17 year old, Belle Hynton gets a call from her cousin who asks if him and some friends could stay at her house for a couple weeks while they figured out their new tour dates. Your probably wondering, who is Belle's cousin? Belle's cousin is Niall Horan from One Direction. Niall has to go through some tough times with Belle and he stands up for her in fights at school and between close friends.


4. Being Towed


I was starving so i ran to the kitchen without saying a word. I opened the cabinets and welcomed myself to emptiness. She seriously has no food?! What is wrong with her? "WHERES YOUR FOOD!?"

"I HAVE TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING!" If she needed to go grocery shopping, then thats what we were going to do. I took my coat and ran out the door to the car. I got in and saw everyone following me. We were driving and i had no idea where i was going.

"Do you even know where you are going?" asked Belle.

"Of course i do!" i lied. I kept thinking about food and where i was going when suddenly the car hit a bump... Or at least i thought it was a bump.. This isn't a bump! I got out of the car and looked at our wheels. Our two front wheels were stuck in a big mud puddle! Then our car started to sink. The mud puddle didnt look that deep....

"QUICK SAND!" yelled Zayn while he was trying to be funny and was pretending to pull the car out of the puddle.

"What?! This is my moms car!"'


I quickly called the nearest towing place. Belle looked worried.. I have to admit it.. It was kinda cute. In a matter of twenty minutes, the tow truck was here. I swear, that was the slowest towing place ever! The man from the towing company stepped out of his car. He quickly towed our car. We slowly started our long walk home..


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