Pigs and Princesses

A girl's perspective on school, life, girl issues and the people she divides into her own little groups of different kinds of human....


2. Faker

Everyday at school is the same old, same old. Why does art even matter unless your going to be an artist. What is creating birdhouses out of Red Elm going to do for us when we graduate Charles Sturt? Why should the square root of pie (which I know is spelt differently) matter to us when we all want to be writers? Ursula Adelaide says her mother was in a movie and she want's to be one herself. I have to be honest, which my mother and father brought my up to be, when I say Ursula Adelaide is no Lisa Kudrow and I'm pretty confident she can't even say one word in drama without staring at the cracks in the ground. I thought eye contact was a part of making a scene believable? The whole time she's either looking at the portrait of Queen Elizabeth hanging above the cabinet, or she's staring at the red-hot blowlamp choking on dust bunnies in the corner. In my book she's a big faker. Her mother probably made it to auditions and never got the part. I'm coming up with and other group of people I can place some more of my so-called-friends into. Fakers should be one. 
I've finished my copy of Okay Barbie last night. So now I've got no book to read and two kilos of 'planed cherry' to use in the creation of my mailbox for wood tech. I asked my sister if she could take me for a haircut and to get my ears pierced but Wendy just smiled and flicked her hair and told me, "Holes in those flabby Buddah earlobes? You'd look better with a bullring in your nose." 
I had said,  "why not? You have your ears pierced."
"I'm seventeen,  missy. You're what? Eleven." 
"I'm thirteen Wendy." 
"So you're old?" 
"I'm not old!" 
"Shut up missy." 
Mum tackled Wendy last Sunday for calling me names, so now instead of calling me 'idiotic slimy, piece of winnie the poopy," she calls me missy. 

Most Saturdays now, I sit with mum on our lounge watching reruns of Bargain Hunt and drinking lime cordial from the bottle.

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