The Unexpected Miracle

Justin Bieber, the new kid in school doesn't fit in very well. Every one thinks that he's the little nerd that everyone can just pick on. When one popular girl gets teamed up with him for a school project, will she see his real personnality?
*COMPLETED! Sequel out! It's called: "If You Spread Your Wings"!*


10. Hurt

Taylor's P.O.V.

We arrived at Justin's castle.
I don't even call it a house anymore. It's just so massive, I feel like an ant. Screw that, I feel even smaller. 

Justin walked to my side of the car, helping me out. His arm immediately found my waist, gripping my side tightly. 

It hurts, a lot, but I didn't show it. I simply bit my lip, letting my frustration against my poor lip. I'm punishing myself either way. 

I free my lip from my teeth and walked through the door, smiling at the sight of Pattie. It was more of a sympathetic smile tho. It seems like the only thing I can do at a time like this. 

"What's going on?" She asked, clearly confused.
I kind of understand, it's not even second period and we're back. 
"He threatened me." Justin hissed, tightening his grip. 

Damn he's strong.

"Who?" Pattie asked, clearly getting worried.
"Rodriguez." He whispered harshly.
His grip was getting tighter. 

What the hell dude? Isn't it tight enough.

"We'll be upstairs." He mumbled, tightening his grip, again.

Bruise, bruise, bruise.

As we arrived upstairs, he belly flopped on his bed. I sigh in relief, gently rubbing my side.
I didn't want to let Justin know, he would feel bad, it's the last thing I need right now.

Guess I wasn't sneaky enough.

"What's with your ribs?" He asked worriedly.
"Nothing, just bumped in the fridge earlier." I chuckled nervously.

Fridge? What the actual hell Taylor?

"Taylor, don't lie to me." He hissed angrily.

I'm missing the nerd, I repeat: missing the nerd.

"Look it's not important Justin." I mumbled. 
"Show me." He whispered.
"Justin-" I didn't even finish.
"Show.Me." He said louder and coldly. 

So much for 'he's never going to hurt you.' He's going to be so sad. I can't let him see, damn it. Find something Tay, find something!

"I have to go to the bathroom." I smiled, nervousness clear in my emotions.
"Taylor Samantha Hampton, come back here right now." He hissed.

(A/N: I don't remember if that's her last name... We'll do with it...)

I jumped back in fright, slowly trotting back to him. So much thinking going to waste, ugh, damn it. 
He sat on the edge of the bed and motioned me to come towards him. 
I hesitantly did. 

He slowly picked my shirt up, taking a look at my right side. 
He frowned, his finger tips running delicately over the bruises.

"Who did this to you?" He asked lightly.


"The .... f-fridge... I-I told y-you." I fumbled with my words. 
"Just tell me already that I kill him." He boomed.
"You can't kill yourself." I whispered.

His breathing hitched, and he gaped, his eyes glassy. Gosh, don't look Tay. 

"I-I so s-sor-rry." He stuttered, mumbling. 
"It's fine, let's just rest." I told him in a soft voice. 

He wrapped his arms around my hips, causing my back to collide in his warm chest. He nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck, pecking it and whispering how sorry he was.


Boring chapter, I know... 

-Audrey :]

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