This fanfic is not about one specific couple, or person. This revolves around all of their lives. This is co-written story so whoever wrote the last chapter, it will have their name on it. Hope you enjoy. :)


3. Crushes...

Jade's P.O.V.
The next morning I woke up in my soft, king size bed. We have school today so I quickly got up and changed into my newest designer outfit. It was a medium length dress floral, strapless dress. I texted Kendall and Tesla, "Wear your newest outfit today. xx" I quickly put on my make up, brushed my teeth, and put on my newest heels. I grabbed my leather purse the went GREAT with my dress and headed out the door. This is a usual morning for me. I'm never usually late. I sometimes skip school to hang out with Harry or the Pops. I got into my solid pink mustang and drove to school. My parking space is right beside the Pops. We all have the same cars. Even the color is the same. I pulled into school and met up with Kendall and Tesla. "Hey girls! Omg your outfits are sooo adorable!" I cheered. We chatted for a bit, then I felt two muscular arms wrap around my waist and soft lips kiss my shoulder. "Hey babe." A deep, British accent said. I smiled and turned around. "Hey." He stepped closer to me and put his lips close to my ear. "I can't wait for our 2 year anniversary on Friday." His warm breath sent chills slivering down my spine. "Me either." I replied. "Don't mean to interrupt your massive "turn on scene", but we need to get to class." Kendall told us. Harry took my hand and we all walked into the school side by side. My heels clicked across the floor as I made my way to my first class. Before the school year started, I made sure that I had my crew in my class. I used to sit beside Harry, but the teacher separated us because we were too "romantically involved". I guess we did make out alot, but I don't care. He moved me beside a guy named Louis Tomlinson. He's a really nice guy. "Okay class you have 10 minutes of free time before class." Mr. Adams said. I smiled as everyone started to move about the classroom. I got up and sat on Harry's desk, but that didn't last for long because he pulled me onto his lap. "Who has the best boyfriend ever?" He asked in between kisses. "Me." I replied. "No romance in class, you two!" Mr. Adams scolded. I rolled my eyes and giggled. I just love free time!
♪Louis's P.O.V.♪
I was extremely happy now because Mr. Adams assigned Jade to the seat directly beside me. Now I get to smell the sweet scent of her expensive perfume the whole entire period. "Okay class you have 10 minutes of free time before class." Mr. Adams said. I smiled as I was just about to make my move when Jade got up and strutted to Harry. I sighed and walked up to Niall's desk and sat beside him. "Hey." I said glumly. He looked at me and replied, "What are you doing sitting here? You're supposed to be talking to Ja-" he turned around and saw Jade and Harry having a deep make out session and knew exactly why I wasn't talking to her. He patted my back, "I'm sorry, lad. It's her loss." "Thanks Nialler." I thanked him for trying to comfort me, but this is just....... unbearable.

***Authors' Note*** ~Jade wrote this chapter~ :D


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