17 year old, Belle Hynton gets a call from her cousin who asks if him and some friends could stay at her house for a couple weeks while they figured out their new tour dates. Your probably wondering, who is Belle's cousin? Belle's cousin is Niall Horan from One Direction. Niall has to go through some tough times with Belle and he stands up for her in fights at school and between close friends.


58. *Authors Note*


I think im going to end this story soon. :( I need some more ideas. Im running out. I already know how the story is going to end, but i dont have anything to go between now and the ending. Please message me on kik! I need ideas! And i have figured out that you guys are full of great ideas! My username is @idliberty18. And what do you think Clair's punishment should be? And i am also taking ideas for my next story! The person who comes up with the best idea for my next story, gets to be the main character! You can also contact me through instagram! Im @idliberty18

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