I met him online.

Layla meets someone online. She never expected who it was or how they became online friends.


1. Getting online.

             With the $600 I earned from washing cars, walking dogs, babysitting, working at McDonald's and mowing lawns ALL summer, I decided to go to Best Buy and get a laptop. I've always had to share with my sister on her desktop in her room. So now I'll have my own to do whatever I want! "Come on guys! We're getting my laptop today!" I yell to my mom and sister, Jen. I grab my wallet with all my money in it, put on my EOS chapstick, check what i look like and ran out the door. As I waited for my mom and Jen to come down, my friend texted me the new Justin Bieber song.  "As love as you love me" . It's a really nice song. My mother finally comes down and my sister runs around saying she's getting an iPhone at Best Buy. We both have blackberry's and she's been trying to get an iPhone 4s since 8th grade. We finally arrive in Best Buy and i run-literally RUN to the laptops. I wanted a Macbook but they were almost $1000. So I ended up getting a really nice HP computer. Its blue and its big. I got it for $400 so i had about 100$ leftover after tax. I decided to use that $100 to buy Justin Bieber backstage passes to his next concert. My sister- who is 3 years OLDER than me was running and jumpig and begging on her knees for my mom to buy her an iPhone. Jen only has $40 and so she needs about $70 more dollars to get it. She was also staring at me and started to beg me to buy her an iPhone. No! Was my answer to every single question. After we paid and left I just checked out my computer and I found this website called "Unknown People Chat".

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