Yours Truely

Tara is a 16 year old junior at Homes Chapel Highschool with a great love for One Direction. Not to mention that her best and only friend for the time being is Niall Horan. Once the band comes home for a visit Tara and Niall have a hard time being just friends. Tara and Harry's girlfriend Jillian become good friends, which is a big change for Tara. Will anything happen between Niall and Tara?


4. Falling and Catching

Chapter 4

Nialls P.O.V

      She was putting on her skates and her long curly hair looked amazing. I had always had a crush on her but didn't think she felt the same way.

     "You ready Niall?" she said

          "Ready when you are love." I replied.

     We went out and she held on to my arm really tight. I don't think she knew how to skate very well. I held on to her really tight and we skated around a little. She told me she saw a bunch of people she knew but that they didn't know her. I always wished I had went to highschool with her. Maybe she wouldn't of gotten made fun of as much. She had told me before that everyone hated  her because she spoke her opinion. I thought that was dumb.

      "Niall, I forgot my wallet I just asked them for a slushie... do u have a few pounds to spare?"  Tara asked.

       "Of course lovely." I replied

       We went back out to skate she had one hand on her slushie and one hand on my arm. I could tell she was more comfortable now, her grip wasn't as tight. All of the sudden a "jock" spilled his drink on the floor right in front of Tara. She slipped and I just barely caught her.

     The jock said "Oops accidents happen."

     Tara said his name was Brett and asked if we could go home.

   "Yes of course love." I said and we went home.

Taras P.O.V

       We went home and I changed my clothes then I went downstairs. Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Jillian were all sitting on the couch.

     "Where's Zayn?" I asked.

     "Outside." Louis replied

     I walked outside and zany was standing on my porch smoking. Niall had told me that he had smoked so I wasn't shocked. I had noticed that he always wore a swag jacket.

     "Hey Zayn." I said.

    "Oh hi Tara!" he replied kinda shocked that I didn't ask him about his cigarette.

     "You coming inside?" I said

      "Yea." he said with a cough afterwards.

     We walked inside and sat on the couch to watch a movie. We were gonna watch movies all night til we fell asleep. Jillian fell asleep first. She was sleeping on Harrys lap. I was next. I fell asleep in Nialls arms.

     I woke up laying on my bed next to Jillian. They must have carried us up here. Jillian woke not much longer after I did. We stayed upstairs for a while and talked. She had become a very close friend of mine. She always knew what to say. She had suggested that the two of us go get coffee. I left a note on the fridge that read:

Dear Boys,

Me and Jillian have went out for coffee. We will bring you something back.

Oh and later we wanted to know if you wanted to got to the mall.

After I get off school.  We will be back around 6:30.

Have your answer about the mall soon!



**After school**

     Liam had "picked me up" from school. He didn't bring the fiat. He walked there and we walked back together. When I got home Jillian immediately rushed me upstairs to get ready. It was time to go to the mall.


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