The Unexpected Miracle

Justin Bieber, the new kid in school doesn't fit in very well. Every one thinks that he's the little nerd that everyone can just pick on. When one popular girl gets teamed up with him for a school project, will she see his real personnality?
*COMPLETED! Sequel out! It's called: "If You Spread Your Wings"!*


4. Moment 4 Life

Taylor's P.O.V.

"Justin! Why don't you want to come?" I asked.
"Because nerds don't go to dances," He muttered.
"You aren't a nerd!" I exclaimed. "Now, get ready, please?" I asked over the phone.
"Fine," He murmured.
"Good! Pick me up at seven!" And with that, I hung up. 

Let's get ready, this is what I need. Just to get away from it all. 
I walked up to my room, deciding on a red dress that arrived mid-tigh. I pulled my white Converse on, no way in hell am I putting heels. I applied smokey and red eye shadow, light foundation and BAM! everything was fine. 

I wonder how Justin will look like. 
I've been torn from my thoughts when the doorbell rang. I hurried downstairs. I slowly opened the door to see him wearing dark blue jeans, a white shirt and a black blazer. 

"Y-yo-you look b-beaut-tiful," He stuttered. I smiled.
"You look handsome," I smiled warmly. 

He extended his hand which I gladly took. 
We walked to his car, it was a Mustang! 
As we arrived, everybody turned to us, I simply smiled before descending the stairs gracefully. 

We danced, drank and had fun all night. 

I never thought I could get this far from actuality.
It was an awesome feeling, a one that only Justin could get me.

I'll have this Moment For Life.


Sorry for taking so long! I know it's short :$ 

Audrey [°:


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