The Unexpected Miracle

Justin Bieber, the new kid in school doesn't fit in very well. Every one thinks that he's the little nerd that everyone can just pick on. When one popular girl gets teamed up with him for a school project, will she see his real personnality?
*COMPLETED! Sequel out! It's called: "If You Spread Your Wings"!*


15. The Way

(A/N: I just can't stop listening to "The Way." by Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. So, there's the name of the chapter :P.)

Taylor's P.O.V

And just as Justin is almost back, he disappears, his mood swings are gonna make me explode in anger. He's so frustrating. 

Right now, I'm totally referring myself to The Way by Ariana Grande and Mac Miller.

It's like: I love the way he makes me feel.
And then: Got a bad boy, must admit it.
Third: You got my heart, don't know how you did it.

I feel like the song's written about us!
Well, I'm pretty sure they don't even know we exist, but still. 
I can deal with that, if I can deal with Mr. Bieber's mood swings. 

"FUCK!" I heard him curse through the mansion.

I walked downstairs, afraid of what I'm about to see. 
Pattie had beat me to it, slapping him behind the head making me laugh quietly.

"Language young man." She hissed, walking away. 

I walked to his side, seeing him on his knees, head in his hands. 
I slowly rubbed his back, murmuring soothing word in his ear. 

"What's going on?" I asked quietly. 
"I bumped into.... t-the f-fridge." He lied.

I laughed loudly.
"Please, that's my excuse. Now, what really happened?" I asked.
"It's embarrassing." He blushed.
"Come on." I urged him. 
"I wasn't looking where I was going and I kinda... tripped and face planted." He murmured.

I bit my lip, trying so hard not to laugh.
"It's not that bad." I said, little laughs escaping. 
"You're laughing!" He whined.
"No, no, I'm just... in a very happy mood." I laughed loudly.

Face plant.

"Taylor, don't let me..." He smirked teasingly. 
"No, please! I'm not laughing! Just sounds coming from my lips while I'm laughing!" I exclaimed, snorting lightly. 
"You asked for it..." He grinned cheekily. 

He started tickling me, I screamed, laughing harder and harder by the minute. 

"P-PLEASE! ST-STOP!" I laughed loudly.
"Say I love you Justin and you're the sexiest man alive." He grinned.
I repeated quickly, stuttering a bit. 

"That's my girl." He smirked, kissing my cheek. 
"Yeah, yeah. It's better than face planting." I laughed, but quickly slapped my hand over my mouth. 
"Pardon me?" He asked teasingly. 
"The shower's waiting for me." I said quickly, running towards the stairs. 
"This isn't over!" He called.
"FOR NOW IT IS!" I yelled back. 

I love the way you make me feel, I love it, I love it. 


Sorry for the boring chapters, I'm just racking my brain for some more actions. 
Which will happen soon :)
I've been dreaming about Cody Simpson a lot lately :P
Sorry, totally out of subject. (HE'S HOT :D )


-Audrey :]

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