17 year old, Belle Hynton gets a call from her cousin who asks if him and some friends could stay at her house for a couple weeks while they figured out their new tour dates. Your probably wondering, who is Belle's cousin? Belle's cousin is Niall Horan from One Direction. Niall has to go through some tough times with Belle and he stands up for her in fights at school and between close friends.


28. The Hospital


Im pretty sure that Im in the lead. Harry looks like some kind of sleeping beauty and Zayn just isnt doing very well. Im going to get Belle. I saved her life and Im just perfect! Zayn was good as new and ready to go home. Louis drove him home while Niall, Harry, Belle, and I all stayed. I dont get why Niall doesn't just go home.


I am super protective on Belle. And seeing her lying here in a hospital bed, is not a comfortable thing for me. I know that Liam, Zayn, and Harry all like Belle. She has troubles at school, so she doesn't like people calling her names or teasing her. I don't want her going out with one of the boys.. She will just get hurt more.. I looked up at Liam and Harry. Maybe I should just trust them. I don't know what to do!


Niall is staring off into the distance with a really serious face... That means he is thinking.. I wonder what he is thinking about. Probably food.

Within the next hour, Liam and Niall went home. Harry was still passed out. He was slightly smiling. Haha I wonder what he is dreaming about.. Its really cold in here! Yo! Doctor! Turn up the A.C.! Haha I like how I am just having a conversation in my head... Its kind of comforting. 

I went home and I saw that no one was home. I walked into my moms bedroom and looked around a little bit. It was really quiet. I wonder where the boys are. I walked into the kitchen and i saw some red stuff on the ground. It was either blood or cool-aid. I looked down at it. It was cool-aid. I walked into the garage and saw some more. but this was darker. Okay.. This was blood. Im getting worried. I walked and saw that the car was in the garage.. So the boys are here. I kept walking around to see where they were. I just need to stop worrying and just go take a shower or something. I walked into the bathroom and I got a towel. I opened the shower curtain and turned around and looked in the mirror. Oh   my fucking god! I turned around and saw all five boys laying in the bathtub. Oh my god.. Their dead..

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