I met him online.

Layla meets someone online. She never expected who it was or how they became online friends.


2. Checking it out

                             I decided to make an account on it so I could possibly find a good friend. My username was " gladtobehere " and I got a friend request almost instantly. "New friend requst from " trytobeasecret "  do you accept?  "  I just couldnt stop staring at the username. Trying to be a secret? Yes i accept and if it turns out to be bad i'll just delete it! I sent a message and this is how it went:

You: "Hey! Since your'e my friend, I want to know more about you! tell me! " @ 5:41 pm

Trytobeasecret: " I am 18 years old. My name is Drew. What about you?" @ 5:47

You: " My name is Layla. Im 17 years old. :) " @ 5:49

Drew: "Hello Layla! Now tell me more about you!! Please?!"  @ 5:50

  I did not want to send "Drew" anythin about me..but i want to keep talking...we might end up being friends if he's telling the truth....

You: "I live in Maine. " @ 5:56

Drew: "I have 2 houses there!" @ 5:56

You: "HouseS?" @ 5:57

Drew: "I meant, house hahaha!" @ 5:57

You: " I think I'm going to find someone else to talk to! Bye." @ 5:58

Drew: "Please don't! Im not a stalker or anything! I promise! Please! I need someone to talk to!" @ 5:59

You: "uhhhh.......I will need proof. sorry. but if you dont have any proof i wont text you anymore." @ 5:59

Drew:  " Im 18. I live in New York. I do not have a girlfriend. I sing and dance. " @ 6:00

You: "I live in New York honestly. I go to Hetrod High School. " @ 6:00

  Did I really just type that?!?!?  I just told some "18 year old Drew" What high school i go to? oh lord!! 

Drew: "I go there too!  I guess Ill see you around! @6:01

You: "Whose class are you in and i'll try to guess who you are.." @ 6:01

Drew: " I dont LEARN at Hertrod, i go there for music. but I'll be there tomarrow so you'll have to figure out who i am and i have to figure out who you are. we're not allowed to ask people if they're us. we have to figure it out on our own!! See you later! I gtg! " @ 6:03


                    Guess I might know this guy...









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