Never Again

Genevieve Margarette is not your average girl, in fact, She is Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend. Unfortunately, Yes. She swore to Zeus and to all the other Gods and Godesses out there that she will never fall in love with him again that is, until they cross each other's path again.

Will her hatred stop her from loving him again? Or will she let her heart make her choices?


13. Things will never be the Same


Chapter 14

Today, Me, Justin and Pattie are going home to Canada for christmas. Can you imagine it? It's like only yesterday that me and Justin had our first tour. Now, It's christmas! I can't wait to see Mom, Nick and as much as I don't want to say it, Grace. Actually, Nick was just chatting with me via Skype last week and told me that Grace turned into someone else, she's been kind to everyone and doesn't have a boyfriend for months. I was just looking at him with shock the whole time, my brain was not functioning well. 


"Hey Shawty, We better get goin' or we'll be late" he kissed my forehead. I took a last glance on my bedroom in Atlanta before we walked out into the car. It was a 20 minutes drive to the airport, We did all those routine thingy you do at the airport. I was seated in the between Justin and the window. Yeah, First Class rocks Baby! 


I pulled my laptop out of its case and played Angry Birds. Believe it or not, I love this heck of a game. I finished this game a week after it came out and now, I'm done with Angry Birds Rio too. So enough with the Game talk, more of the Me Talk.


So Dashio channel got closed down for good, my precious haters are popping from all sides but yet again, my fans are always there to support me. They even made me a fanpage on facebook which I check out almost everyday. There's also a love team page of me and Justin aka Jen which was sort of awkward considering that if you say it out loud it's just like calling me. 


I've been receiving a hundred fanmails a day, and Justin gets thousands so yeah. 


I made a youtube account where I do covers for songs, I really loved their comments and stuff. I was offended by one comment though, "Slut." It's only one word but it sinks through me but the way my fans defended me made my day. 


Jenevieve was trending in Twitter 2 weeks ago, I was like "OMG! They are so sweet". My fans made up what they should be called and they agreed with Breakers, I was like 'Breakers? What the heck?' but then again they explained that I was a bad-ass chick who has the guts and the glory so I was flattered. 


Breakers, Beliebers. Wow! 


So anyways, I'm going on vacation and I have to take work off my mind first. We arrived in Canada an hour later, We were greeted by fans and they all asked for autographs. Good thing I brought markers. We were stuck in the airport for about 30 mins because people were taking photographs with Justin and Me. There were about a hundred people but we weren't able to sign them all because security came and escorted us to our car. 


I sat in the backseat next to Justin while Pattie drove us home. They dropped me home first, I said my goodbyes. I'll be seeing them later at dinner.


I walked towards the door and rang the doorbell. I was greeted by Nick who tackled me with a bear hug. "Dude.." I struggled in his arms "I can't breathe" I choked.


He dropped me gently on the floor "Sorry, I just really missed my little sister" he messed my hair.


"Hey, not the hair!" I scolded him. 


"Well, come on in! Mom's cooking lunch" He dragged me to the kitchen where I found mom cooking my favorite international dish 'Sinigang'. It's originated from the Philippines. I just love the sour taste that plays on my tongue whenever I taste it. I sprinted and tackled mom with a hug. 


"Mommy, I missed you so much" I sounded like a little girl. I was all teary and was hugging mom very tight. She hugged back after her brain processed what was happening. 


"I missed you too sweetheart" she kissed my head. I pulled back. "So how was Atlanta?" she asked.


"Gorgeous." I replied while taking a bite out of the apple that was on the table. "The concerts were blasts and I met new friends along the way" 


"I heard you and Justin got into a fight" she said in a sad voice.


I sighed "We did but we talked it out" I knew that's what she wanted to hear... talked it out. Well, more like yelled and dated it out. 


"Good" She smiled "I also saw the news about you having a love trio with Justin's drummer boy." she eyed at me. 


"It was so not a love trio, Dan was just lending me his hoodie because I left mine in my dressing room" I defended.


"Yeah right" mom chuckled sarcastically.


"Honest!" I whined and stomped my foot like a child having a tantrum. 


She just smiled at me and returned to her cooking. A light reflected on her hand. "What's that on your hand mom?" I pointed to the ring that she wore.


"It's nothing" she quickly answered.


"Mom, are you hiding something from me?" I crossed my arms.


"Fine, you caught me. I wanted to tell you at the right moment but since you saw it, Well," she paused, thinking of the next words "Well I..."


Justin's POV


Mom parked the car in the garage. I was actually debating with her about letting me drive us but she said 'No Justin!' so I had no choice. I threw myself on my bed which has gotten smaller than ever. I kicked my purple supras off my feet, to the floor, and took my shirt and cap off. I wrapped the comforter around me and took a nap. 


Around 5:30pm, I was startled when my alarm clock went off. I swear I didn't turn it on! I pressed the snooze button and took a hot steaming shower. I wrapped the towel around my waist and went out of the bathroom. I walked to my closet and looked for something to wear, but I didn't. I went out of my room and walked into mom's room, still in the towel, I saw her grabbing a pair of shoes from her shoe rack.


"Hey mom, where's my luggage?" I asked her, water dripping from my hair.


"It's under your bed." she replied "And go dry yourself" 


I left her room and walked back to mine, I opened my luggage bag and pulled out a Red shirt that says "Taken for Good" and a pair of black jeans which really goes well with my Red Supras. 


I dried my hair and brushed it with my hand, I didn't bother to comb it. It's home. I sprayed bench all over me, it was a gift from Gen during our 3rd monthsary. I gave her an iPad which at first she didn't want to accept because I spent a huge amount of money on it but I won our mini debate anyways.


I grabbed my phone and dialed her number. She answered in two rings. "Hey shawty" I smiled.


"Hey Baby Bear, Whaddup?" she said.


"Nothing, just missing you" I said.


"Yeah Right, Justin. We saw each other like 2 hours ago" 


"And I miss you so much" 


She chuckled "Well, I miss you too Baby bear" She made a kissing sound.


"Got your kiss" I pretended to catch her kiss. "See you at Dinner Shawty" 


"See you, I love you" she reminded me.


"I love you too" I said.


She ended the call, I always wait for her to end the calls. 


Gen's POV


"Fine, you caught me. I wanted to tell you at the right moment but since you saw it, Well," she paused, thinking of the next words "Well I.. was just wearing it. I mean, can't a woman wear rings?" she said.


I rolled my eyes at her, "Mom, do you honestly think I'm that stupid? It's obvious that someone proposed to you" I smirked.


"Alrightey then," she sighed in defeat "I'm getting married to Raymond" she whispered his name loud enough for only me to hear.


"Raymond who?" I smirked. The name's familiar but don't quite remember.


"You know..." she paused "Your former swimming teacher"


"WHAT THE HELL?!" I gaped my mouth in shock and just in time I saw Nick entered. He got the point that I found out and as he was about to turn around "Nick, Stay!" I told him.


He looked back at me and smiled sheepishly. "Did you know about this?" I crossed my arms and gave him the LOOK. 


He was trying to fight it but eventually gave in "Yes, I did" he softly whispered.


"And you didn't bother telling me that my own mother is bethroted to my former swimming teacher?" I tapped my foot on the floor "A Brother you are" I said sarcastically. 


I walked up my room, leaving them hanging as if I was mad. I'm not really mad but to the fact that they didn't even bother telling me about it! It's like I'm not important in this household anymore. I covered myself under a red cotton blanket which mom bought me 2 years ago. I closed my eyes and pushed the thought away. 


After being separated with my bed, my alarm clock went off, Justin called me. I told him that I'll see him at dinner, I rushed in the bathroom and took a quick bath before changing into my Silver Dress which has a lenght of about mid-thigh. I paired it up with black boots and bangles. I didn't bother curling my hair perfectly, I'm at home dude! My hair need its vacation too. I brushed the tangles off my hair and when I was ready, I stepped out of my room. 


I saw Nick, Grace and mom waiting for me by the living room. I'm still annoyed at them. I didn't wait for them though, I just immediately went out of the house and walked to Justin's. I walked in a hurry to make sure that Nick won't be catching up with me. I slowed down my pace as I felt that the coast was clear. I looked up and saw the stars twinkling up so high. Reminds me of a poem I once wrote:


His eyes are like the stars up so high


They twinkle, glitter and light up the night sky


They give life to the darkness of night


In every might and in every fright.


 It's really deep especially the last line. In every might and in every fright, it actually pertains to those strong and weak people out there. I didn't realize that I was just in front of Justin's house, staring up the stars like a complete failure. 


I walked up to their door and gently knocked. I heard footsteps rushing down the stairs, Justin. I laughed as he opened the door because his shoes weren't even tied yet. "In a little rush, Justin?" I chuckled.


"I just really missed you" he kissed my forehead. "Really did" 


"I missed you too Justin" I hugged him tightly.


"So where's your mom, Nick and Grace?" he wondered while we release from each other's hug.


"They'll be here, shortly" I smiled and pulled him to their living room. 


We sat down beside each other on the couch, I kissed Justin 3 times and just as I was about to give him the fourth kiss, I heard a sound from behind me.


"We're here you know" I turned around and tackled Chaz to the floor with a hug. "Hey" He laughed


"Dude! I miss you like so so so so so so to the inifinite power MUCH!" I kissed him on the cheek "Life without you guys is BOH-Ring!" I whinned. Chaz stood up and helped me up. 


He fixed his shirt "I missed you too Shorty" he joked.


"Am not short!" I punched him on the arm playfully. "Where's Ryan?" 


"He's-" Chaz was about to answer when Ryan charged in.


"HERE!" He jumped in the living room


I squeeled and hugged him tightly "I MISSED YOU TOO, Idiot!" 


"Gen, You're hugging the life out of me" he choked.


I laughed and released him.


Justin cleared his throat "Uh, I'm still here?" he said.


"Aww, Is ickle wustin wealous?" Chaz mocked Justin in a baby voice.


"Don't worry wustin, you'll have your fun later" Ryan pinched Justin's left cheek which made Justin run after them.


Now this is the life! I laughed and ran after them. I found them running around the house like complete idiots, idiots which I love! After chasing each other's butts we went back to the living room. I heard the doorbell ring so I stood up and opened the door.


Before I could figure out who the person was, it tackled me to the floor with a hug. "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! GEN!" She shrieked in my ears, Fraye. She's my Bestest Bestie Buddy in the World.


"Oh my gosh, Fraye! I missed you so much!" I hugged back. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to call you, I was really busy with concerts and stuff" 


"It's okay Gen. You're famous! It's really not a big deal" she smiled, "So when is dinner gonna start?"


"I don't really know, I'm just waiting for Pattie to call me" I shrugged, "Let's go wait in the living room" I pulled her.


Here's a mini-trivia, Fraye doesn't know that Justin and I got back together. I don't think she even knows that I know Justin. As soon as we got into the living room, Fraye was in shock to find Justin.


"Oh-Oh-MY-GOSH!" She jumped up and down "Nobody pinch me! I-It's THE Justin Bieber!" 


"Justin this is Fraye, my bestest bestie buddy" I said, "Fraye this is Justin, my boyfriend" 


"So the rumors are true! You are Dating Justin!" She gaped


"It's practically not a rumor anymore" Chaz pointed out.


"Got that right My Man!" Ryan high-fived Chaz.


I rolled my eyes and pulled Fraye beside me and Justin. I was in the middle. I leaned on Justin's shoulder, "I'm hungry" I pouted.


Justin laughed "You're always hungry"


I straightened my back and covered my mouth in shock [Get it?] "I am not!" 


"You practically eat 4-5 times a day" he smirked.


"At least I'm not a pig who eats 3 times a day but eats at least 5 servings." I stuck my tongue out. I turned back to Fraye who seems to be lost in the moment. "EARTH TO FRAYE? You Okay?" Oh my Gosh! That totally Rhymes!


She snapped out of her daydream "Huh? What? What did I miss?" she asked in confusion.


I was going to answer but then Pattie called us for dinner. We all stood up and sat in the huge dining room they had. In the middle of the room is a mahogany table that can fit 9 persons, Specifically Me, Justin, Pattie, Fraye, Ryan, Chaz, Mom, Grace and Nick. On each side of the square table are three chairs. I sat in between Justin and Chaz while Fraye sat in between Pattie and Ryan. Mom sat beside Nick and Grace.


"Finally! I'm getting bumbed with all the waiting." I said. Mom helped Pattie in serving the dishes, I rolled my eyes. When we were all settled, There was complete silence.


Pattie started the conversation "So.. It's been a while since we ate all together. Right?" she smiled at everyone "And It's also been a while since you guys last saw Justin and Gen." She eyed me then looked at mom "Anything new Sef? News?"


I interrupted "Actually Pattie, Mom is getting married to my swimming teacher. Isn't that great?" I blurted out. Everyone was in deep shock from the words that escaped my mouth. 


"You are?!" Pattie asked in shock, looking at mom who was blushing red. She nodded.


I smirked. "Didn't even bother to tell me" I murmured under my breath.


The Dinner went on and on and on. It was a mistake telling them about Mom's engagement because the whole dinner was about her wedding. Everyone was excited except for... Yes, You guessed it. Me.


I'm not Mad because she's getting married, I'm mad cause she never told me! 


To take things off that topic, Right now, I'm in my room. My HOUSE. I'm reading Breaking Dawn which mom gave me as an apology. It's sorta' obvious that I accepted.


I pulled my macbook Air and logged on to Skype, I saw that Justin is online so I started a convo with him.


(A/N: None of the Skype usernames here are true. Don't even try searching them)


MiSsGenB: Justin <3


JustDrewIt: Gen <3


MiSsGenB: What'cha doing? :)


JustDrewIt: Nothing much, Just talking to my favorite girl. :*


MiSsGenB: Who's the lucky Girl? :)))))


JustDrewIt: Do I have to answer that? XD


MiSsGenB: Yes, Yes You do. 


JustDrewIt: She's a beautiful girl from Canada, She looks 110% Like you. Her name is YOU.


MiSsGenB: Awww Shucks, :''> I'm flattered in every sense. Don't warreh, You're my ONLY Favorite Boy. 


JustDrewIt: I know :* That's why I love you.


MiSsGenB: Hey, What happened to your stalker? I think her name is Kalie? Or was it a T...


JustDrewIt: Oh Katie? I don't really know. She didn't bug me after we left London. Must've found another guy. Good for her. :D


MiSsGenB: Yeah.. But what If she suddenly comes back and ruins everything again? :O :(


JustDrewIt: Just Always remember that It's gonna be YOU AND I... There's no HER in that. :) I got to go, Mom's taking me on presents shopping. Love You! 


MiSsGenB: Hahaha :)) Sure ! Love you more. :D XD :bdbdbdbd


JustDrewIt: Love ya most. 


-JustDrewIt has logged out-


I scrolled down to see who else is online and found Daniel! I clicked on him and started a conversation.


MiSsGenB: DAAAAAAAAAN!!! :)))))) I'm Hyped.


DoubleDan: Should I know why? XD


MiSsGenB: Of course! :)) I'm Hyped because I'm in love With Justin Drew Mallette Bieber born on March 1, 1994 at 12:56am on a Tuesday. 


DoubleDan: Stalker.


MiSsGenB: Correction, LOVER. :pdpdpdpd


DoubleDan: Yeah Right...


MiSsGenB: I'm Awesome.


DoubleDan: I'm Awesomer :)




DoubleDan: Hahahah :)) You're funny kid. Now go play with your Leggos.


MiSsGenB: =0000! Never. Insult. Leggo. In. Front. Of. Me! :/// Hurtful! XD


DoubleDan: Hey, Catch you later. Need to go practice for the concert they hired me. Bye.


-DoubleDan has logged off-


Bored. Bored. Bored. Maybe I should go christmas shopping? Yeah I should, I mean, It's like only 2 weeks before christmas and I haven't even bought Justin a gift. I forced myself up the chair, Curse my laziness, and grabbed my wallet. 


I pulled my jacket which was hanging on the coatrack. I wore it around me and I left for the mall. Trust me, I did not forget my glasses this time. 


I'm going to find the perfect gift for Justin. 


I walked around the mall for maybe about, 5 times? Looking for a gift. I walked more and finally, Something caught my eye...




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