17 year old, Belle Hynton gets a call from her cousin who asks if him and some friends could stay at her house for a couple weeks while they figured out their new tour dates. Your probably wondering, who is Belle's cousin? Belle's cousin is Niall Horan from One Direction. Niall has to go through some tough times with Belle and he stands up for her in fights at school and between close friends.


59. New Friend


There was a grown up party in in D lounge tonight. I laughed a little bit at the name. I have a good feeling that the boys and I will have a great time tonight. Im not technically a grown up yet, but the boys always sneak me in. We all got out of the pool and went to our rooms to get changed. I got into the shower. My cut was still covered up and it stung under the hot water. Zayn gave me at least twenty bandanas in different colors to match my outfits. I got out of the shower and put on some shorts and a tank top. But sense i wasn't a grown up, i could also go to the vibe club. Its a club for teens. I wasn't planning on going in there, but the boys were taking forever to get ready, and i was bored.

"Ill be back in thirty minutes!" I yelled. I didn't hear an answer, but i went anyways. I walked all the way to the fifth deck and walked to the front of the ship where the club was located. It was supposed to be a hidden club. How hidden can it be?

I walked around for ten minutes looking for the entrance, till i went up a few steps and swiped my card on what i thought was a misplaced card swiper thingy, and the wall slid open to this colorful pathway with lights down it. I guess it was more hidden than i intended. I walked in, where they greeted me. This place was amazing! There was a big "U" shaped couch and a dance floor in the middle. On the wall to the right, were little chairs in the wall where you can plug your i pod in and relax and listen to music. I walked to the back room and i saw heaven. There were four x-boxes and four huge flat screens! Three of the stations were taken up, but one was still open. I went and sat in the comfortable gaming chair and put in "Minecraft". Im addicted to this game. I put the headphones on, and next thing you know, there were people around me watching me play. I was on survival mode, and normal people stay away from the spiders and zombies, but my goal is to kill all of them. It just makes the game way more fun! I was building my house when suddenly, someone joined in the game. It was this boy with black hair. He was pretty skinny and looked pretty geeky. I think we will be friends. We both built the house and killed zombies, and spiders. We couldn't hear anything else but each other sense we had our headphones on with the connected microphone. 

"So.. Whats your name?" The boys asked.

"Im Belle. And you?"

"Im Jared."

"Nice name."

"Ya know. I don't see many girls that are beast at minecraft." He said with a little laugh

"Well i do try to be different! It makes things more... Interesting." 

Jared nodded. "So.. Where are you from?"

"Michigan. Im here with some friends." I said

"Oh. And why are you wearing sunglasses? Its awfully dark in here." I looked at him and set down the controller and took off of the headphones. I turned towards the crowd that was watching us. There were a few girls in there, they should know who i am. I took off my sunglasses, and it took a couple seconds for the girls to recognize me. A couple seconds later, a girl started screaming. 

"Oh my gosh! Your Zayns girlfriend!"

I put my sunglasses back on, sat back down and looked over at Jared. He started to say something, but i couldn't hear him over the crowd. I put on my headphones

"What?" I said kinda stupidly.

"So you not single.. are you.."

"Sorry.. no. But we can be friends!"

"And by Zayn, do they mean Zayn from One Direction? Its kinda weird that i know that, but what can i do.. My ten year old sister is in love with them." Jared said in a sad, yet happy voice.

"Yes. And I wish i had a sister.."

"Well my sister is not normal. She lost her left leg when she was born. Its a pretty sad story."

"Can we meet your sister? I have a little surprise for her.."

"Umm sure..." He said weirdly.

"First we need to stop by my room. I want her to meet some people." We walked out of the club thingy and took the elevator up to my room. We walked a long way down the hallway and got to know alot more about each other. We got to my room and I knocked on the door. Then i moved to the next door down and then the next door. All of the boys came out.

"Yes?" Niall said. All of the boys peeked their heads out.

"I want you guys to meet a girl. She is a big fan of yours and has a slight medical condition. Please!?" All of the boys walked out of their rooms and started walking down the hallway.


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