Never Again

Genevieve Margarette is not your average girl, in fact, She is Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend. Unfortunately, Yes. She swore to Zeus and to all the other Gods and Godesses out there that she will never fall in love with him again that is, until they cross each other's path again.

Will her hatred stop her from loving him again? Or will she let her heart make her choices?


4. Here we go Again


Chapter 4

I woke up to the smell of pancakes in the air. I didn't know they had a kitchen in a hotel room but anyways, I love pancakes! I just can't get enough of them. I stormed outside my room and headed to the kitchen where I spotted 2 Faces. Justin and Bertie. Okay, First, How'd Bertie find where I'm staying? Second, Why is Justin eating that delicious pancake?


Justin stared at me for a second then looked back at his pancakes. Why is he acting so strange?


"Good Morning Bertie, Justin" I greeted and sat beside Justin snatching his pancake and taking a bite.


"Hey! That's my pancake!" Justin cried. For a celebrity, he sure is selfish. 


"Didn't anyone teach you to share your blessings?" I took another bite out of his pancake. I just LOVE pancakes. Bertie was staring at us like we're some sort of wacko' maniacs. Sorry for the word. 


"So, what brings you here on a cold morning, Bertie?" I smiled looking at his adorable eyes. Yes, they are adorable but not as adorable as Justin's eyes. Okay, maybe I'm not so over Justin but it's not my fault he came back in my life so sudden!


"I just wanted to cherish the time you'll be here. Let's make the most out of it" He winked which made my heart skip a beat like Justin used to. 


Justin looks like he could smash a brick in two. Seriously, What is up with him? "Awww shucks Mr. Gilbert. It's so sweet of you! So where are we off to?" I asked while twirling few strands of my hair.


"I'm actually going over to Dom's house. He's my bestfriend. We're filming Videos for youtube, do you know that?" He said.


I was amazed, he was on youtube and I never even noticed him? That's so unlikely of me!


"I'd Love too" I eagerly said. "I'll just take a bath. Wait for me here" I ran like a little girl to the bathroom and started taking a bath.


Bertie's POV


Justin and Gen look like a perfect couple and I can see that they still have feelings for each other. They just won't admit it, well, I'll be sure to bring them back together even just as bestfriends. Gen ran to her bedroom like a little girl which made me giggle a little. Justin is glaring at me, I knew it. He's Jealous. 


"Dude, I know that you have that part in you that wants to date Gen but You CAN'T date her. You got that?" Justin slammed his fist on the table.


"And why is that, Mr. Bieber? Last time I checked you're his ex-boyfriend. What right do you have to tell me that I can't date her?" I smirked. I feel a little competetive right now.


"Because I'm gonna be her future husband." He gave me a death glare.


"I bet you won't even have the guts to tell her you still want her back." I smiled.


"Is that a bet?" He held out his hand and I took it. 


I smirked "It's a bet."


After few minutes, Gen was already done and was wearing her cute casual blue shirt and Jeans. She also has a Peace necklace around her neck. This Girl has a sense of style.


I smiled at her. "May I say, You look dashing Ms. Margarette" I joked.


"Why thank you Mr. Gilbert. So what did I miss?" She looked at me then Justin then back at me.


"I was just inviting Justin to come along with us and he said yes." I said.


"I did?" Justin asked. He's so complicated. I looked at him with my 'Yes-you-did' eyes. "Oh I did! Yeah, I was actually just going to change. Be right back" He rushed to his room.


"Why'd you have to invite Justin? He's just going to ruin our date" She mumbled the last word.


"What was that?" I asked.


"Nothing, I said he was going to ruin our day" She can sure make some pretty good excuses but I'll find out what she said.


I let out a tiny laugh. "So how was your sleep? Pretty Good? or Was is Pretty bad?" I asked.


"It was Wicked!" She used the quote Rupert Grint aka Ron weasley said in Harry Potter. 


"Now isn't that something?" I laughed which made her smile. No wonder Justin is crazy over her, her smile can lighten up anyone's mood.


Justin appeared behind her, all dressed and ready to go. "Let's go" I said heading towards the door and opening it for Gen. I have to keep my reputation. I went out after her leaving Justin behind. I walked beside Gen.


Justin's POV 


I looked at them walking in front of me, laughing and all. I couldn't give Gen that kind of happiness since I'm famous and will never be able to give her a normal date. I sighed at the thought of us never getting back together again. I can feel the cold breeze right through my jacket which I wore to prevent being identified by my Loving fans. I love my fans but sometimes they just go wild. Too wild.


I noticed Gen was staring at me. "Something on my face?" I asked her making her snap out of it.


"Why are you in such dull mood? Did Freddie visit you last night?" She teased.


"Haha. You're so funny Gen" I said sarcastically.


"I know right" She laughed and turned back to Bertie. 


I have to get her, no matter what it takes! I want her back so bad. After 30-40 minutes of walking, we're finally here! Bertie's friends are there, laying on the grass. Seriously? Geez. "They look like nut-whacks" I whispered to Gen.


"Seriously Justin? Nut-whacks? Can't you think of more mature words?"


 I smirked.


Gen's POV


What is up with Justin? It's the first time I've seen seem in such a dull mood.


Bertie pulled my hand towards his friends. 


"Gen this is Dom" He pointed to the blonde guy.


"Roy" He pointed to the dark guy with thick eyebrows and Gray-ish eyes.


"and Harrison" He pointed to the dude with Dark brown-almost-like-jb's-hair. 


"Nice to meet you guys" I smiled and waved. 


"So today we're going to shoot our first ever Tumblweed video for our new youtube channel" said the guy named Dom in his sexy British Accent.


"Cool" I'm trying to be as cool as possible and not do anything clumsy.


So there we go, they shooted for like, 3 hours 'cause it's very hard to perfect their roles. They had like 10 takes for one scene. I was laughing the whole time. Justin had a fun day too, he was actually rolling on the ground literally.


I had a tiny part but I didn't want to put it in the video instead, Bertie kept it in his camera. I was making him delete it but he won't budge so I gave up in the end. 


Bertie walked us back home and we said our goodbye's. "So Justin, did you have a great time with Bertie?" I sat on the sofa, feeling awfully tired. It's like I ran for 20 miles. 


Justin sat beside me "Sure did" He said "You look cute when you're laughing so hard"


I was shocked at what he said. "I think there's something wrong with my ears, I'll just get some cotton buds" I was about to stand when Justin got hold of my hand which made me fall back on the sofa.


"What?" I'm slightly annoyed. I caught his gaze, I missed this so much. Him, Me, Us. I love every inch of Justin, except for his annoying side of course but my point is, I love him.


I was shifting gazes from his eyes to his lips. The butterflies are back. I could feel sparks everywhere. He was moving closer to me, our faces inches away. 


He was going to kiss going to kiss me! Ahh, I'm panicking right now, I don't know what to do. I know it's wrong but it feels so right! He was a centimeter away from my lips. My hands betrayed me, they made their way to Justin's neck.


I closed my eyes as his kissed me. Sparks everywhere inside of me, It was like a part of me came back from the dead. I still love him despite the heartbreak he gave me. 


"I'm home!" I pushed Justin away as I heard my mom coming in. I stood up and ran to my room, locking the door. I love that sensational feeling of his lips on mine, it's so addicting but No! He broke my heart and he's not getting me back with just a kiss. I'm not as cheap as Grace!


I heard a knock on the door. "Gen, Open up" It's Justin. 


"No way" I said.


"It's my room too, For your information" He has a point. 


I sighed and opened the stupid door for him then ran to my bed, covering myself with my blanket. "Let's talk about this tomorrow" Justin said.


"Look Justin, let's just pretend that nothing happened tonight. Just get to the point that there'll be no more us okay? We're through years ago" I cried "I'm going to sleep."


I cuddled my pillow and went to sleep. 


Stop making me fall for him again, Please. I don't want him to break my heart again.

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