17 year old, Belle Hynton gets a call from her cousin who asks if him and some friends could stay at her house for a couple weeks while they figured out their new tour dates. Your probably wondering, who is Belle's cousin? Belle's cousin is Niall Horan from One Direction. Niall has to go through some tough times with Belle and he stands up for her in fights at school and between close friends.


49. Presents!!!


We all gathered around the christmas tree. Dang! there were a lot of presents under the tree. I mean i guess its because ive never had a christmas with more that three people.. Harry put a santa hat on and went to pass out the first gift.. This christmas is amazing! Im surrounded by shirtless boys and im getting tons of stuff! This si the best christmas ever.

"And i'm going to hand out my presents all at the same time.. So here you go." Harry said as he passed all of us the presents. 

They were medium in size and were pretty heavy. I hope he didn't get all of us Wiis. We opened up our presents and i was having a little trouble with mine. I looked up and the boys were all looking at each other. I couldn't see what they all got, but im pretty sure i got the same thing. I finally got it opened and then i realized why everyone was looking at each other.. It was a nerf gun.. Everyone showed each other what they got and everyone got a different type of nerf gun. I feel like i got the best one because mine was small and automatic and it says that it can shoot up to seventy feet. I think Harry still has a thing for me...


I purposely got Belle the best nerf gun because i have to admit.. I still like her. I don't show that i still like her because she obviously likes Zayn. Ive only seen them kiss once. They cant be that serious. Maybe i can break theme up..


Louis went up to pass out his presents. Obviously he got everyone the same thing because he handed the presents out all at the same time. But mine was way bigger... The boys opened their presents up, while i waited for a little bit. They all started to laugh. They got the One Direction dolls. Harry got the Harry doll and Niall got the Niall doll and so on.

"And i sent them back to the company and they re-programmed them to sing their individual parts. So if you press the button on their belly at the same exact time, they will all sing together and they will sing their own parts!"

All the boys were looking at me and i started to un wrap my present. It was a box...

"Well... Open up the box!" Louis said.

I opened up the box and there were all of the One Direction dolls... But no. There was one more. I smiled a little bit and turned it over. It was me! I have fricken doll that is me! I smiled and laughed.

"It even sings. While we were singing karaoke, i recorded you singing to what makes you beautiful and so your doll also sings with us."

"Thank you Louis. I love it! Ive never had a doll that was me before.."

Niall stood up and handed the boys their presents.

"Yours is different, so ill hand you yours after they open theirs."

I nodded my head and the boys got their presents. They each got huge garbage bags that looked very heavy. They all opened them up.

"How did you get this?" Zayn asked. 

"I talked to our agents, and they let me have all of the fan mail from the past three days."

That was three days!? That is a lot of fan mail..

"And for you Belle, Niall handed me a old wooden box. Right when Niall set it in my hands, I knew it was my mothers.. My eyes started to tear up and i opened the box. It was a box full of pictures and things from when we were kids. I picked up a picture. It was a picture of Niall and I playing soccer. And another one of us ice skating. 

"I love it Niall.. I really do." I got up and hugged him. "Thank you." I wiped the tears from my eyes and Liam went up to give out his presents. He also gave everyone their presents at the same time. Everyone got a small box, about the size of a loaf of bread. We all opened our boxes. I looked inside and saw a little stuffed Mickey Mouse in a sailor hat. In Zayn's box, was a not that said "pack your bags". and Louis box had a mini boat in it, and Harry and Niall, had little life preservers in them. We all looked at Liam. 

"Well... Solve the puzzle."

Well all got on the floor and started to figure things out. The boys were all fighting about what it was while i was just sitting and thinking. It obviously had something to do with a boat. I picked up the boat that was in Louis box. I looked closely at every detail... This boat wasn't a normal boat. I could tell by the two red Colums with little micky mouse ears on them, that it was the disney dream cruise ship. Zayn's note said "pack your bags" and i had a little mickey mouse. Were going on the Disney cruise! The  boys were still fighting.

"I know what it is!" The boys quieted right down. "Liam.. Are we going on the Disney cruise?"

"Ding ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!"

All of the boys gasped and asked when we were going.

"Well.. Lets just say that our flight leaves at two o'clock tomorrow morning."

This is great! The boys all gasped and they seemed to be very excited. I mean im sure they are! Its a couple days without paparazzi.

"And we are going for a full week. The ship goes to the Bahamas and stops at the little Disney island."

A full week! I am overly excited! Everyone got back into their seats and Zayn went up to pas out presents. He handed out the presents to the boys and didn't hand one out to me. He looked at me and that told me that my present was coming up. The boys all got a crap load of wii games. Do they already have a wii? Each boy got five wii games.

"Don't worry. We dont have a wii... I just saw your receipt for the wii so i know what you got us.. Sorry.."

I smiled in relief and i went and let Niall do the favor of opening the group gift. Everyone gathered around and they were obviously amazed. Niall ran up to the TV and plugged in the wii. 

"Well i did have one more present for you Belle, soo i guess ill just have to give it to you now and not make the guys mad my interrupting them. Zayn gave me a small little box. I opened it up and there was locket. It had diamonds on the outside and it was covered in gold. I gave Zayn a big kiss. Then he pulled out another gift. 

"Another one?" I laughed a little bit and opened it up.

It was a bracelet of hearts, covered in gold and had diamonds placed in certain spots. I looked at Zayn.

"Thank you." I hugged him and he pulled out another gift.

"Really?" I laughed.

He laughed. "No... Its just a box.." He shook it to prove to me that it really was just a box. "I cant wait to be with you on the cruise." He kissed my fore head and we went to join the boys with the wii.

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