Never Again

Genevieve Margarette is not your average girl, in fact, She is Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend. Unfortunately, Yes. She swore to Zeus and to all the other Gods and Godesses out there that she will never fall in love with him again that is, until they cross each other's path again.

Will her hatred stop her from loving him again? Or will she let her heart make her choices?


3. Mr. Bieber, Meet the Other Lover


"Mummy, who's the kid staring at mwe?" He was staring at me while eating my Ice Cream. 




"AHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed in shock. "Stupid alarm clock!" I took the alarm clock and slammed it on the floor. That's what you get for waking me up. 


"Geez Gen, can you not make a racket early in the morning?" Chaz complained.


"You scared the hell out of me" Ryan said.


"That's what you get for buying those loud alarm clocks, Gen" Justin smiled while rubbing his eyes.


"Ugh, whatever. I'm going to take a bath" I said, storming off to the bathroom.


Justin's POV


I stared at Gen as she storms off to the bathroom to take a bath. Looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She must've had another dream about how she met me. Nick told me that Gen started having dreams about me after we broke up.


Chaz and Ryan crossed their arms and looked at me. "What? I didn't do anything." I denied.


"Sure you didn't" Chaz said sarcastically.


"I really didn't, Honest!" I whinned.


"Okay JB, whatever you say" Ryan turned around and started changing clothes.


I rolled my eyes and used the other bathroom. I took a warm shower and changed into my black jeans, white shirts, purple sweater-like jacket and my purple supras. I looked at my reflection.


"Looking good Mr. Bieber" I admired myself.


"Seriously Justin?"


I turned around and saw Gen, looking hot in her purple dress. Oh God, I sound like an old perverted man. Why am I even talking to myself? I think I'm going bananas. "Staring is Rude Dude. Wow! I just found a new nickname for you, Rude Dude" She cheered.


I couldn't utter a word, not with her looking that beautiful. "Justin, Gen! Come on we have to leave now" Mom yelled from the door. Ahh, thank God she broke the awkward silence.


"Let's go!" I said. After few minutes of driving and getting lost, we finally arrived!


"So Justin, you'll escort Gen okay? Chaz and Ryan, you'll escort each other" Mom said. I can never argue with mom, I love her too much. 


"Ok mom." I replied.


I went out of the Car and opened the door for Gen. Cameras were flashing Everywhere. This is why I couldn't let anyone know about me and Gen. I wouldn't want to ruin her freedom. Who would even want paparazzi's following her all day, right? 


Gen's POV


Cameras here, Cameras there, Cameras Everywhere! What could the tabloids be saying tomorrow? "Justin Bieber's special someone?" Oh no, that'll never happen. I will never, EVER get linked to Justin. I'd rather be seen naked than being called as Justin's special someone.


Justin held out his hand and I took it due to my nervousness. "You'll be fine" Justin whispered in my ear which sent electric shocks through me. I missed that feeling when his words gave me butterflies. I smiled as we walk towards the huge door going inside the theater. Justin was greeted by Daniel Radcliffe.


"So nice to see you Justin" Daniel said in his british accent which was sexy.


"Nice to meet you too Daniel, so uh, This is Gen my bestfriend" Justin introduced me to him. 


"Nice to meet you Gen, my, you look dashing" Oh God, If ever this was a dream, don't you dare wake me up. Daniel's British accent is so damn sexy! I think I'm gonna faint.


"Aww shucks, you flatter me Mr. Daniel" I blushed.


"I'll take you to your seats" Daniel said.


We nodded and followed him to our chairs. The place was spectacularly decorated. There were lots of famous icons everywhere. I wonder whom I'll be seated next to. 


Oh Boy, Justin. He's gonna sit on my left side while the Person on my right is a guy named Bertie Gilbert. Never heard of him until now. After a few minutes, a blonde, british guy sat on the empty space beside me. He must be Bertie Gilbert. 


"Hi There, I haven't seen you before. Who are you?" I asked him. "I'm Genevieve Margarette by the way, but you can call me Gen" 


"You must be American, your accent is different. The name's Bertie Gilbert. You can call me Bertie. I play Scorpious Malfoy, It's a short role though" He said.


"I'm sure you did great!" I cheered him up. "And I'm not American, I'm Canadian." 


"I see, who's your date for this evening?" He asked.


Date? "Uh, I don't really have a date" I laughed. 


"What do you mean you don't have a date? Do I look invisible to you?" Justin interrupted.


Justin's POV 


"Uh, I don't really have a date" She laughed. What? She's denying me as her date? 


"What do you mean you don't have a date? Do I look invisible to you?" I interrupted their conversation. I know it's rude but isn't it more rude to deny a person?


"Let me give out two points. First, I never agreed that you'll be my date. Second, you're my 'Escort' which is completely different from a date" She smirked.


I was about to say something when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to my left and saw Demi. 


Gen's POV 


I rolled my eyes at him as he floated away towards Demi Lovato. So much for paying attention. I returned my view to Bertie who looks really confused. "Sorry about him, he's nuts." 


"Don't mention it. Is he your boyfriend?" he asked.


I gave out a loud sigh. "He's my ex-boyfriend... " I whispered so only he can hear. I felt tears forming in my eyes but I stopped them from falling. "But that was years ago" I smiled.


He has the worried look on his face "I'm sorry for asking"


"It's no biggy besides, I'm happy with my life now" I said trying to lighten up the mood. "So when is this movie gonna play?" I changed the topic.


"It's supposed to start around..." He paused looking at his watch "Now"


"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BRACE YOURSELVES. YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THRILL IN EVERY SCENE. WE BRING YOU, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART2" The host announced. If I'm right, this boy looks like Neville Longbottom.. What was his real name again? Uhh....


"Matthew Lewis" Is Bertie some sort of mind reader?


"How'd you know I was trying to figure that out?" I paused "Are you related to Edward Cullen?" I put on a shocked face.


"Haha. Very Funny" He sarcastically laughed.


I smiled and looked at the big screen. The movie was starting.


After an hour.. I think? The movie ended. I looked to my right to find a missing Justin. So much for being my Escort. I looked to my left and saw Bertie staring at me. Weird. I waved my hands in front of him but he still won't budge.


"Earth to Bertie?!" I said making him snap out of it. I raised my left eyebrow.


"Uhh... Sorry. It's just that" He paused "Nevermind"


I'm so confused with him. It's so hard to tell what he's thinking of.


"Can I ask you something?" Bertie said breaking the silence.


"Sure, Ask away" I flashed a smile.


"When are you leaving for Canada?"


"On friday, about 4 days from now."


He looks sad. Why dude? WHY?! "Oh, you're leaving so soon"


"Hey, I still got 4 days. What do you say we go get something to eat?" I winked.


He flashed a smile that made my heart skip a beat. Like what Justin did to me before.


"I'd love that" He said.


I smiled and pulled his hand towards the door. I spotted Justin talking to Tom Felton. AYE! It's TOM FELTON! I walked near them. "Hey Justin, I'm going somewhere with Bertie. Tell Mom that I'll be back before dinner"


"You're not leaving without me" Justin said.


"I'm not 12 anymore Justin. I can handle myself, besides. Bertie's with me" I'm actually trying to rub it in his face that I'm so over him. 


"I'm coming with you" Justin said.


"You're just going to ruin the fun, Dude" I winked.


"I said I'm coming." He looked mad.


"Fine but you better not get caught by your adoring fans. Okay?" I smiled. "Oh hi Tom! Nice to see you and sorry for ruining your conversation with Justin. I'm Gen by the way"


"It's alright, Gen. I better go, Nice meeting all of you" He waved and went to where Daniel and Rupert are. I looked at Bertie who was waiting behind me. I took his hand and Justin's hand on the other. I pulled the both of them outside, towards the car. Cameras flashing everywhere. I pushed Bertie inside (Not that hard) and I went in, then Justin. So I was in the middle. And I was being squished.


I had my arms crossed because I don't know where to lean, Left or Right. Bertie or Justin.


I just held on to it until we reached this fancy restaurant that Bertie pointed out. How'd he know he places here? Well duh, he's from London! Justin went out first and held the door open for me. Bertie raced to the front door and held it open for me. Geez, BOYS.


I wanted to sit near the window but I forgot. I have two celebrities here. I sighed and pulled them up the second floor. I sat still near the window but I told Justin, the famous boy, to sit FAR from the window. The waitress gave us our menu and was flirting with Justin. She kept winking and raising her skirt. SLUT ALERT!


I read the menu and looked at those Horrible prices. "Are you guys sure we should eat here?" I gulped. "May I remind you that I'm poor."


"Don't worry, I'll pay" Justin winked.


"No, I'll pay. I mean, I was the one who chose this place" Bertie suggested.


"I don't think you even have the money to.." I kicked Justin before he can even finish his statement.


I gave Justin the 'Shut-up-before-I-hurt-you' look and he got the point. I smiled at Bertie and said "Don't worry 'bout it Bertie. Justin will pay, he's a meanie" Bertie Laughed at the thought.


The whole day went by fast. I was actually enjoying my time with Bertie and... Justin. We're at the Park now, taking a walk until my phone rang. I answered it. "Hello?"


"Honey, come home. It's getting late" Mom said "Bring Justin along"


"Okay mom" I hung up.


I sighed well, more like growled "We have to go home. Mom's looking for us" I rolled my eyes.


"I'll take you home, Gen" Bertie suggested.


"No Thanks, Bertie." I shook my head. "You need to go home too, I bet your mom is wondering where you are" Nooo Bertie! Stay, don't leave me with Justin! 


He nodded "Okay, See you guys tomorrow"


I waved my hand and I pulled Justin towards the car. We drove home. Mom was waiting for us in front of the hotel. "Do you know what time it is young lady?" She looks mad, MAD I TELL YOU!


"I'm sorry mom, Justin pulled me out of the Theater." I said blaming everything on Justin.


"No I didn't!" Justin whinned.


"Oh stop Lying Justin. Just admit that you're still not over me" I winked.


He remained silently still. I looked back at mom "I'm going to bed, It's been a long day" I ran to my room, correction. OUR ROOM. I took my laptop out and went on to facebook. I posted "Long day today. How are you guys? It's pretty cold here in London. Justin took me out on a date. So Did my new friend Bertie, how sweet <3"


After few minutes, Justin replied. "It was not a date"


"Pshh, stop denying" I commented back.


"Why would I deny if it's not true?"


Fine, he wins this round. I didn't comment back, instead I viewed my Friend requests. Bertie wants to add me so I accepted. I looked at his pictures and he looks so cute.


He also commented on my status.


"It was fun and you looked pretty"


Awww shucks! I feel so flattered . But it'll never be true. I'm not Pretty, I'm gorgeous! Hahaha!


"You got good humor there Bertie" I replied.


"I'm serious :)" He replied.


I didn't reply back. Haha. I logged off and slept.

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