The Unexpected Miracle

Justin Bieber, the new kid in school doesn't fit in very well. Every one thinks that he's the little nerd that everyone can just pick on. When one popular girl gets teamed up with him for a school project, will she see his real personnality?
*COMPLETED! Sequel out! It's called: "If You Spread Your Wings"!*


16. Shut Up And Drive

Taylor's P.O.V.

Justin was out, I don't know where and Pattie was at the grocery store, which left me alone in the mansion. I was scared as hell, so I hid in Justin's closet. 
I know, you must be like, what are you doing?

I just hate being alone now that I know my father's alive.

I was holding my phone tightly in my hand, in case something happened. I was rocking back and forth, trying to calm myself down.
I was dressed in skinny jeans and Justin's hoodie. It did comfort me a little, but still, I'm freaking out. The only thing I can think about isn't pretty.

My death. 

Suddenly, I heard a loud crash and man voices. 
I quickly dialled Justin's number, silently crying. 
He finally picked up.

"Justin..." I said shakily. 
"Baby, what's going on?" He asked, fear in his voice.
"I think there's some men in the house." I sobbed. 
"Where are you?" He asked freaking out.
"In your closet." I whispered. 
"Stay on the phone with me, until I get home." He muttered quietly. 

I heard the room door open, my heartbeat going wild. 

"They're in the room." I said as quietly as possible. 
"Stay quiet, scream if they take you." He said shakily. "I love you." He whispered.
"I love you too." I cried silently. 

Suddenly, my feet were pulled and I screamed his name, to make sure he knew. 

"LET ME GO!" I shouted angrily, tears flowing down my face. 

I cried and kicked, tried everything in my will to slow them down so Justin had the time to come, but I'm such an innocent person, what can I do, scream?
My only real power. 

I was thrown in a van, much to my dismay, making me cry. 

"Shut up!" The kidnaper roared. "Drive!" 

We drove away, I looked out the window, trying to look we're were going. 
We drove and finally we arrived. 
Those idiots didn't hide my eyes, they really need to get a life, I mean, I could do better than they did. 

We were in Pembroke, a small town in Ontario, I've already lived here. It's nice, I guess. I still prefer other memories than this one actually. 

"You can call your little boyfriend, but if you tell him where we are..." The man trailed. "He won't see you again." He hissed. 

I fumbled with the man's phone, dialling Justin's number, hoping he would answer. 

"Whoever this is, I don't have time." He muttered.
"It's me." I whispered.
"Where are you?" He asked, I heard his silent sobs.
"I can't tell you." I whispered.
"Help me here." He cried. 
"Remember that one time, we were on a train TRACK and you dropped THE PHONE on the ground." I hinted, making 'Track The Phone'.
"Alright, and if it doesn't work?" He whispered, for the others to not hear.
"Or the time we were saying random words like. Pineapple, Ella, Moments, Bar, Riot, Ohio, Koala, Emily." I trailed, making Pembroke. 
Intelligent, I know. 
"Pembroke." He muttered. 
"Time to hang up." The man groaned.
"I love you." I cried.
"I love you too." He whispered. 

The man hung up on his phone and dragged me to a very ugly looking cabin. It wasn't nice. 

They brought me to a room, they throw me in and disappeared. 
And there's a window, seriously? 

I unlocked it very silently, and opened it, like damn, some intelligent ones, they could've tied me up or something. 

I was on the first floor, so only like a meter high. 
I jumped off and ran away crying as I did so. 
I entered the nearest shop and asked if I could use their phone. 

"Hello?" I heard him whisper.
"Where are you?" I asked, out of breath.
"I'm in front of a weird shop." He muttered. 
"Go in." I simply say, seeing his car outside.
"What-" I cut him off.
"Just go in!" I exclaimed

I hung up and saw him come inside. 
He saw me standing there and ran to me. 
He hugged me tightly, silent tears escaping my eyes. 

"I'm so sorry for leaving you alone." He whispered. 
"It's fine, I just want to go home." I cried.

He nodded and brought me to the car.
As we drove home, I couldn't help but think, what would have happened if I didn't escaped?


Sneaky ;)
Sorry if boring :/

-Audrey :]

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