I met him online.

Layla meets someone online. She never expected who it was or how they became online friends.


3. Going to school

      So the school bell rang. "Drew" Is supposed to be here. Why did I even believe him? HE doesnt go to this school i bet. No boys OR girls really have a computer. I mean yea, most DO have like "Facebooks" , "twitters" and other networks but, no one seems stupid enough to actually have an account on "unknown person chat" . I remembered "Drew" saying he only came for music. My music teacher is Mrs.Durawn and She's my first period teacher. As I walk to her room, I see 3 boys already sitting down. I see thm everyday and none of them look like they'd have an account on the chat. I sit down. The teacher takes roll and i already know there's no Drew in Music. Music is different from Orchestra.  It only takes place on Fridays. We sing songs instead of playing them. There is no Drew. There is a Ben, Frank, Calvin, Ryan, Kyle and me. Yep, im the ONLY girl. I guess im the only one who actually appreciate REAL music. Anyways, when the teacher calls my name in the roll, Kyle looks at me. Like, not a "OMG, I've never noticed you before" kinda look..more like a "Hey, i think i know you.". Kyle always has his hood on, always looks down and never really talks to anyone.  And some of the other guys, Calvin and Ryan, dare laugh at him when he looks at me. I don't know why those idiots ever chose to take this class. All they do is laugh at me and Drew. Sometimes they laugh at Ben too. Because " We are the freaks" as they think. After we sing a bunch of songs, the teacher had to run to the bathroom. " I trust you guys. Don't do anything!" She said and she trotted down the hall.  As soon as she left, Calvin and Ryan got up and walked over to Kyle. " Hahaha! You and Layla sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" They'd say. Kyle rested his head on the table. "Aww..Is little lover Kyle upset? HAHAHA!!!"  Ryan said. " I know right!!  Haha!  I think he's embarrased! Hahaha!! Wait--let's ask Layla.." He said " Layla, do you like.....hehe...KYLE!?!"  That's it. Drew or not, I'm done with these two. "Shut up." I said scared but yet srtongly.  Frank made "ohhhhhh" sounds. " Oh. Getting upset?" Calvin said as he raised his hand to hit Kyle. "STOP!"  I shouted. I'm not just going to sit there as he got hit.  " Oh..if you're so in love that you want to protect him, hit me." He said back to me. " I'm sorry, I'm not aloud to hit girls." I said to Calvin. The room went nuts. "Oh yeah? Well I can." He said as he hits me across the face. 

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