Yours Truely

Tara is a 16 year old junior at Homes Chapel Highschool with a great love for One Direction. Not to mention that her best and only friend for the time being is Niall Horan. Once the band comes home for a visit Tara and Niall have a hard time being just friends. Tara and Harry's girlfriend Jillian become good friends, which is a big change for Tara. Will anything happen between Niall and Tara?


2. Late and Early

Chapter 1

 It was 6 o'clock and i jumped of of bed realizing i had overslept. 5:30. That was the time i was supposed to wake up. I hopped in and out of the shower with in 5 minutes. Then i ran everywhere looking for clothes to where. I had to be at school at 7. It was 6:45. Where had the time gone? About 10 minutes later i left. I arrived in class 5 minutes late. Everyone stared at me like i just killed someone.

 "Late again, Miss. Webster." beamed Mrs. Renee, my homeroom teacher.

      "Sorry i overslept." i said trying to avoid a lecture.

      "Isn't that the 3rd time this month?" i heard someone whisper in the background

      "Well then get seated." said Mrs. Renee sighing. I heard some people snickering. "Open your books to page 73" Mrs. Renee said.

     **A few hours later** "RING RING" went the bell. Everyone ran out and I tried to go too, but i kinda got pushed and shoved. So i just stood back. I went to my locker. and a "jock" was standing in front of it. "Great" i thought.

       "Excuse Me" i said trying to get through.

       "Well do i really have to listen to you?" said the jock laughing. His name was Brett.

       " Well you can either listen or be late... And i think your girlfriend is expecting you, i don't mind being late" i said clearly.

       " Only this time. Next time it won't be so easy"

     **After School** I ran home and as soon as i got there, I dialed Nialls number.

     He answered in his deep amazayn accent "Hello?"

     "Hi Niall its me Tara" I said.

     "Hey love what's up?" he replied.

     "Nothing much, I know my birthday is next week but, i really need a friend around here." i said hoping he would come sooner.

      "Well love we will be there tomorrow at 3. Alright?" He said excitedly.

      "Yayyyyy! your awesome Niall thank you so much!" i said jumping on my bed. After we ended the call, I started cleaning my room up a little. "RING-RING" went my phone. "Who could that be?!" No one ever called but Niall.

      "Hello?" i said.

      "Hey! This is Harry Styles a member of One Direction" he said in a deep British accent.

      "Oh hi!" i replied. "Just wanted to ask if my girlfriend Jillian could come on the trip too?" he asked.

      "Oh of course!" i replied trying to sound happy. Although I was happy considering now I would not be the only girl here.

      "Alrighty then see you tomorrow." he said.

      "Bye." I replied

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