17 year old, Belle Hynton gets a call from her cousin who asks if him and some friends could stay at her house for a couple weeks while they figured out their new tour dates. Your probably wondering, who is Belle's cousin? Belle's cousin is Niall Horan from One Direction. Niall has to go through some tough times with Belle and he stands up for her in fights at school and between close friends.


47. Louis P.O.V


I woke up and went out in the living room to watch TV. Its christmas morning and i always wake up around five. I woke up a little earlier this morning. I always go and watch TV for three hours until everyone gets up. I walked into the living room and saw a note on the TV.

"Belle and I are going to get some coffee and speedway. We will be back at 5."

Hmm... I wonder why they went out so early. Im bored.. I guess ill go play a little trick on them.. I went to go grab my beard and my mustache and some old raggy cloths. Wait! I don't have a car! I guess ill just walk... I mean speedway cant be that far.

I went outside and started my walk. I remember Niall mentioning that speedway was just down the street, so i started to walk down the street. I got to the end on the street and I looked around and spotted a bright red sign... Speedway. I found the truck that we had been driving for that past couple weeks. I snuck up to it. There was a man.  He jumped in his seat and screamed. Who is this man? Whoops! wrong car.. I looked around a little more and found another car that looked just like the one that i just peeked in. Found it! I walked over to the car and i looked in the back window to make sure that this was our car, and it was! I saw two people in the car. A boy and a girl. I snuck up to the divers window and i popped my head up. Awwe! Zayn and Belle are kissing.... Thats sooo cute! I knocked on the window. Belle spotted me and screamed. Zayn turned around and he looked pretty mad and confused. I took off my beard and mustache and then he didn't look so confused anymore. He just looked mad. I saw that belle was started to laugh and Zayn looked at her and couldn't help but laugh a little. moved my hands up and down, telling Zayn to roll down the window.

"Sorry to break up the kissing, but merry Christmas!!!" I yelled.

"Merry Christmas Louis." Belle said in a polite cheery voice. "Would you like a ride?"

I nodded my head and got into the back seat. Sense half of us are up, then that means that i can wake the rest of the boys up when we get home. And when i wake people up, I do it the fun way...

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