller coasters, NOT!  "Let's go ride everything but the roller coaster" I giggled. 


"That's unfair! I love roller coasters" He said.


"Nooooo! It's friggin' scary!" I pouted.


"Fine" I win! Muahahahaha!


I pulled Bertie to every single ride. We left the Tunnel of Love for the last. We went in line and got our tickets. We were seated with each other and the ride started. I saw hearts everywhere. It reminded me of Justin. Tears began to run down my face. Bertie seemed to notice since he hugged me tightly. I hugged back, I just need a friend right now. I didn't notice the ride stopped until I saw camera flashes. 


"Paparazzis!" I yelled, pulling Bertie off the ride. We ran outside until we reached a corner where they didn't follow anymore. 


"That was..." He smiled "...Fun"


I slapped him playfully on the arm "You got me in trouble again" I pouted.



"I'm sorry" He kissed my cheek.


I flashed a smile at him as we walk under the moonlight. I used to imagine me and Justin like this, having a walk under the moonlight. 




A Flashback of him kissing Katie went running in my mind. I can't help remembering it. I can feel my body weakening as the scene goes on until, it went dark. Very Dark. I don't know what happened.


I saw a light in front of me, I gazed at my surroundings and I was at a stage. Madison Square Garden but why am I here? My question was answered when I saw a figure that I expected to see. 

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