This fanfic is not about one specific couple, or person. This revolves around all of their lives. This is co-written story so whoever wrote the last chapter, it will have their name on it. Hope you enjoy. :)


1. Homework...

Chapter 1 TORN
♪Niall's P.O.V.♪
I woke up to my brother, Louis shaking me,"Niall wake up,Liam turned our alarm off again"he shouted,ripping the blankets off of me. In case your wondering, Liam is my older brother and he hates both me and Louis. We did nothing wrong to him but,everything we do just seems to annoy him. "We have fifteen minutes Niall!" Louis yelled from the bathroom, I quickly changed into some black ripped up jeans, and an old T-shirt with some red converse. We didn't have time to eat breakfast and even if we did,we would just eat at school. My dad says only family is aloud at the table,and my brother and I are NOT considered family. Before I walked out the door with Louis, I snuck a piece of toast from the cupboard, hopefully my dad wouldn't notice.


We arrived at school ten minutes late, which I was kinda happy because we didn't have to see Zayn or Harry... Well at least not until lunch. Harry and Zayn are the meanest people you could ever meet, but for some reason they only bully us. I'm kinda scared of Zayn the most, because he's got all kinds of tattoos on his arm,and he just looks tough. Harry really doesn't look like a bully. I think that he's scared of Zayn and he doesn't want to disappoint him or something. My first three class flew by,and it was finally lunch time. When its lunch time, my brother Louis and I meet each other by our lockers, which are right next to each other. We got to watch out at lunch,because of Harry, Zayn and our brother, well our so called brother beats us up all the time. "You ready?" I asked my shaking brother next to me. He just nodded, and I slowly grabbed the metal handle on the blue lunch door. I opened it slowly, trying not to make the door squeak so no one would notice us slip in. As soon as we stepped inside, we already knew that people had noticed us, and they were looking at us with horror in there eyes. We started walking towards the lunch line,I kept hearing whispers, and finally the sound I was dreading. brother...calling my name. I turned around to see Liam with Harry, looking mad, and storming towards us pretty fast.... Oh no...
***A/N Hey you guys! This is me (Jade) and Kendall Shocks' new co-written FanFic! At the end of each chapter, the name of the co-writer will be written to show who wrote that chapter. Please comment your thoughts on it! :D ~Kendall wrote this chapter~

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