Never Again

Genevieve Margarette is not your average girl, in fact, She is Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend. Unfortunately, Yes. She swore to Zeus and to all the other Gods and Godesses out there that she will never fall in love with him again that is, until they cross each other's path again.

Will her hatred stop her from loving him again? Or will she let her heart make her choices?


2. London, Here we go.


Chapter 2

I'm currently packing my bags for our flight to London. I'm thrilled since it'll be my first time to visit there and this is the first ever premiere that I would be attending. And let me remind you, it's not just a premiere, it's THE PREMIERE of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I'm dying to catch a glimpse of Tom Felton and the rest of the cast in person.


The only thing that's making me have second thoughts is the fact that Justin would be coming with us. If only I was famous then maybe I'd be invited to lots of premieres too and wouldn't need someone like him to accompany us. 


"Gen! Pattie and Justin will be arriving soon. We're going to pick them up at the airport, Okay?" Mom yelled from downstairs. I rolled around my bed trying to ruin my outfit. There is no way I'm going to look good with him around!


"Yes mom! Just call me when we're off" I yelled back. I can't wait to see the look on Justin's face when he sees the new me. I've been prettier (that's what they say) and hotter (that's what they also say) too bad everyone will see him with the ragged looking me. This would be a big hit! I'd be famous. I can already imagine the tabloids tomorrow: Justin Bieber, Doesn't have a choice? 


I was laughing like there was no tomorrow but managed to calm myself down when I fell flat on the floor. "Gen, The car's here. We have to go" Nick said, bursting inside my bedroom.


I immediately stood up from the floor and glared at him, "Don't you people know how to knock? I mean, what if I was changing clothes? Then you would've seen my Oh-So-Sexy-and-innocent body. They didn't invent the door for nothing, dear brother" 


"Stop nagging and get down will you? Mom's gonna kill us if we arrive late" He pulled me downstairs and pushed me into the car. Sometimes I wonder if he's really my brother. I mean, what kind of brother would pull his own sister and push her inside the car? Oh yeah, mine. 


I took my ipod out and played 'Starships' by Nicki Minaj. I love singing and rapping. Nick and Grace was staring at me as if I just escaped a mental hospital but I didn't care. It's a habit of mine to sing out loud.


After a long drive to the airport, We walked towards the field where Justin's Private Jet will land. He's really living the life, the Not so Peaceful life, that is. "Oh Look, he's not here. We should go" I was about to walk away when Grace grabbed my arm.


"Scared to see the guy who left you, sissy?" She gave me an innocent smile. I think I'm gonna puke. That smile doesn't suit her. It makes her look... decent. 


"Hell no, why would I be afraid? He should be the one to get scared. Look at how you turned into a complete monster, I doubt he'd even come near you." I laughed. 


She glared at me before she returned to Nick's side. She's flirting with him but the whole world knows that Nick will never hit on his own sister. I started laughing on my own. What could be Justin's reaction when he sees Grace hitting on Nick? Hahaha! 


The plane finally arrived. A red carpet was rolled across the path and down the stairs went the guy who left me looking even hotter than before. I mentally slapped myself. Snap out of it Gen, you're already living a peaceful life so don't ruin it. 


"Bieber" I greeted him in a cold voice. I sound so bitter.


"So we're on a last name basis? Alright then, Margarette" Justin smirked.


"Ang slow mo talaga kahit kailan" I'm fluent in speaking Filipino since there are lots of them in my school and they're really kind people. 


"Huh? Can you please stop speaking in another language?" He has a puzzled look on his face. If only I had a camera. His face is priceless!


"Nothing, don't mind what I said. It's not important" I rolled my eyes.


"You haven't changed a bit... Mentally. But Physically?" He whistled while checking me out from head to toe. "You improved a lot" 


"What are you trying to say?" I asked him.


"You became hotter" He winked. I stuck my tongue out at him and walked towards the car. I sat at the back of the car knowing that Justin hates it there but out of luck, I forgot that he's with his mom so we're fully loaded and Justin has to sit at the back.


Sweet Niblets.


We arrived at Justin's house or how I like to call it as 'Bieber Manor'. It's big but not as big as our house here in Canada. Not that I'm boasting. We'll be staying here until tomorrow since mom's afraid we'd be late tomorrow. Chaz and Ryan would also be staying here.


In short, those who will go to London tomorrow will be Me, Mom, Grace, Nick, Pattie, Justin, Chaz and Ryan. I hope things would be great and there won't be anything bad.


I woke up the next morning feeling excited as ever. I took a warm shower and ate my breakfast. They all did the same thing and we went straight to the airport.




We finally arrived at London! Do you know the torture I went through the whole plane ride? I was seated beside a pervert. I was wearing short shorts and a tank top plus a jacket. He would always stand up and rub his legs on mine. He also stares a lot at my breast. It's creepy.


Thank God my Brother, Nick, noticed it and he exchanged seats with me. 


So anyways we're staying in a hotel which I don't know the name is. I'm in room 345, I share rooms with the group aka Justin, Chaz and Ryan. Yes I know that I'm a girl. I was actually placed with Grace but she told mom that she'll be doing some 'business' in her room and doesn't want me to see it.


I hate it when she makes great excuses.


"Want to snuggle with me Gen?" Justin joked.


"Oh shut it Justin. Just because mom's not here doesn''t mean you could abuse me" I playfully hit him on the arm and stuck my tongue out at him.


"I'm not abusing you" Justin said.


"Uh, Yes You are, hunny" I said.


"Aww Shucks, Shawty called me hunny! I'm flattered" He said pretending to be blushing.


"I don't think we'll be able to get some sleep Chaz" Ryan interrupted.


"I couldn't agree more Ry" Chaz said.


"Pssh, I'm gonna take a shower" I stood up and headed for the shower.


After I did my Stuff in the bathroom, I wrapped a towel around me went outside.


"Damn, you look hot" Justin whistled.


I rolled my eyes and took my PJs and went to the walk-in closet thingy they have here. After I was done, someone knocked on the door. Geez, can't they wait?


I opened the door to see Justin. He pushed me inside and locked the door. (Not that hard of a push)


"What do you want Justin?" I asked in an annoyed tone. 


"We need to talk" He said in his soft voice that I really missed.


"I'm tired" I was about to walk out of the door but he stopped me.


"Just hear me out, okay?" He said.


I leaned on the wall and crossed my arms. "Go on" 


He took a deep breath and said, "When I broke up with you, that day I was going to leave for Atlanta, I told you that it was for you right?" 


"Yeah, you did. You told me that it was for my own good, breaking up with me. That it was for my own good that's why you chose to break my heart. Anything else?" I gave him a bitter smile.


"That was never my intention Gen, I broke up with you because I'll be busy with tours and other stuff that is included in the popstar package. I'm also afraid that if this will leak throughout the world, they'll hurt you and won't give you a peaceful life." Justin said catching his breath.


"Nice Excuse, but I won't buy it. *Yawn* I'm going to bed." I gave him a pat on the shoulder and went out of the closet. I honestly do not get the point on why he has to bring the past up. It's not like we could turn back time and change everything.


As soon as I reached the bedroom, I found Ryan and Chaz asleep on their beds. I walked over to my bed and jumped in, I pulled my blanket closer and closed my eyes.


I want everything to be perfect tomorrow.


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