Yours Truely

Tara is a 16 year old junior at Homes Chapel Highschool with a great love for One Direction. Not to mention that her best and only friend for the time being is Niall Horan. Once the band comes home for a visit Tara and Niall have a hard time being just friends. Tara and Harry's girlfriend Jillian become good friends, which is a big change for Tara. Will anything happen between Niall and Tara?


1. Prologue

Tara's P.O.V

     Hi i'm Tara. I'm 16 years old and i live in London. I've been really lonely lately since my only friend left to be on the X-Factor with his band........ One Direction. me, myself i am a huge directioner. I'm turning 17 next week and Niall said he and his mates would be up for my birthday. Once i graduate he said i can come with them on all of their tours. But, for now i'm stuck in highschool. Here's my story.....




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