Yours Truely

Tara is a 16 year old junior at Homes Chapel Highschool with a great love for One Direction. Not to mention that her best and only friend for the time being is Niall Horan. Once the band comes home for a visit Tara and Niall have a hard time being just friends. Tara and Harry's girlfriend Jillian become good friends, which is a big change for Tara. Will anything happen between Niall and Tara?


3. Skinnies and a Messy Bun

Chapter 3

     The next day at school went by really slow. But eventually it was 2:30. Time to go home. I sprinted home to get ready for the boys and Jillian to come. "Ding-Dong," I ran to the door, opened it and jumped on Niall. I was so excited to see him.

     "Hey love!" he said in his amazayn accent.

      "Hey!" I replied.

     "This is Jillian, Harry's girlfriend." he said.

      "Hi Jillian! It's nice to meet you! I said

       "You too!" she replied

    She was wearing bright purple skinney jeans and her hair was in a messy bun. In a way she reminded me of myself. Same bright blue eyes, dark hair, not to mention that we were both wearing bright skinnies. Although her hair was stick straight. Mine had tight curls. I had freckles, she had dimples. She was very pretty though. I showed everyone to their rooms. the boys would share one and me and Jillian would share one. I had an extra bed by my window so she could sleep on my bed if she wanted to.

    "So how long have you and Niall been friends?" Jillian asked.

    "Since we were 4." I replied. "We went to school together and our parents became good friends. Ever since then we just stuck together all the time." I said 

   "Oh, I've been with harry for about a year." she replied.

  "Nice, Harry seems really sweet." I said in a happy voice. "Anyways, lets go downstairs."

      We ran downstairs and jumped on the couch.

   "Hey love!" Niall shouted.    

      "Well, hey!" I said while jumping onto his lap." I don't know why but lately I have really been wanting to go skating." I aid even though I sucked at skating.

    "Then why don't we go? I saw a skating rink on the way here." Niall said in a happy voice. "I think we could squeeze in the Fiat."

     "Well we can try." I said

  "Lets go then!" said Louis

      "Umm....... I can't skate. said Liam.

   "I'll teach you." said Zayn.

   Liam drove since he is the most.... well calm. We arrived at the skating rink and got out. we all walked in paid and got a soda before we skated. This would be an adventure...




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