Yours Truely

Tara is a 16 year old junior at Homes Chapel Highschool with a great love for One Direction. Not to mention that her best and only friend for the time being is Niall Horan. Once the band comes home for a visit Tara and Niall have a hard time being just friends. Tara and Harry's girlfriend Jillian become good friends, which is a big change for Tara. Will anything happen between Niall and Tara?


6. Birthday Party

Chapter 6

Tara's P.O.V

       I woke up realizing I didn't have school. It was Saturday. I tried to go back to sleep since I was really tired but I couldn't. So I went downstairs and Harry & Jill were the only ones down there.

       "Hey guys." I said so they would know I was there.

      "Hey Tara." Said Jill. "Morning Tara." Harry said. They were both eating toaster strudels so I grabbed one too and popped it in the toaster. Jill looked as hyper as ever, but Harry looked tired. My toaster strudel popped and I iced it and started eating it. Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam came down for breakfast. We all sat and ate and talked a little. I got up to go to the bathroom because things were getting a little awkward.


 Niall's P.O.V

      "Ok guys we need to plan a surprise or something for Tara's birthday." I said

       "Yea guys we really do.... Tomorrow is her birthday....." Jill said.

       " Well you could tell her that ummm..... That we need milk yea. Do that and we can all surprise her when she gets home." Louis said with a smile on his face.

       "Alright I'll get the DJ." Zayn said.

       "I got the decorations!" Jill said.

       " I GOT THE FOOD!" I screamed and everybody laughed. Tara came back down and said:

       "Guys what's all the screaming about?!?" She said laughing.

      " oh ummm Liam just umm fell." We said in a fake laugh.

       "Oh" she replied laughing. We all got ready and went for a walk.


Tara's P.O.V

       We started walking and I saw Harry and Jill holding hands. They were so adorable together. I jumped on Niall's back. he didn't seem to mind so we kept walking. All of the sudden I saw a red pickup truck coming down the road. Oh no it was the jocks. I tried to stay cool but as they came down the road they started slowing down. Then they stopped. Niall and I were the only ones who noticed. He held on even tighter when I told him it was Brett and his friends. I was fine till I heard the car door open. Niall started walking faster.

       "why are you guys walking so fast?" Zayn asked.

        "Just run and we will explain it later." I said. I hopped off Nialls back so we could go faster. I heard loud footsteps behind me. Finally we got to the house but of course they were there too.

        "Damn." Liam said. " I left the keys at the park."

      He snuck over the fence and we just stood there waiting. The guys came closer. We all ran to the back jumping over all the fences my mom had set up and Liam saw us. He ran over, unlocked the door, and we ran in and locked the door. we all gasped as we heard the guys cussing at each other for not going fast enough.

      "So what was all that about?" Jill asked.

      "Well they are the boys that bully me at school and they just don't leave me alone." I said kind of embarrassed. "Lets just not talk about it." I added.

      We just hung out the rest of the night, nothing really happened. Tomorrow was my birthday and I had wondered if anyone even remembered. Oh well. At least they were all here


Niall's P.O.V

       We woke up 2 hours before Tara normally did to get ready. Everything was ready and hidden in the closets about 2 hours later. Then Jill went to wake Tara up. Half an hour later they were downstairs and Tara looked absolutely amazayn. She was wearing bright pink skinney jeans and a tight white T-shirt that she paired with her favorite shoes....... Her toms. Well that's what she told me her favorite shoes were. Her hair was just her normal curls. But they were gorgeous. we told her that we needed milk and she kindly offered to go get some like we figured she would. She would be back in 10 minutes. We got everything ready and we decided to hide. Nobody at her school liked her so it was just us. I still didn't understand that and didn't think i ever would. We heard the key turn in the door and we went to our hiding spots. She opened the door and we yelled....... "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA!" we all yelled.

      "Oh my gosh! You really didn't have to do all this!'' she said looking at the DJ, Food, and décor.

      "Well of course we did love!" i said.

      We had so much fun talking, eating, dancing, just everything. It was awesome. She probably thanked us about 30 times. Now she was 17 and since it was almost the end of the school year, at this time next year she will be on tour with us. We paid the DJ and once we finished all the food we all crashed on the couch. We were asleep in a heartbeat. One week... just one week till Tara was free for summer vacation.







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