Never Again

Genevieve Margarette is not your average girl, in fact, She is Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend. Unfortunately, Yes. She swore to Zeus and to all the other Gods and Godesses out there that she will never fall in love with him again that is, until they cross each other's path again.

Will her hatred stop her from loving him again? Or will she let her heart make her choices?


11. Do You Still Love Me?


Chapter 11

It's been months since my first concert with Justin and he's gotten busier than ever. We pass by each other and give smiles but other than that, no communication. Sometimes I start doubting us but I kept pushing the idea away. "He's just busy, I mean, He's a popstar" I thought to myself. But it got worst, this time there was ZERO communication at all. Not even a smile. 


I was walking in the hallway, lost in thought when I bumped into a guy I've never met before. "I'm sorry" we both said at the same time. We both laughed. "I'm Gen" I held out my hand, introducing myself.


He took it "Daniel, Daniel Logan but you can Call me Dan" he smiled. 


"When did you get here? I've only seen you today" I asked suspiciously.


"No need to investigate, Sherlock. I'm the new Drummer, from Los Angeles. Auditioned last week and well, I got the job and was sent here ASAP" he grinned. 


"Okay" I smiled, convinced. "So, have you met Justin yet?"


"Nope" he said, popping the letter P "But I plan on if I bump into him"


"Haha, yeah... Good Luck with that" I walked away but stopped when he caught to my shoulder.


"What do you mean?" he asked.


"Justin's been busy lately..." I sighed "too busy" I shrugged his hand off and walked away with confidence. I walked pass Justin's recording studio and found him asleep on the couch. He's working too hard... I walked inside and covered him with a blanket which was on the side of the couch. 


"I miss you" I whispered in his ear, I gave him a peck on the cheek before I left the room. I took my phone out and called Chaz. Him and Ryan went back to Canada for school while I'm homeschooled. 


Chaz answered his phone after 3 rings and by the sound of his voice, it seems like he's not getting some sleep. "Hey Chaz" I said.


Phone Conversation


Chaz: Sup Mama Bieber!


Gen: Very Funny Chaz, last time I checked you became Dada Sl*t


Chaz: Yeah, well Not anymore. I broke up with Blaze after finding out that she was cheating on me with 5 other guys.


Gen: Serves you right for allowing her to seduce you. So, who are you dating?


Chaz: I'm single Mama Bear.


Gen: Haha, Very Funny Chaz! But seriously, who are you dating?


Chaz: I am single! 


Gen: Oh My Gosh! Am I hearing this correctly? Chaz Somers, SINGLE?


Chaz: Very Funny Mama Bear, Look I have to go. Lots of projects that you'll never be able to suffer. 


Gen: Yeah Yeah. Bye! Oh and say hi to Ryan for me!


End of Phone Conversation


I ended the call and walked to across the street to Starbucks. I pushed the door softly and head towards the counter.


"I'll have Ice Cafè Latte please." I smiled at the countergirl as I pulled a twenty dollar bill from my wallet. I grabbed the Cafè Latte and left the money on the counter. I walked back over to the building where my phone received a text message. 





Wow, he sure can leave a message. I rushed to the Board room where I found Scooter, Usher, Justin, Pattie and L.A Reid. I sat down beside Justin. 


"What's up?" I gazed at them. 


"So the both of you are gonna sing Overboard for the concert on friday . Got that?" Scooter Ordered.


We nodded "When do we start practicing?" I asked.


"The sooner the better. If I were you, I'd start later" Usher said.


I smiled then looked down. This would be pretty awkward. 




So Yeah, Here I go to face Justin Yay! I wonder what sort of awkward moments we'll be having. I entered the recording studio and found Justin seated on the couch. I sat down too but far from him. Here comes the awkward silence!


"So Uhm... We should start practicing" he said.


"Uh.. Yeah" I took the song sheet lyrics on the table. We stood up and went inside the recording booth. I wore my headphones and so did he. The song started...


"It feels like we've been out at sea" I sang softly "So back and forth that's how it seems" "And when I wanna talk you say to me That if it's meant to be it will be" Thoughts of Justin ignoring me filled my head, "So crazy is this thing we call love And now that we've got it we just can't give up. I'm reaching out for you, Got me out here in the water And I" I continued.


"I'm overboard And I need your love Pull me up I can't swim on my own It's too much Feels like I'm drowning without your love So throw yourself out to me, My lifesaver, My lifesaver. Whoa" Justin sang the chorus. "I never understood you when you'd say, whoa. Wanted me to meet you halfway, whoa. Felt like I was doing my part, You kept thinking you were coming up short. It's funny how things change cause now I see.. Oh whoa.. So crazy is this thing we call love And now that we've got it we just can't give up I'm reaching out for you Got me out here in the water And I" I gazed at him as he sings, those words in the song..


I'm reaching out for you... That line killed me. If only Justin knew how much I miss him, How much I need him. How much I want to hold him. Tears formed in my eyes but I didn't look at Justin. I kept singing. 


"I'm overboard" Justin sang.


"Overboard!" I echoed.


"And I need your love" Justin continued.


"Your love!" I second voiced.


"Pull me up" Justin sang


"Pull me up!" I echoed.


"I can't swim on my own, It's too much" Justin looked at me, I looked away.


"It's too much!" I echoed again.


"Feels like I'm drowning Without your love So throw yourself out to me My lifesaver" Justin continued.


"It's supposed to be some give and take I know, But you're only taking and not giving anymore So what do I do? Cause I still love you And you're the only one who can save me" We sang at the same time.


Tell me Justin, What do I do? I still love you...


I couldn't hold my tears back, I took the headphones off my head and ran out the Recording booth. I ran as fast as I could, I heard Justin yelling my name but I didn't dare look back. I curled myself in a corner, buried my head in my hands. I cried... 


I'm crying again because of Justin, something I never thought I'd do again. Why do you have to make me cry all the time, Justin? Can't you see that I'm aching because of you? You're the reason behind every tear that escapes my eye. 


"Gen?" I heard a familiar voice... Dan. I didn't look up, I just stayed still. I felt him sit beside me. "What's wrong?" he asked. I didn't say a word. 


"It's okay if you don't want to tell me but if you do, I'll listen" he handed his hankerchief to me and I took it and wiped my tears away. 


"It's not a big deal, It's just stupid sensitive me" I forced out a smile.


"Well, whatever your problem is, I hope you get over it." He smiled at me "Now I got to go, As much as I'd love to stay with you, Usher is looking for me and I'm gonna get fired if I don't go" He stood up. 


"Thank you" I whispered loud enough for him to hear.


"Sure thing, Sweet cheeks" he said in a fake australian accent which made me laugh as he turned around and ran to Usher's office while I remained in where I am.


How could I face Justin now? After crying like a little girl. How in the world will I explain what happened? Ugh! Why does he have to be so insensitive? I want to punch him and make him feel the pain that I'm going through. 


You have to be strong... A voice echoed in my head. Who ever this voice is, It's right. I have to be strong no matter what. I stood up and walked to my sleeping room (I call it that) where i found Justin leaning on the wall, I tried to turn around but he called my name "Gen"


I sighed and turned to him, crossing my arms. "Yes?" I forced a smile. 


"Let's talk" He opened the door and we went in. I sat on my sofa while he sat beside me. "What happened a while ago?" 


"Are you really that dumb Justin? It was obvious that I ran out and cried" I said sarcastically. 


"Why?" He asked in a concerned voice.


I don't know how to tell him. I felt my tears forming again, Ugh! "Are you really that insensitive?" I mumbled under my breath.


"What?" He asked.


"I said, Are you really that Insensitive?!" I yelled at him. "You don't talk to me for weeks and now you act all concerned?! I'm not a toy, Justin!" I felt tears on my cheeks. I want to punch him so bad but I knew I couldn't do that.


"I...I-" He's lost for words.


"You know what Justin..." I whispered in a cold voice "If you can't even see what I've been feeling for the past weeks that you haven't talked to me, It's like telling me that my feelings don't matter anymore, Maybe we should stop this madness now before I get more hurt." I stood up and sat on the edge of the mini bed that was there. 


Justin followed and held my hands, I looked away. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. It's just that I've been busy a-and there's lots of--"


"Justin, I understand that you've been busy but that's not my point. I'll appreciate a smile once in a while but you didn't give me even one." Sadness filled my voice. No sense of joy in every word I've said.


"Please, give me one more chance.. I promise to be serious about this relationship, about you, about us" He pleaded.


I sighed, "I'll think about it" I whispered. 


He smiled "Please Do" He stood up and left the room.


Gen's Suite in Atlanta


I laid down in my bed and started thinking about if I should give Justin a second chance.


A tiny debate started in my head.


He is your first love, the first guy who made you fall like this.


But he broke your heart, TWICE!


So? He made you smile more than that.


He'll just do it again like he did before.


How do you know that? You ain't no Fortune teller. Besides, he loves you!


Yeah riiiighhtt... Someday i'll be saying I told you so.


Don't listen to her, she's just a crazy witch. Justin loves you! Follow your heart, go for it! 


My Positive Conscience is right, I should go for it. I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and dialed Justin's number. He answered in one ring


This is it, Tell him! "One more chance, that's it. No more extensions" I sighed.


I can feel that he smiled "I love you" 


"I love you more" I laughed.


"I love you most" He said "Be there in 10, wait for me" 


I ended the conversation and smiled at what I did. I called the information. "Dinner for two" was all I said. There was a knock on my door, I was all dressed. I opened it and saw Justin carrying a bouquet of Roses and chocolates. 


"You're really original aren't you Justin?" I said sarcastically.


"You don't like it?" He looks worried.


I shook my head. "I love it" I gave him a peck on the lips. "Now come on! I prepared dinner for us" I pulled Justin downstairs to the Dining area.


"Reservation Under Suite Number 28" I smiled at the Girl who was standing near the entrance. 


She scanned her list "Ah yes! Follow me" We followed her to a private area where a table was set with two chairs. There was two candles that were lit, a bottle of wine. "Wow, you guys are really amazing!" I complimented the girl. 


Justin pulled the chair for me, I sat down and so did he. "So... Now what?" I had a flirty smile on my face. 


"I don't know, what do you wanna do?" He smiled back at me, brushing his hair. 


I thought about something for a while but then I thought it was stupid. "I don't really know I mean, I'm not used to people taking me on dates" I laughed.


"For the record, you took me on a date" He chuckled. 


"Oh yeah I did" I said cluelessly which made him smirk. Justin stood up and turned the slow music on. "Good thing I'm prepared" He joked.


He pulled me up, I laughed as we started dancing to the song. "For the record, you ain't a good Dancer" I said.


"Yeah Right Shawtie" He gave me a kiss.


I opened my mouth in shock, "No fair!" I kissed him back. "Now it's fair" I smiled.


The whole night was romantic. Well, it was for me! I enjoyed my time with Justin but something inside of me still hurts but I pushed that thought away. The thing important is that I love Justin and He loves me. 

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